Story of Seasons/Characters/Save the Homeland

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Characters who have appeared in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland and its PSP remake, Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley.

Lyla (Save The Homeland)

  • Eyes Always Shut: She never opens her eyes, except in one scene. And then, it's only for a second.
  • Pollyanna: She is almost never sad.

Dia (Save The Homeland)

Gina (Save The Homeland)

Martha (Save The Homeland)

  • The Caretaker: Apparently, she was hired to look after Dia when she was sickly.
  • Cool Old Lady: The only normal one at Clove's Villa.

Kurt (Save The Homeland)

Joe (Save The Homeland)

Gwen (Save The Homeland)

Katie (Save The Homeland)

Alice (Hero of Leaf Valley)

Aurelia (Hero of Leaf Valley)

Harvest Goddess aka Marina (Hero of Leaf Valley)