Altered Beast

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—What "Rise from your grave" sounds like. [1].

A Beat'Em Up by Sega, appearing at the arcades in the late 1980's, and later ported to home consoles like the Sega Master System and Sega Genesis. Two pseudo-sequels were made, one for the Game Boy Advance titled Altered Beast: Guardian of the Realms, and a PlayStation 2 sequel titled Project Altered Beast (which was released in Japan and Europe, but not in America). The main gimmick is that your character can turn into various humanoid monsters, like werewolves and dragons.

Interestingly enough, the first game of this series is considered by many as a cult-classic game and an average game at the same time. The reason is because the Sega Genesis port was extremely similar to the arcade version in gameplay, sounds and even graphics[2] This doesn't sound awesome nowadays (we even have a trope called Porting Distillation), but don't forget we are talking about the late 80's, ports were either terrible, different or simpler games.

Story-wise, the original game has Zeus' daughter Athena being kidnapped by the evil sorcerer Neff and two centurions being resurrected to rescue her.

Tropes used in Altered Beast include:
  1. Have in mind this sounded AWESOME when it was released!
  2. Although hardware limitations prevented the inclusion of the rather impressive (for the time) scaling effects sequences seen on the arcade original.