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"Unleash the bunny squadron!"

Known in Japan as "kemonomimi" (roughly translating as "animal ears", but not so easy to spell), these are the most dramatically anthropomorphized characters, who appear virtually human, but feature the added characteristics of an animal's ears and tail. A Little Bit Beastly is not furry, and should still have human skin, a human face, a completely human nose, and a human skull and torso structure. Additional features like claws, horns, Animal Eyes, Cute Little Fangs, or the special abilities and/or instincts of that animal, may also be present. In-universe, they display the same mannerisms (including the need to wear clothes) as humans, but are generally considered a distinct species in their own right (demons being common), due to the general Squick of the alternative.

A similar term is "gijinka", similarly anthropomorphized creatures, animals or Mons who are regarded as actual creatures later transformed into humans, retaining only their most prominent features (again, mostly their original ears and tail) and/or special abilities (Mons especially).

This can overlap with Rubber Forehead Aliens, depending on the setting; one of the most common (some would argue overused) ways to invent a fictional race or alien species is to take a non-hominid animal and anthropomorphize it to an extreme, resulting in a virtually human character with a few animal traits, or alternatively, an animal head on a human frame, complete with other human features like a pair of Non-Mammal Mammaries. This is often Hand Waved as an "Alternate Evolutionary Path".

Sometimes referred to as the "ten percent" variety of anthropomorphism, usually to differentiate fans of this type of character from Furry Fandom. See also Cute Monster Girl or Beast Man. Compare Half-Human Hybrid for an actual hybrid between a human and another species.

See Petting Zoo People and especially Funny Animal and Civilized Animal for animal characters who retain larger shares of animal features, on the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism. See Beast Folk for human characters who retain larger shares of animal features.

Examples do not have to be from a Little Bit Beastly race; they can be normal humans who have been changed to become Little Bit Beastly. See also Kitsune, Our Monsters Are Different, Winged Humanoid, and Unusual Ears. For costume ears, see Animal-Eared Headband.

Sub-Tropes include:

Examples of Little Bit Beastly include:

Anime and Manga

This Trope is so popular here, we need zoological classification categories:

More than one type

  • The entire cast of Damekko Doubutsu.
  • Shirayuki Berii/Mew Berry of Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode is part catgirl, part bunnygirl, and all Canon Sue.
    • Aizawa Minto/Mew Mint of Tokyo Mew Mew, who is part Lorikeet.
    • Fujiwara Zakuro/Mew Zakuro in Tokyo Mew Mew.
    • Hwang Bu-ling/Mew Pudding of Tokyo Mew Mew, a golden lion tamarin.
    • Midorikawa Retasu/Mew Lettuce of Tokyo Mew Mew is a rare example of a porpoise-girl. Her cetecean features are limited to ribbonlike antennae coming out of her head, although she later turns into a mermaid. Like Ichigo (wildcat likened to domestic cats) and Zakuro (wolf given a few dog qualities), Retasu and her powers are mostly porpoise-related but sometimes reflect just plain fish, like how she can breathe underwater (which porpoises cannot).
  • According to Studio Gainax, Viral from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is "a shark with feline genetics. If you pull out his teeth they grow back." He looks mostly human, except for catlike eyes and paws and shark's teeth.
    • Boota in his human form in the Multi-Dimensional Labryinth is a Bishonen with whiskers. His Evil Counterpart, Guame, however, has the humanoid form of a Lizard Man.
    • Cytomander is a peacock.
    • Adiane has a scorpion tail.
  • Ryo-okhi from Tenchi Muyo! has three forms, one as cat-rabbit, one as humanoid with cabbit-like feature, and the third is a starship
  • The characters of Strike Witches take on the ears and tails of various animals when they use their magic. Most of them are various cats or dogs.
  • Utawarerumono has almost the entire cast of them.
  • In one episode of Keroro Gunsou, Keoro turns the animals in a zoo into Petting Zoo People with one of Kululu's crazy transformation guns, the platoon hoping that they can then convince them to join forces with them.
  • Lady Bat, the Villainous Crossdresser of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. Guess what he is.
    • The Black Beauty Sisters are anglerfish girls. In fact, they actually are anglerfish, transformed into kemonomimi.
    • Lanhua/Ranfa is a butterfly woman. Alala may be a dragonfly, but it's more likely that she's a fairy.
  • There are entire races of Little Bit Beastly people in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, including Chienthropes (dog-people), Renarts (fox-people), wolf-people, and cat-people.


  • A minor character from the Urusei Yatsura anime and manga series is Kurama, an Ancient Astronauts version of a Tengu (bird-goblin). Apparently, her species is divided into two 'halves'; one of them are humanoid crows the size of goblins, the other are, well, see the trope name. Also, she's the last one of the second type, and her duty (as she sees it) is to find a worthy guy to help her rebuild the population. Unfortunately for her, the only options in the series are Ataru Moroboshi, Shuutaro Mendo, and Ryuunosuke. She's also technically a Half-Human Hybrid; one of her female ancestors (who was, herself, an example of this trope) married a famous samurai from Japan.
  • The Mahou Sensei Negima manga reveals that Setsuna is half- tengu Bird Clan, a variety of humanoid bird demon. This is implied in the last episode of the first anime (and downgraded to mere pactio transformation in the second), but never said outright in either anime. She sports an impressive set of white wings, which she can hide or shrink when not in use. Unfortunately, the Bird Clan considers white wings to be bad luck, and her half human lineage resulted in some self-depreciation.
    • It's further revealed in the manga that she's an albino who dyes her hair and wears colored contacts to hide the fact, explaining the issues with her family. (Happens in real-world cultures.)
  • The residents of Mt. Phoenix in Ranma ½ who, along with the requisite wings, also have talon-like hands and feet.


Wolves and Dogs

  • Horo, a wolf spirit in Spice and Wolf.
  • Liru, a werewolf in Magical Pokaan.
  • Certain Familiars and Guardian Beasts from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, such as Alph and Zafila.
  • The titular half dog-demon of Inuyasha looks like a human with dog-ears and fangs. His brother Sesshomaru (dog-demon) and The Rival Koga and his clan (wolf-demons) are full demons, but they look pretty human except for the tail and pointy ears. It is implied that this is only their disguise form; at least Sesshomaru is able to convert into his true form, a giant demon dog.

Several other examples appear throughout the series, like Shippo (fox-demon), Myoga (flea-demon), the bat-demon clan and Jinenji (half ginormous bug-eyed horse thing horse-demon).

  • Kotaro Inugami in Mahou Sensei Negima, same as Inuyasha. Likes to call himself a wolf.
  • The Inukami in, well, Inukami!!. Most of them hide their dog-like traits pretty well, though Tomohane's tail is quite clearly visible in human form.
  • Ouka in .hack//Legend of the Twilight; her character class is "Werewolf".
  • Nozomu from Kanokon
  • Elga, Luna and Rino, the dog-girls from Inumimi.
  • Dog hybrid chimera Dorochet from Fullmetal Alchemist. Although the only canine trait we really get to see from him is an extreme sense of loyalty. That, and a fellow chimera jokes he lifts his leg to pee.
  • Vision of Escaflowne not only includes the requisite Cat Girls, but also wolf-men and a dog-man.
  • Pretty much everyone from the Republic of Biscotti in Dog Days is this.
  • Princess Sophie, Prince Auler, and Queen Elana of the Windy Kingdom in Fushigiboshi no Futagohime. The king, meanwhile, is a Petting Zoo Person Dog.
  • Inugami from Nurarihyon no Mago is a Dog Boy and is naturally loyal to the death. While he constantly has his tongue out, he doesn't have dog ears, although his hair is spiky enough.
  • Dog Days. The name says it all. With the exception of Shinku (a regular human), Yuki (a fox), and Brioche (a wolf), everyone on the Biscotti side has dog features.


Rabbits, Rodents, and other small mammals

Bovines and Horses

  • Milk Party—A most disturbing h-manga oneshot. In this setting cows are Petting Zoo People with cow ears and tails. They are still treated like Real Life cows and are used to produce milk. When the main character inevitably does the (offscreen) deed with the new cow his mother bought he considers it bestiality but cannot bring himself to stop. The cow ends up giving birth to the main character's child, an adorable baby boy who greatly resembles him and has bull ears and a tail. The main character has to talk his mother out of taking the calf to a butcher shop! Fridge Horror sets in when you realize that people get beef in this setting by butchering "cows" that are visually indistinguishable from humans with added ears and tails.
  • All female cast members of Uma Musume Pretty Derby are "horse-girls", human females with horse's ears and tails. The plot involves a Fictional Sport where such characters are participants. Yeah, it's that kind of show, but at least they aren't ridden by jockeys with whips...

Reptiles and Dragons

  • Bido and Martel from Fullmetal Alchemist. The first is a human and lizard hybrid chimera that looks like an ugly, weird little guy with a tail that can climb up walls. The second is a human and snake chimera, and that mostly translates as an extremely flexible hot girl.
  • "Tamaki" from Mahou Sensei Negima is a dragonfolk who is capable of transforming into an actual dragon. In humanoid form, she has thick horns and a thick tail, which according to Word of God means she can't wear panties.
  • Mink from Dragon Half has horns, a tail, and breaths fire.


Sea Creatures

  • Hoshigaki Kisame from Naruto is a sharkman. Suigetsu and Chojuro have elements of sharks as well. Fuguki, Samehada's owner before Kisame, is a puffer fish man. Though they and the other members (or aspiring members) of the 7 Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist might file their teeth intentionally, it seems they're not monsters but just weird looking people.

Insects & Arachnids

  • The Bugrom of El Hazard. Oddly enough, while all the Bugrom are just giant insects, Queen Diva is entirely humanoid with a few insectoid characteristics.

Comic Books

  • The Shi'ar, in X-Men comics, are supposed to be descended from birds. The only real sign of this is that they have feathers instead of hair and (sometimes) on their forearms. Although there are some "throwbacks" who are Winged Humanoids, with long feathers on their forearms.
  • The DC Universe has the winged Thanagarians, exemplified by Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
  • Kingdom is about groups of dogs, genetically engineered to have a humanoid shape, fighting Big Creepy-Crawlies. With the exception of Gene the Hackman, all the males are quite clearly dog-men; the females, on the other hand, just look like well-built human women with slight caninesque features.
  • Marvel Comics' Squirrel Girl is exactly what she sounds like, her mutation giving her at very least, a squirrel's tail, plus occasionally squirrel ears and/or teeth. And she's also a Killer Rabbit par excellence.
  • Hepzibah of the Starjammers. She was originally portrayed with definite skunk coloration but has since become a generic felinoid. Not so surprising, considering who she was based on. Aaaand now she's an elf. At least, that's how she's drawn now.
  • Beta Ray Bill (an equine-headed alien) from The Mighty Thor. It is worth noting that his In Name Only appearance in the 90's Silver Surfer cartoon had him and his people looking even more horse-like, whereas his species in the comics have no horse features and are instead somewhat human, but with no external noses or ears. Bill himself is genetically engineered to be a fearsome guardian for his people.
  • Sweet Tooth is a Vertigo Comics title that takes place in an After the End setting where a plague has wiped out much of humanity; all human children born after the plague are like this. The protagonist is Gus, who has deer-like features.

Fan Works

  • There's a whole subgenre in Harry Potter fan art, that concentrates mainly around the Remus/Sirius pairing. Those fan artists depict both Remus and Sirius with dog/wolf ears, no matter the context.



Live-Action TV

  • Believe it or not, The Backyardigans (made of an all-Funny Animal cast) had Uniqua as a kemonomimi-ish werewolf on a Halloween special, which only compounded the controversy over her species.
  • Wolf from from the ABC mini series Tenth Kingdom falls under this. While he attempts to hide his traits to blend in, he is shown to have a tail, fangs, claws, and yellow eyes. He also displays canine behaviors when he feels any emotion very strongly.
  • Loquasto, from Krod Mandoon and The Flaming Sword of Fire is a Grobble, a race with pig ears and tail. He's the only example we've met so far it's unknown whether they are that universe's equivalent of Orcs or not.
  • Jim Breuer's Goat Boy character from Saturday Night Live.
  • The Groosalugg in Angel is an inversion. He hails from a demonic-looking people but his ancestors crossed with "cows" which is their term for their human slaves - so he looks basically human, but to him he looks bestial, and he is deeply ashamed of having "cow blood". Cordelia, smitten with him, happily squees that it doesn't matter: "Hey, I'm all cow!"

Newspaper Comics

Tabletop Games

Card Games

Tabletop RPG

  • Nezumi-bito, rat-people, show up in various Japanese-themed fantasy settings, including Dungeons & Dragons's "Oriental Adventures" campaign setting, Kamigawa, and Legend of the Five Rings. They're usually nasty scavengers, except in the latter, where they're the first line of defense against the Big Bad (but still scavengers).
  • Dungeons & Dragons has a plethora of reptilian humanoids:
    • Lizard Folk are the most common. They live in swamps and sometimes eat people. They're not always evil, though, just ill-tempered and territorial.
    • The subterranean Troglodytes, on the other hand, are vicious creatures with nothing but animosity towards humans. They also have a musky stench like a skunk. The art in some editions of the Monstrous Manual made them look kinda cute...
    • The snakelike Yuan-ti are just downright demonic. They are (in some versions) the descendants of humans who crossed their genes with those of snakes, and some of them still look almost exactly like humans and infiltrate human society accordingly.
    • The semi-aquatic Tortles (guess) from the Mystara campaign setting are friendly nomads, except for the brutish Snappers.
    • And of course Kobolds, small lizard-people—though they're actually related to dragons.
    • There's the Half-dragon template for applying to almost anything corporeal and living, as well as the Draconic template, which is similar but less powerful.
    • The Dragonborn from the Races of the Dragon supplement for 3.5E. Although due to their creator, Bahamut, wanting his worshipers to have a choice about fighting Dragonborn can not reproduce, they're created by a transformation ritual (although they are reborn through an egg).
    • Confusingly, the 4th Edition has a different type of Dragonborn. The have scales, lay eggs and have breasts and hair—which look like Predator dreads the same color as their scales. The lore descries sort of firebreathing platipi. They lay eggs, but lactate their young.
  • In Shadowrun, people possesed by insect spirits can end up looking like this.
  • In the old RPG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness (where all Player Characters were mutants) a character had three tiers of "Looks", None, Partial, and Full. The Turtles themselves are an example of mutants with None, fitting the Petting Zoo People Trope better. A mutant with Full Looks can easily pass as human - not normal human, but still pass as human. Thus they would fit this Trope.

War Games

  • Warhammer Fantasy included Ungors: mostly human except for hairy legs, somewhat distorted faces, and small horns. Of course there are larger and less human version such as gors and minotaurs
  • The Skaven from Warhammer Fantasy Battle.


Video Games

  • Touhou has several examples of this, and plenty of other Petting Zoo People, thanks to the nature of how many youkai are former animals turned into part monster, and mostly anthropromorphised girls.
    • Mystia Lorelei, also from the Touhou games, is actually a sparrow demon, and consequently sports a pair of stubby little wings. She's also associated with fried chicken, though mentioning such around her is a good way to make her frightened or angry—it certainly doesn't help much that Yuyuko is often depicted as wanting to eat her.[1]
    • Aya Shameimaru, from the Touhou games, is supposedly a full-fledged crow tengu. Although the official art from the games never depicts her with wings, many fan depictions, and even officially recognized Doujinshi, show her with a pair of black crow wings.

"Aya-san doesn't have any wings, does she? That's right. ...They're fold-away wings."

    • Utsuho Reiuji, a hell raven with two gigantic black wings on her back. Since they're covered up by her even more gigantic cape, however, fans mistakenly believed the white of the cape to be part of the wings when she first appeared.
    • It is just fanon, but Tokiko may be a crested ibis youkai.
    • Touhou has nine-tailed fox/kitsune Ran Yakumo. She is a tall, powerful, and beautiful woman whose only "monster" attributes are that she bears the ears and tails of a fox. In spite of being one of the most powerful creatures in Gensokyo, she is little more than Yukari Yakumo's pet and favorite whipping girl. Poor Ran.
    • Momiji Inubashiri from Touhou: Mountain of Faith is depicted with animal features in official doujins. Also, while not a dog girl per se, Sakuya Izayoi is sometimes shown with dog ears and a tail, keeping in line with her nickname "The Scarlet Devil's Dog".
    • Reisen Udongein Inaba is a "lunar rabbit".
    • Tewi Inaba a "youkai rabbit".
    • The Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander of Undefined Fantastic Object, Nazrin, is a mouse youkai who is unfortunate enough to be in a series with three well-known catgirls. Fortunately for her, the third one's her superior and appears to be rather nice to her.
    • And then there's Wriggle Nightbug from Touhou: Imperishable Night, who is supposedly a (very tomboyish) firefly-girl. She doesn't glow in the dark, though...
    • There's also Yamame Kurodani, who is a spider Youkai. Her outfit reflects her spider-ness, with her buttons representing spider eyes, and her poofy skirt with a yellow ribbon wound about it being her 'abdomen'. She was banished for her "evil" powers of spreading disease, however, she is popular among the other outcasts because she is actually a very friendly person.
    • Iku Nagae from the Touhou games is supposedly a Oarfish Youkai. Apart from an Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance, she looks no different than a human (It's implied that it's not her true form anyway).
    • Technically, river creatures, but Kappa in general; Nitori wear a cap to reflect the plates they are supposed to wear on their heads, and a backpack instead of a turtle-like shell.
    • Suwako Moriya, Goddess and frog-girl can be considered a river creature, as well. Her hat has her frog-like eyes upon it. Because her animalistic feature is presumably removable, some fans have made a joke that her hat really is a separate, brain-eating entity with a will of its own. Whether she actually has any inherent frog traits or simply assumed them as part of the identity she presents to worshippers (like the snake motif her fellow goddess Kanako Yasaka adopted after beating Suwako in a fight) is unclear.
    • Kyouko Kasodani from Ten Desires is a Yamabiko, some kind of Youkai who is the cause and reason of echos. What kind of animal it's supposed to be is another matter.
  • Breath of Fire has them in every game of the franchise.
    • The entire Wydian/Windian tribe from the Breath of Fire series, which sport wings in the first, second, and fourth games (they're strangely absent in the third game though). It is said they have lost them, due to one of their ancestors breeding with a member of the dragon clan. Even though it clearly would take a hell of a lot more than just one of them breeding with a non-Windian for that to happen.
    • In Breath Of Fire IV, there's a bit of Lineage Decay as well (it's implied the Wyndians could once do extended powered flight). Then again, in IV the Wyndians (and every other race on the planet) were specifically adopted by Endless and mutated based on the aspect of the god in question.
    • Breath Of Fire IV has an entire sub-race of the Grassrunner clan (which also includes wolf/dog people) as kitsune. Ursula and Yuna are the only two you run into to a great extent.
    • Momo from Breath Of Fire III. Her ears resemble a rabbit, but according to Capcom, she's a small part Grassrunner Clan (the same clan as Bow from Breath of Fire 2, in which he's an anthropomorphic dog).
    • Scias from Breath Of Fire IV is also part of this. The Grassrunner clan is best known for their healing abilities (Bow is arguably the best healer in the second game, and Momo and Scias are both good auxiliary healers. In fact, most players of Breath of Fire III use Momo as their healer, despite the fact that main character Ryu has far better healing magics, usually because they prefer to save his AP for his dragon transformations).
      • Per Capcom, Scias is actually from the same clan Ursula is from (no matter that Ursula is a Fox Person; perhaps it's a sub-race, or the result of a lot of intermarriage with humans).
    • One of the few examples from Dragon Quarter is Cupid (a dog-person).
    • Breath of Fire has monkeys, too. Most notable in II with the Highlander Clan, and per Capcom also in IV.
    • Bleu/Deis in I-III resembles a nagini (female naga) and in III is revealed to be a Physical God.
    • In IV, Fou-lu and Deis (who are both summoned dragon-gods, and have horns and pointed ears as a sign of their status). There are also variants of this with the older Dragon Gods' avatars which get very bizarre very quickly...
    • In Dragon Quarter, technically Elyon would count as a version of this due to merging with Odjn then breaking the link when he refused to open the way to the sky because he worried about endangering the underground enclave all of humanity was living in; he is left with stigmata of circuit-like lines on his face and horns, appearing very much like an Expy of Fou-lu in fact.
    • Breath of Fire has a tribe of fish men in the first game and frog men in the second.
    • II and III infamously had an example of a plant Petting Zoo Person (Spar and Peco when he attacks).
  • The Final Fantasy series has a few:
  • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (and Radiant Dawn):
    • Tons of bird Laguz in Lessee... there's Tibarn, Naesala, Nealuchi, Reyson, Leanne, Rafiel, Ulki, Janaff, and Vika.
    • Nailah and Volug from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn are canine.
  • Medli, Komali, and the rest of the Rito of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Their wings are unique in that they protrude from their forearms instead of their backs (a little more anatomically believable), and have an appearance similar to the sleeves of a cloak when the Rito is not in flight. They also have beak-like noses and bird-like feet.
  • Merco from Mischief Makers is clearly based on some kind of bird.
  • The Shining Force series has various types.
  • Two playable varieties in the later Wizardry games-the brutish Lizardmen, who are Exactly What It Says on the Tin, and the acid-breathing Dracons, stated to be dragon-human hybrids.
  • Muramasa: The Demon Blade has two inari named Kongiku and Yuzuruha. They're actually foxes in human form and have fox ears, as well as pale white skin.
    • Hortensia from Dragon Quarter.
  • Caster, from Fate/Extra, due to her being a Kitsune.
  • Ahri the Nine-Tailed Fox, from League of Legends, is a Kumiho (a Korean varient of the concept).
  • Rufus, also from Jeanne D'Arc, is an anthropomorphic dog who speaks like Scooby-Doo. His high physical stats and propensity to steamroll over enemies have led fans to nickname him "Thunder Dog Rufus."
  • Princess Fuse from Okami sports a pair of black dog ears, likely due to her connection with the Satome Canine Warriors.
  • Konoha of Arcana Heart is a dog-girl Ninja. Akane and Nazuna Inukawa are also dog-girls.
  • Lunar from Mischief Makers is a wolf man. And he is craaaaaaaazy.
  • Fenrich from Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten combines the Pointy Ears and Cute Little Fangs most demons have with a tail and a mane of Wild Hair, thus giving him a more lupine appearance.
  • Tarus from Mischief Makers is based on a gorilla, although the resemblance is subtler than it is for the other Beastector members.
  • The Pooka from Odin Sphere, who get that way due to being cursed.
  • The Rattkin of the later Wizardry games started as a loose kingdom of thieves and spies run by mobsters, but managed to escape their birth planet when other races arrived and apparently have gone on to establish themselves as the local interstellar Mafia, complete with matching accents.
  • Arina from Waku Waku 7 has rabbit ears. Her friends, seen in her intro, all have animal ears of various kinds for some reason.
  • Q-Bee in Vampire Saviour (the third entry in the Darkstalkers franchise) is a bee-woman.
  • Bunny of Bunny Must Die happened to be your everyday bunny girl until she happened just a bit too close to a catular explosion, which gave her a pair of cat ears. Yes, she's both bunny and cat, much to her chagrin. Cat deaths of any kind in that world have a similar effect on their killers, but it doesn't work on those already affected.

Nuko du Maron a.k.a. Kitty: I curse you!
Bunny: I am already cursed!

  • Almost the entire cast of Legend of Mana falls into this in some way or other. There are anthropomorphic snakes, birds, cats, monkeys, and teapots.
  • Makoto of BlazBlue is a squirrel girl. No, not that one. Though she's almost just as big a thorn in the side of evil as that one.
  • The Star Ocean games are filled with animalistic humanoids of the "alternate evolutionary path" school. These tend to vary from Petting Zoo People (a few background NPCs, including frog and fish people) right up through this trope (menodixes like Roger S. Huxley are raccoon-people, and featherfolk and felinefolk have their own tropes). These will generally all be expounded upon at length by the game's dictionary.
  • The draenei in World of Warcraft have a few vaguely goat/antelope-like traits; their feet are cloven hooves, and the females (and some of the males) have horns. However, although they have tails, those look (if anything) vaguely reptilian; and they also have a few more outright alien traits such as blue skin, catfish-whisker-like facial tendrils, and—on the males, anyway—Klingon foreheads.
  • Sveta from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Most beastfolk can be identified immediately as cats, dogs, pigs, squirrels, wolves, etc., but Sveta is just... furry. She's actually pretty human-looking compared to other beastfolk. Tyrell calls her a "kitty-dog" at first sight, and her beast form is generally wolfish. It's possible that she's meant to be at least part deer, though, since she's nicknamed "The White Deer".
    • Her brother King Volechek Czamaral also has unidentifiable animal features, albeit with more obvious fur and a pronounced muzzle.
    • One theory that's been suggested is that their parents were beastfolk of different animal types and produced mongrel offspring.

Web Comics

Web Original

  • Moezilla, unofficial mascot of the Firefox web browser.
  • Sooni, the Alpha Bitch / Rich Bitch of Tales of MU.
  • SCP-953. It's of great importance to her that she's Korean, and therefore technically a Kumiho; she has killed people who have called her a kitsune.
  • All "werewolves" (who came about from the crossing of the Scientific world with the Magical world) in the 1 + 1/2 Nekutai doujinshiverse-- but only after their first transformation--get assorted wolf parts; anywhere from just the ears/tail/teeth combo (most common) to that plus Uh-Oh Eyes, stronger wolfish personality tendencies, and whatever else Tohai wants to throw in there (only if something weird happened; such as they became a werewolf unnaturally or something interrupted their transformation to/from werewolf, etc).
  • Global Guardians PBEM Universe
    • White Owl, from the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, is a winged "owl woman" with heightened senses, wings, and claws.
    • The appropriately named superhero Fox
    • Winter Wolf, a superhero.
    • Rottweiler, a street-level crimefighter.
    • Macaco-Aranha is a Brazilian superhero with "spider monkey" powers and a prehensile tail.
    • March Hare, White Rabbit, and Silver Marten.
    • Dragon, from the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, can turn into a man-shaped firebreathing dragon. Lord Dragon, on the other hand, is a fire-breathing dragon who turns into a man. Taipan and Asp both have snake powers. Sebek has crocodile powers. Both the Serpent Squad and the Serpent Syndicate are entire teams of snake-powered villains.
    • Hate is an unspecific bestial supervillain.
    • Harrier has the same sort of vague animal look as well, as does Wild Spirit and Salvaje ("Feral" in Spanish). Render is animalistic, but leans toward the bear-like.
  • As a joke, The Nostalgia Critic got himself a tail as a result of time travel at the end of his review of The Room and only seems mildly shocked by it. The Furry Fandom, who up until this point disliked him because of an earlier slam against them, suddenly changed their minds and were very pleased.
  • Thuban, in the Whateley Universe, who's part dragon.
  • Starfish is an Australian strong-man with "starfish powers" of water-breathing, regeneration, and incredible strength.
  • The Faunus of RWBY.
  • Most of the catgirls of Fenspace fall into this category. Unlike most of the other entries here, they are cross-fertile with humans, having originally been human themselves - and any squick invoked there is intentional.

Western Animation

  1. But she probably would look at us weird when we eat steak.