Die Wilden Kerle

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Die Wilden Kerle (lit: "the wild guys") are a German movie series (based on the children's book series Die Wilden Fussball Kerle, which became The Wild Soccer Bunch in the Cultural Translation in America) from The Noughties about a team of boys (and Vanessa) who like to play football (soccer, for Americans).

There are no less than five movies about them:

  1. "Alles ist gut, solange du wild bist!": The team has a problem: A bunch of older bullies, lead by "fat Micky", have occupied the place where they use to play football. A match (naturally) shall decide who gets the right for the place. Fortunately, former football pro Willi is there to train the boys.
  2. They need money for an upgrade of their sports field for a match vs. the national team, and Vanessa has fallen in love with the cool skater boy Gonzo and is missing for an important match.
  3. "Die Attacke der Biestigen Biester": The bunch is challenged for the title of "wildest team in the world" - by an all-girls team, of all things.
  4. "Der Angriff der Silberlichten": The team has to do a freestyle soccer contest against the "wolves of Ragnarök". Then, the "Silberlichten" team lead by the girl Horizon appears. And she tries to seduce the boys...
  5. "Hinter dem Horizont": After Leon has disappeared, the team looks for him and crosses the borders of reality, it seems. They discover a castle inhabited by vampires, who challenge them to a "Soccer 3D" match.

Especially the later movies weren't exactly liked by the critics, but they still were commercially successful.

Tropes used in Die Wilden Kerle include: