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Please Let Me Heal You!

One of CLAMP's latest works, Kobato is a story about a young and naive girl, Kobato Hanato, who has a "mission": to fill a mysterious bottle with suffering in other people's hearts. She is accompanied only by a little blue dog toy with a dirty mouth, bad manners and a liking for alcohol, Ioryogi, and with his help she must fill the bottle, even though she herself doesn't really know how. She only has to take care not to fall in love with anyone she heals.

Kobato began serializing in Monthly Sunday Gene-X, but was moved to Monthly Newtype, starting over earlier in the story timeline though it has since forged into new storylines.

An anime was broadcasted in Autumn 2009, and is now available online via the Anime Network.

Tropes used in Kobato include: