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Beefer steals the spotlight from Keiki and Andrea...again.[1]

There are a lot of crazy people you think wouldn't live in Hawaii, but probably do.
Peter Paltridge, Platypus Comix Official Collection 4: The Secrets of George Lucas's Fortress of Solitude

Peter Paltridge, the host of Platypus Comix, created Keiki in 2002. The comic features various grade-school age children living in Honolulu, Hawaii, such as Badbutt Beefer Kekoalauliilnapalihauliuliokekoolau, Token Evil Teammate Ivan, Too Clever by Half Keiki Kikilaka (named after the Hawaiian word for "child"), and Cloudcuckoolander Andrea. The series avoids portraying Hawaii as an island paradise, through its eccentric cast and outrageous occurrences. Word of God says this comic was supposed to represent the "real" Hawaii, but it seems to have drifted farther and farther away from that premise.

Tropes used in Keiki include:

End of Documentary:...and we live Happily Ever After!
Keiki: Wow, what a load of...
Queenie: Well, some of it's true...I read it on Wikipedia!

Keiki: That's a lie. You don't have anything.
Norbit: I do too! I have a video of you, um, doing, um...
Keiki: You don't have anything because I haven't done anything! Now quit bluffing!

Beefer: Who says "slam you?" Seriously, how froggy can dis ting get?

  1. His spotlight will later get stolen by Princess Pi.