Deadly Prey

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He was the best in Vietnam. He still is.

Deadly Prey is a 1987 action film directed by David A. Prior and starring his brother Ted Prior as the protagonist, Mike Danton. Danton is an ex-Special Forces soldier who is abducted from his home one day by a group of thugs and forced to take part in a lethal training exercise for mercenaries lead by his former mentor, Colonel Tom Hogan. Mike then proceeds to kick tremendous amounts of ass in his quest to stop Hogan and prevent the deaths of any more innocents. Meanwhile, Mike's wife Jaimy enlists the aid of her father, a retired police officer, in order to find him.

Although not very well known, Deadly Prey has a degree of notoriety in certain circles for its less-than-stellar acting and selective applications of reality. Although it has never had an official DVD release, it can still be found online via methods of questionable legality. A version also exists on YouTube with the entire soundtrack replaced.

Oh, and Prior is apparently raising funds for a sequel, to be called The Deadliest Prey. Seriously.

Tropes used in Deadly Prey include: