Silver Chaos

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Silver Chaos is a Visual Novel / Boys Love Game for PC made by Vivid Color.

Set in a medieval/fantasy world many years after a great war, the story starts when Might is fatally wounded while fending off a mysterious apparition. Adonis, his childhood friend, uses a forbidden spell to save him (which was offered to him in a book by the same mysterious apparition), but then Adonis disappears. Might goes on a quest to find and save him, while meeting other handsome male characters along the way.

Silver Chaos: Eternal Fantasia, a Fanbox Edition of the game, has been released, and includes several after-stories to add to the original endings of the game and a mini-quiz game where you can unlock wallpapers as rewards.

A sequel to the game has been created called Silver Chaos 2 Artificial Mermaid, though it's pretty much the same characters in the original taken and put into a sci-fi futuristic setting with a new storyline.

Tropes used in Silver Chaos include: