NGE: Nobody Dies: Six AIs, One Continent

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Earth Scorpion writes a road trip movie.

Another Spinoff of Nobody Dies, Six AIs tells the story of the endearingly plucky and batshit crazy AI offpsring of Rei and Go-kun, affectionately called The Reego. Taking to Australia, the continent engulfed in the fallout of Second Impact and wracked with natural disasters, mutagens, deadly wild animals and an alarming shortage of car parts, these intrepid A.I.s find themselves being the closest thing to law and order in the new landscape. The survivors of the Impact, ramshackle and desperate, congregate together into the Reego's Newtown settlements. Into this, two Keiworu A.I.'s, traumatized fork A.I.s escaped from SEELE's laboratories find themselves reunited with their eccentric cousins. Hijinks, humor and the occasional gruesome death of innocents ensue.

But something is not quite right in Australia. Certain leftover outposts in this wasteland seem a little too well-constructed, and a little too organized. And what is with the geological activity underneath Ayer's rock? isn't the ground supposed to be the one stable thing in this damned country?

NGE: Nobody Dies: Six AIs, One Continent expands on the whimsical, crazed and often adorable artificial children born into the Nobody Dies universe.

Tropes used in NGE: Nobody Dies: Six AIs, One Continent include: