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Femmegasm logo 5181.png

Femmegasm is a webcomic created by Robbie Allen. It largely concerns the adventures of June July (an impulsive Tamarin monkey) and Shelly Mander (A naive Axolotl salamander). Also along for the ride are Pembroke W. Korgi (an inept wandering swordsman and Bubble Bobble dragon) and Daisy (a neurotic dog-girl). The comic mostly focuses on these characters, but occasionally has one-shot comics involving other topics the author is amused by.

In 2012, the comic's character focus shifted to a dog demon named Jazzy and the Author Avatar, a dragon named Pembroke.

Tropes used in Femmegasm include:
  1. In real life this is not the case; the two are played by two completely different voice actresses:Bunnie by Christine Cavanaugh, Bobby by Pamela Adlon