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Mike: I can't keep burdening Lisa forever, but I do have a Happy Box and nice-bodied girls like Nan and Linda to keep me company, so I'm pretty happy in my own way. Nyahahahaha!
Linda: I'm sorry, Mike, but that's called sexual harassment these days.
Mike: This is a hard world we live in now. How disappointing.

"I'm old, not dead!"

—Unofficial motto of the guys below

A Dirty Old Man is just what it sounds like—an older male character, usually unattractive in some way, who takes more than a passive delight in young women. Sometimes he limits himself to just talking dirty and propositioning cute girls, but sometimes he takes matters into his own hands, literally. He's not Casanova, nor is he necessarily trying to be—but he certainly won't complain if things work out that way for him.

The "old" part of his description is mostly relative to the girls he accosts—a creepy thirty-something teacher eying his junior high school students is no less a Dirty Old Man than a geezer in his sixties pinching the bottoms of housewives in the supermarket (indeed, it's much worse to drool over underage girls you have power over), though it's worth bearing out that a younger Dirty Old Man's behavior is going to be seen as a good deal less harmless than that of his hoary-headed counterparts. Probably because a Dirty Old Man is supposedly less likely to chase his victims, or force worse things upon them.

When played for comedy he is either a disgusting pervert who gets beaten up by the girls he assaults, or a delightful rogue whom the girls tolerate. When played seriously, he's usually some variety of sexual predator.

In Britain, these characters are typically seen wearing brown mackintosh coats, which allow concealment of a certain activity, leading to them being referred to as "the dirty mac brigade." In the U.S., it has long been popular to depict this fellow traipsing around in a Conspicuous Trenchcoat (often with the innuendo that he's wearing nothing but the coat).

For an Anime variant which is somewhat less repulsive, see Lovable Sex Maniac. Played sympathetically, this character is likely to fall under Chivalrous Pervert.

Dirty Old Women are not usually so frowned upon.

Examples of Dirty Old Man include:

Anime and Manga

  • Go Nagai. Not just the characters he created, but the man himself.
  • Rei's grandfather in the original uncensored Sailor Moon anime. (In the manga, he wasn't.)
  • Happousai in Ranma ½, Panty Thief and groping, voyeuristic, sexual harasser, is the paradigm of dirty old men in anime. His perversion also gives him his power. He was so perverted that he actually chased away a ghost because he wouldn't stop harassing her.
  • Kimura-sensei in Azumanga Daioh, who freely admits that the main reason he became a teacher is "Because I like high school girls, that's why!"
  • Master Roshi/Kamesennin in Dragon Ball. Old Kaioshin is another, to the extent that Goku ropes him in by promising to let him fondle Bulma.
  • Jiraiya in Naruto.
    • What, and the Third isn't? Even Jiraiya is peeved when he finds out.

" Sarutobi-sensei, you're a perv!"

  • Shunsui in Bleach. He is a decent sort, but to add to squick there is a massive age difference between him and Nanao, for whom he is frequently this trope. It would arguably be squicky even if they were the ages they appear.
  • Tenchi's father Noboyuki is a walking example of this trope, even hitting on Ryoko while under the impression that she's Tenchi's fiancée. In the OVAs, Tenchi's grandfather Katshuhito has elements of this as well. Although the two are distantly related, one can't exactly say it runs in the family (Tenchi missed out on it altogether).
  • Headmaster Osmond from The Familiar of Zero, who enjoys using his mouse Familiar to look up his secretary's skirt...and then commenting on her choice of panties...On the pain of getting his ass kicked by her.
    • He also uses a flying, magic-controlled hand to grope her...and get's this hand back in the face by her.
  • Goei Harukawa is creepy enough in Moonlight Lady. The fact that he gratuitously spanks Suzuna after finding her in bed with a maid, scouts the villages for women for Kouichi, watches Kouichi enjoy those women, or even watch his own niece get gangbanged makes him a dirty old man if there ever was one.
  • Soujirou Izumi from Lucky Star. When asked if he was a Lolicon, he protests the label, saying, "I like normal girls as well, so I am also a Lolicon".
  • Albert Chamomile of Mahou Sensei Negima!, who, being a short-lived ermine, is an old man despite being younger than the ten-year-old main character, let alone the 14-year-old girls who make up most of the rest of the cast. Also, is a dirty old man despite being an ermine. Both he and author's notes refer to him as a dirty old man several times.
    • Chamo is an "ermine spirit," whatever that means, so its quite possible that he's going to live much longer than normally expected.
    • Jack Rakan also seems to fall into this on occasion. He greeted Asuna by poking her chest, and a manga chapter has him literally stealing the panties off one of his opponents.
      • Another manga chapter takes this to new heights, with Chamo and Rakan actually defeating their hidden opponents by following the scent the above-mentioned pair of panties, and then defeating said opponents by repeatedly flipping up their skirts up until they conceded defeat. It later turns out that Jack actually has specific techniques for stealing panties and then blowing the skirts up, which he does to four enemies at once. These are the only techniques that he doesn't just make up on the spot. There's a good reason that he's in picture at Panty Thief.
  • Professor Cat in Princess Tutu is a more chaste version of this trope. He doesn't appear to have any intentions of doing anything sexual to his students...but he threatens to force them to marry him if they slack off in their practice. He seems particularly intent on the main heroine, who is somewhere in the 12-14 range.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has two: Lord Genome who "created little dolls" to "play with" as a hobby, including his, ahem, daughter Nia. then seals them up in coffins and leaves them to die in a landfill when he gets bored. And then there is his armadillo sidekick Guane who quite literally goes Pedobear on Nia (poor girl!) at one point, feeling her up and basically propositioning her for sex in exchange for her life. Three if you count the Anti-Spiral King who tried to rape Nia at one point. Was everyone on the planet a Dirty Old Man...or maybe we're reading this wrong and Nia's subtly asking for it? I don't know, all I know is it sucks to be a cute prepubescent girl in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann because apparently the apocalypse caused everyone to get really skeevy...
  • Generally averted in One Piece, in that most of the old men the crew meets are not dirty at all and generally deserving of respect. Later subverted in the form of Brook, a post-mortem dirty old man at (technically) age 88.
    • Although it's heavily implied that the said post-mortem dirty old man behaves the way he does because of the decades and decades of isolation that probably made him forget how to interact with women normally.
      • Or mermaids. When realizing that he can't ask to see a mermaid's panties, he proceeds to ask her for money he could borrow.
    • One memorable character who fits was Banban from the Water 7 arc. An old friend of "Red Leg" Zeff (Sanji's mentor) who was, like Zeff, an excellent chef, he first came to the eponymous city to gain the rare Aqua Laguna salt found there, and set up shop there because of all the beautiful women there.
  • Daisensei (a.k.a. Guru Lou) in Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (AKA Samurai Pizza Cats). His lecherous attitude was toned down in the SPC version.
  • Master of Chinese Kenpo, Ma Kensei from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, is a shameless pervert. Among other things, he was introduced trying to secretly take dirty pictures of Shigure and deftly dodging the shuriken she threw in response.
  • The Elder from Chrono Crusade.
  • Ninin ga Shinobuden gives us Onsokumaru, a Dirty Old Floating Yellow Ball thing.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!!
    • Yugi's grandfather Sugoroku Mutou. At least, in the original version, anyway. Two or three bits of his lechery managed to go past the dub radar, though. Particularly his fascination with Vivian Wong.
    • It was edited out in the dub, but this was also the case with Shuzo Otaki, one of the Big 5 (named Crump in the dub), and with him, it was obvious. He was clearly a pervert, so much that his intended target of Grand Theft Me was Anzu for this very demented reason. He made some rather sexist comments towards Anzu and Dark Magician Girl too; DMG's reaction in the original version was very unsubtle.
    • Kaiba's butler and more-or-less The Dragon Daimen (Hobson in American version) might have been one. In the manga (only) he tried to make Yugi and his friends scream during the second part of the Death-T arc (to trigger a trap that would electrocute them if they did), using a device with mechanized hands, which, among other things, fondled Tea's breasts. He didn't get away with this; the two-year-old Honda was babysitting actually defecated in his lap, causing him to scream and fall victim to his own device.
  • Grandpa Rome of Axis Powers Hetalia talks a bit like this in this strip.
  • Amesho in Free Collars Kingdom. But don't call him "old".
  • This guy (he comes in about 4 minutes in) from the "Beauty and the Beach" episode of Pokémon. Look how he leers at Misty.
    • Alder, Champion of the Unova League in Best Wishes, is currently looking like an older version of Brock, flirting with both Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. They all ignore that and focus on the fact that the Champion is right in front of them. Only Iris and Trip are disturbed by his behavior.
  • Dr. McLaren from episode 7 of the Bubblegum Crisis OVA comes to Japan partly to work on a new Boomer design and partly to meet "geisha girls" and hookers. This became a big part of a plot to kidnap him.
  • Olin from the Violinist of Hameln manga, to a truly incredible degree.
  • Depraved Homosexual Earl Trancy from Black Butler II.
  • In Virgin Love, Director Yonehara, a business partner, sexually harasses Kaoru at work.
  • Makarov from Fairy Tail takes full advantage of the Power Perversion Potential that comes with having extendable arms.
    • Also Wakaba.
  • Claw from Kimba the White Lion. The first time he meet Kitty, a child, Claw asked her to be his "queen" when she becomes a little older.
  • In Happy Yarou Wedding, Yuuhi suspects Todou is going to rape him when he first brings him to his house. His prediction turns out to be completely wrong but Yuuhi still considers him a Dirty Old Man anyways, if more affectionately.
  • Touhou Fuhai from Rosario + Vampire, combined with being an Otaku, and he is obsessed with 2D girls, because they last forever and would never betray him. That doesn't stop him from making Moka cosplay as Lum.

Comic Books

  • Belgian comic Violine, about a 10 year old girl who can read people's minds by staring into their eyes, has an encounter with one of these that appears to be played partially straight and partially for dark humor. Violine escapes from her school where she was accused of being a witch, and finds a random man driving by who offers her a ride. The man takes her away from the direction she told him she lived, however, and she gets suspicious. Staring into his eyes to read his mind, Violine sees an image of herself bound and gagged and looking up with pleading eyes while lying on a pillow. Angered and scared, she attempts to escape and crash his car.
  • The Brazilian comic Holy Avenger has Talude, Maximum Master of magic. While demonstrating the art of (weak) enchantments, he make a boy sit. When he goes to show the limitations he tries to make a girl take her clothes.
  • Ultimate X-Men: Wolverine and Professor Xavier both fancy Jean, who in this universe is about eighteen or so. Urgh.
    • It gets worse: in the main 616 continuity, it was revealed in about the third or fourth issue (from the original 1960s run) that Xavier was in love with Jean, who was fifteen or so at the time . (It gets worse as a retcon revealed he had helped her with her powers since she was twelve.) That particular plot point was dropped and forgotten about until the Onslaught saga when Jean was taken on a trip through Xavier's mind where she was exposed to that particular memory, freaking her out to no end.
  • In Preacher, Jesse has dealt with more than his fair share of perverts, but Odin Quincannon, the main antagonist of a seven-issue arc, was one of the worst. A Corrupt Corporate Executive who made his fortune in the meat packing industry and owned the town of Salvation, Texas in all but name, until Jesse became sheriff. In the final part of the story (where his Karma Houdini Warranty expired) revealed the extent of his depravities and madness when Jesse discovered he had constructed a statue out of meat in the shape of a woman and was being... intimate with it. When Jesse shot him, it was, in Jesse's own words, a mercy-kill.

Fan Works


Patches: I got a couple'a hookers in my room, queerbag.

  • A good movie example is Burgess Meredith's character from Grumpy Old Men.
  • Kurt Russell's character "Stuntman Mike" in the "Death Proof" segment of Grindhouse.
  • Judge Turpin of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is an evil example of a Dirty Old Man played very seriously. Not only does he rape the title character's wife at a masked ball after having her husband "transported for life", but he also has Wife Husbandry plan for Sweeney's daughter Johanna, which doesn't work because Johanna hates him and has eyes for young sailor Anthony Hope.
  • Uncle Willy in The Philadelphia Story, who pinches all the young ladies (including his niece).
  • 1998's 'The Avengers: Sir August's (Sean Connery) lascivious gloating over a captured Emma Peel (Uma Thurman). Dude, you're 40 years older than her.
  • Connery seems to be quite good at playing this sort of character. In both Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Entrapment, he falls for a much younger woman. In Last Crusade, that woman is even younger than his son.
  • Reverse Lampshaded in A Hard Day's Night where the first comment about Paul's grandfather was "Very Clean Old Man". It was a Running Gag through the film that everyone kept commenting how Clean he was. This doubles as Actor Allusion as he was played by the same actor who portrayed Steptoe (see below).
  • In The Spy Who Loved Me, Karl Stromberg (Curt Jurgens) takes mild advantage of a helpless Anya (Barbara Bach) while she's strapped to a couch. When the movie was released in 1977 Jurgens was 62 and Ms. Bach was 30.
  • Grandpa Hoover in Little Miss Sunshine is the quintessential Dirty Old Man.

Grandpa: Are you gettin' any?
Richard: Dad!
Grandpa: You can tell me, Dwayne. Are you gettin' any?
Richard: Come on, please.
Grandpa: (Dwayne shakes his head) No? Jesus. You're what? Fifteen? My God, man!
Richard: Dad!
Grandpa: You should be gettin' that young stuff.
Richard: Dad!
Grandpa: That young stuff is the best stuff in the whole world.
Richard: Hey! Hey! Dad! That's enough! Stop it!
Grandpa: Will you kindly not interrupt me, Richard! See, right now you're jailbait, they're jailbait. It's perfect. I mean, you hit 18, man! You're talkin' about three to five.

  • In the Tyler Perry movie Madea Goes To Jail, Madea's brother Joe invites a whole crowd of people over, many of which are dirty old people that harass her daughter Cora.
  • Jerry in Space Cowboys.
  • Jason's former neighbor in Mystery Team.
  • The guy on the Show Within a Show on Robocop, the one with the "I'd Buy That For a Dollar!" or at least the character he portrays. Most of the scenes on the show have him groping and/or gawking at scantily clad or partially nude females; the show would clearly be MA rated if it were real.


  • Wizards on the Discworld are supposed to be celibate, but this doesn't stop much of the faculty of Unseen University from ogling beautiful young women when they think they can get away with it (for example, when peeking on the activities of Bibulous, God of Wine, in Hogfather, they suddenly get a whole lot more interested when they learn he's surrounded by naked maidens). Windle Poons—as seen in Moving Pictures—is probably the worst of the lot, despite being about a hundred and thirty and wheelchair-bound. Or at least he was until Making Money, where a wizard's ghost ends up helping only because he was promised that he would be taken to a place where women "show off their...ankles?"
    • Another Discworld example is Cohen the Barbarian and his Silver Horde. They're too old to go around ravishing maidens, though, so they have to make do with leering at them instead.
  • It's debatable how much A Series of Unfortunate Events' Count Olaf is focused on this, but in his ploy to marry Violet to get at her fortune, he certainly points out her looks more than once (and plans to be kind and let her live). His later girlfriend, Esme Squalor, is young enough to have once been his student. Who knows about Kit, though.
    • Also, The Bald Man. In the first book there is a scene where he approaches Violet, takes her face in his rough hands, and calls her a 'pretty one'.
  • The main character of El espejo de Lida sal by Miguel Ángel Asturias asks for romantic advice to a blind old man that fits squarely on this trope, being that he gropes her a couple of times.
  • In Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys, the eponymous Trickster God Anansi is not only this, but uses his last strength to expose a young woman's breasts.
  • Walder Frey in A Song of Ice and Fire. He's over ninety and on his eighth wife and has children, grandchildren and in at least one instance, great-grandchildren who are older than she is, or the last one at least of comparable age. Neither age nor marriage stops him from leering at just about any woman to cross his path. Made even clearer in the series:

Walder Frey (to Catelyn Stark): Fifteen years old, she is. A delicate little flower...and the honey's all mine.

  • Humbert Humbert in Lolita.
  • Isaac Asimov wrote a satirical "self-help" book called The Sensuous Dirty Old Man.
  • Jubal Harshaw, in Stranger in A Strange Land and other Heinlein works, is a bit of this with Chivalrous Pervert.
  • Reginald Bretnor's Professor Shimmelhorn is said to be quite the charmer of women young and old, and in a more vital sense his hyped-up sex drive seems to inspire his creative streak. Even more important to his fate is his dragonish wife, a tough if Clean Old Woman who tries to keep him on track, and usually balances out his wild karma.
  • Charles Bukowski wrote a collection of short stories and essays called Notes of a Dirty Old Man.
  • Seen in nearly every one of V. C. Andrews books.
  • Jakub Wedrowycz not only really likes girls (as long as he can get his hands on some Viagra), but also has the appropriate equipment. Probably one of the many reasons why, when he goes to confession (every few years), the priests usually react with panic or fainting.
  • Mr Whittier from Haunted appears to be one of these except he's actually thirteen.

Live Action TV

  • Albert Steptoe is one of the Ur Examples, and probably a candidate for Trope Namer into the bargain.
  • Benny Hill often played his characters this way, though reportedly he saw it more as childish playfulness than randy cheekery.
  • Artie Johnson's "Tyrone F. Horneigh" (pronounced "horn-eye" just for Getting Crap Past the Radar) from Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In! is probably the archetypal example of the comedy version.
    • Somewhat averted by his target being no spring chicken herself (Ruth Buzzi's Gladys Ormphby).
  • Young Mr. Grace from Are You Being Served, despite being practically unable to move unassisted, was a Dirty Old Man to the core. He once fired a secretary because his heart rate alarm didn't go off when she bent over in front of him.
  • Admiral Al Calavicci in Quantum Leap spends a good amount of time admiring any young woman who walks past—except since they can't see him as he's in an imaging chamber forty-odd years in the future he's probably doing what most men (and plenty of women too, probably) would be doing in the circumstances.
  • Bob Kelso of Scrubs could also qualify for this trope.
    • Though a little surprise comes in "My Tuscaloosa Heart," wherein viewers find out Kelso is actually a faithful husband who loves his wife very much.
      • That was in the first season, though. Since then, it's been shown that he's been regularly cheating on his wife with younger women for years. I think it's safe to say that episode falls under "Characterization Marches On".
  • Father Jack in Father Ted. Being a Catholic priest hasn't stopped him from maintaining a healthy love of the ladies. Although not as frequent as his shouting "Feck", "Drink" or "Arse", he quite often shouts "Girls", and he has been shown variously reading dirty magazines with such delight that he fails to notice his hair is on fire, judging a wet t-shirt contest (where his job seems to consist of staring and growling "more water") and, in a flashback, convincing a class of teenaged girls in a nunnery to take their tennis lessons topless...This is just the tip of the iceberg, too.
    • How he doesn't end up being found out and thrown out of the Priesthood is beyond me!
      • Because virtually every priest on Father Ted is a Dirty Old Man. Bishop Brennan, for instance, has at least one illegitimate child.
      • He was found out. That's why he's on Craggy Island.
  • Roger Sterling. Just...Roger Sterling. Possibly unusual in that he gets away with it to a certain degree (he's rich and not that hard on the eyes, and it's 1960).
    • Bert Cooper gives every indication that he would have qualified (he keeps a print of The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife in his office, for crying out loud!) if it were not for the interference of a Dr. Lyle Evans, whom it appears gave Cooper an unnecessary orchiectomy back in the 1940s, and whom Sterling believes Cooper had killed for his trouble.
  • Roman Emperor Tiberius (a.k.a. The Old He-Goat) is portrayed as a truly filthy old bastard in I, Claudius. It should be noted that this characterization was inherited from Tacitus and Suetonius, the two major Roman sources for the period.
  • Vncent Margera a.k.a. Don Vito from Viva La Bam: Here are a couple things to describe Vito, He blabblers and freaks out uncontrollably, his favorite food is veal scallopini from Antonio's, he definitly loves the ladies to an extreme, He's Phil Margera's older brother, but sadly he hates Russia.
  • For the dirty mac brigade version, we have a fair number of Monty Python's Flying Circus appearances by a man in...well...a dirty mac.
  • Sanford and Son: Fred.

Lamont: You're a dirty old man!
Fred: That's right! And I'm gonna be one 'til I'm a dead old man!

  • Stanley H. Tweedle, captain of the Lexx, constantly trying to get any, so much it became a plot device in the series.
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody has Leo, a rich, lecherous, certifiably-insane old-timer, played by Rip Taylor, who took lessons at Esteban's dance school, and was constantly hitting on Carey, and Shannon, his private nurse.
  • Pop from The League of Gentlemen is not only perverted but also extremely violent when provoked which means he can force himself upon his son's girlfriend right in front of him and get away with it.
  • The song "Little Girl" from A Bit of Fry and Laurie is sung by a Dirty Old Man character.
  • Curzon Dax (predecessor of Jadzia Dax) from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was like this. Many stories involving him and his friend Captain Sisko tend to involve copious amounts of intoxicants and barely-dressed females of various intelligent species. He was also Trill Ambassador to the Federation.
    • Grand Nagus Zek, ruler of the Ferengi. His first act upon arriving at DS9 is to sample five sexual holosuite programs in succession, despite Quark's concerns that the programs in question may be "a touch energetic for his advanced years".
  • Fringe's William Bell turns out to be one. In the body of a thirty-year old woman, Olivia. He likes to hit on Astrid...
  • Pierce from Community has no limits as far as this trope is concerned.
  • Benjamin Franklin in John Adams, wherein the prudish Adams is horrified by Franklin's behavior (particularly in Paris) and gets the shock of his life when he sees Franklin in a bathtub playing chess with Madame Helvétius. On the other hand, we in the audience are laughing.
  • George Bluth, Sr. from Arrested Development. He once asked a group of dolls which of them wanted to take their shirt off. Granted, he was a little stir crazy at the time...
  • Statler and Waldorf drift into this territory at times.
  • Agravaine from Merlin, who is fascinated with both Morgana and Guinevere in the creepiest way possible. He's already picked up a Fan Nickname: "Uncle Creeper."


Mythology and Religion

  • Merlin. Makes sense since his father was apparently an incubus. His lust for young maidens even leads to his downfall thanks to Nimue.

Newspaper Comics

Tabletop Games

  • Amazingly, one Paranoia NPC manages it: Innocent-MAN's name saves him from being terminated as a traitor (due to a bug in the justice software), his mutant power of regeneration saves him from being killed accidentally, then the "dirty" part finally kicks in after The Computer crashes and lots of clones stop getting dosed with hormone suppressants.
  • When Paizo Publishing ran a caption competition for this piece of artwork for Pathfinder, a number of entries made Ezren (the old wizard reclining in the background) to be the real perv through the use of scrying spells, despite the more obvious target of Valeros (the fighter guy in the pool).


Video Games

  • Father Salade in La Pucelle Tactics. Shortly into the game, it's found out that he suggested the two female leads' costumes, including a "micro-mini under your robe" for Alouette. He's found out when the two girls compare notes.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations has Victor Kudo. He has a thing for maid outfits.
  • Victor "Sully" Sullivan from Uncharted is this. His behavior is frequently Lampshaded.
  • Doctor Wilbur Feels in Laura Bow: The Colonel's Bequest.
    • I'll not be examined by Dr. Feels, thanks. Ew.
  • Vaati from The Legend of Zelda Four Swords. He is a hundred year old eyeball monster, yet the manual says his only motive is kidnapping any young girl that takes his fancy.
    • Let's hope that he didn't pick that up from his teacher, because this would bring some unfortunate implications regarding the latter's relationship to a certain little boy...
  • Kapp'n, the boat rower/driver from Animal Crossing, has a tendency to flirt with female characters, especially in his City Folk incarnation as a bus driver. He genuinely complements them frequently, however, so he comes off as more charming than creepy. Usually.
  • Tales of Vesperia calls Raven this, but he's actually not this trope, being at the young age of 35 and only targeting the other adult in the group.
  • In Pokémon Red and Blue and their remakes, there's this old dude peering into the windows of the Celadon Gym. Game Freak got a little too carried away with the sexual references.

Old Man: Heheh....This GYM is great! It's full of women!

    • He had the above line in both the original Pokémon Red and Blue, the remakes FireRed and LeafGreen, and the original Pokémon Gold and Silver, but apparently someone complained as the line was removed in the remakes HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Old Man: Heheh...This Gym is great! It's full of strong Trainers!

  • One video from the Secret Theater in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater portrays The End as such.
    • Most of the older men in MGS can come off as a Dirty Old Man...mostly because Hideo Kojima is a dirty middleage man.
    • Volgin from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was possibly portrayed as such in addition to Depraved Bisexual, as Volgin, according to character sheets, was in his fifties at the time of the game, and one of his lovers, Raikov, was either in his twenties or in his very late teenaged years. EVA/Tatyana was also around her late twenties.
  • Yo-Jin-Bo has your old attendant, Yahei, who is revealed in Mon-Mon's Good ending to enjoy spying on Hatsuhime in the bath. Of course, in that game, All Men Are Perverts...
  • Lucaim Nav of Phantasy Star Universe definitely qualifies as this. He's a 200 year old CAST (robot) who is always trying to cop a feel of some helpless young woman's behind. This is made funnier in the final story mission by the fact your entire party has just infiltrated the giant HIVE planet Rykros housing the final confinement system and getting into a deep discussion about the true nature of the SEED, the planet itself, and the evil entity known as Dark Falz. Cut to a scene of Nav trying to grab President Laia's ass to "lighten up the mood" right after the end of the discussion.
  • Final Fantasy VI: Edgar Roni Figaro. Technically, he wasn't old (he was 27 during the events of the game), but he was implied to have an attraction to Relm Arowny at one point (specifically, before leaving the town to track down Kefka and Gestahl for their betrayal, he mentions that Relm has another eight years to go and that he hopes that she's still around by then), who at that time was 10 years old and most likely young enough to be his daughter.
  • Johnny from Guilty Gear, who while not exactly old, keeps only young (and often underage) women around as his crew (except maybe the fat cook). He also hits on Bridget, who is definitely not legal (or female, but that's another story). Baiken even calls Johnny a dirty old man in her pre-fight introduction.
  • This is how the Tinkerer is portrayed in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. The price he demands to build a symbiote-killing sonic bomb includes large sums of money and "this girl from my favourite tool catalogue".
  • Very much NOT Played for Laughs in Fire Emblem 3, where Lang and his troops pretty much take all the young and pretty girls from Grust away and it's all but stated that they'll be either raped and killed, or made sex slaves.

Villager: This country no longer has any young girls. The imperial soldiers took them all away. Especially beautiful girls, who were all taken by General Lang. What kind of world has this become?
Maillesia (to Marth): "I have already become of age...But, my grandmother lied for me so the soldiers wouldn’t take me away. Well, I know if I stay here I will eventually be discovered and captured by the imperial soldiers. Lang’s soldiers are like beasts!"

  • Uncle Gamlen from Dragon Age II fits this trope to a tee. He frequents the city's brothel on a regular basis and, if Hawke is female and romances Isabela, he eagerly inquires what the sex is like.
    • Orsino has shades of this in a conversation about blood mages with Snarky!Hawke.

Hawke: So I shouldn't slit my wrists and dance naked under the moonlight just to fit in?
Orsino: Well, if that's what's going to happen, perhaps I should come with you after all.

  • As quoted above Mother 3 has Mike, an elderly resident of Tazmily Village. It's more or less an offhand comment in that particular instance, and doesn't come up again.
  • Augus from Asura's Wrath, who states he has had Carnal Knowledge of the fairest maidens in heaven. Overlaps this with Cool Old Guy, Old Master, and Eccentric Mentor.
  • In Sexy Parodius, an aged Takosuke has become a dirty old octopus.
  • Battle Golfer Yui: For some reason, Professor G decides to make the bust of Yui's robotic clone 5 cm bigger than the original. He's trying to say his version of Yui is better in every way, even in beauty.
  • Bo Rai Cho from Mortal Kombat; as stated in Deadly Alliance, and given how he interacts towards the female Kombatats (including those he is allied with) it's easy to see why.
  • Jubei Yamada, Mai Shiranui's sensei from Fatal Fury 2. He has a history of being a peeping tom and at least once groped Shiranui without her consent.

Web Comics

"Alas, it is my greatest shame as an anime martial arts instructor that I am neither an old man nor a pervert!"

    • Dr. Germahn, on the other hand is a dirty old man. He constantly gives his attractive female assistant shrink soda, he keeps tabs on very specific things in his lab with the security cameras, and he invents an interesting formula when he joins a health club
  • In Homestuck, Jade's grandfather - who, at the time the comic takes place, is ninety-nine years old, collects photos of women from beauty parlours. This isn't as touched upon in favour of his Badass Grandpa traits, but several characters comment on it as being creepy.
  • Tarquin from Order of the Stick
  • In 'Blooming Faeries' the court wizard is definitely this and it shows in quite a few ways
  • Many of the customers encountered in Mike: Bookseller are this, much to the staff's displeasure.

Web Original

  • Pete the Puppet: Pete, despite apparently being deeply conservative and looking down on young people sleeping around all the time, certainly has his more perverted moments. It's also implied in another episode that he used to go to some sort of bizarre sex show involving children when he was younger (in his twenties or thirties).
  • Yugi's grandpa, Solomon Muto from Little Kuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series. He's rather pervy (groping Tea), and then there's his 'relationship' with the Black Luster Soldier .

GRANDPA: Please stop! I thought you were my grandson.
TEA: Is that why you were trying to grope me?
GRANDPA: If I said "yes", would it make this situation any less awkward?

Western Animation

  • Wise from web-only animated series The Lebrons. "All them young girls around here showing their skin!"
  • Uncle Grandfather from Perfect Hair Forever is a parody of this trope.
  • Old Man Hunger from Ren and Stimpy, Old Man Hunger is a strange, skinny and naked old man with a chicken drumstick leg on his head and a bandage on his butt. He can be found showing up randomly at inopportune moments for Ren and Stimpy.
  • Herbert, the elderly pedophile on Family Guy shows up from time to time just to say creepy stuff in his distinctive voice. Like the "Greased-up Deaf Guy", he was a one note gag character that was simply too offensively funny to not bring back. He'd never be funny if he wasn't so old and feeble.
    • Another example, of course, is Quagmire, who is not only a Dirty Old Man (as one episode revealed that Quagmire is 61 years old, despite looking half as old) but just a plain old pervert. In "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father, Brother?", he finds a bound and gagged high school cheerleader in a bathroom stall, and proclaims, "Dear Diary: Jackpot!". In another, he crashes a high school party, and starts this exchange:

Quagmire: Hey there sweetie, how old are you?
Connie: Sixteen.
Quagmire: Eighteen? You're first!
Connie: Mom!
Quagmire: I like where this is goin'!

  • And again:

Quagmire: Hey Meg, you eighteen yet?
Megan: No.
Quagmire: (walks past her) Hey Chris! How's it goin'?

  • Several episodes have also featured the series protagonist, Peter Griffin, playing the part of a Dirty Old Man.
  • Popeye's dad, Poopdeck Pappy, was constantly flirting with women. In a subversion, they often flirt back.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Iroh is usually well-behaved, but is not above a compliment or two for a pretty woman—or a not-so-pretty woman if he thinks it will get him preferential treatment. However, when June and Zuko are paralyzed by her Shirshu and June is thrown atop him, he doesn't move, even though Zuko points out the Shirshu didn't get him. He smiles, and June rolls her eyes.
  • Grandpa Marsh from South Park has several Dirty Old man moments in the episode "Quintuplets 2000", when a set of little girl quintuplets and their grandmother stay at Stan's house.
  • This happened accidentally on The Venture Brothers when Rusty slept with the 15 year old head of his fan club in his late 20's/early 30s (She said she was 20). YMMV depending on your views of statutory rape (yes, it's only ten years, but in the wrong direction), though he was generally called this on the message boards
  • Cotton Hill from King of the Hill would take any opportunity to grab or slap a young woman's butt, he regularly visits strip joints to gawk at and flirt with the women, and he married a woman about 30 years younger than him.
  • Ice King from Adventure Time.
  • The fact that Grandpa Lou Pickles' personal favorite film is Lonely Space Vixens is enough evidence for him to be counted as one.
  • Phil from Hercules; what, you expected differently from a satyr?
  • In Harley Quinn, Gordon is a borderline case, as he knows enough about Britney Bionic and Kylie Kryptonite (two adult film stars who portrayed Harley and Ivy in a film called The Drilling Joke) to recognize them and address them by name. Of course, the younger police with him are no better.
  • In The Smurfs episode “Romeo and Smurfette”, Papa Smurf himself barely subverts this. With the whole village struck by “spring fever” and trying to woo Smurfette, he scolds them for being so boorish and tells them to leave her alone - only to briefly flirt with her himself. Fortunately only briefly, as he stops, apologizes, and then excuses himself, mumbling, “If only I were 450 years younger…”
  • Shorty from Tangled is a lecherous drunkard who compares Mother Gothel to "a tall drink of water" - uh yeah, look it up, one of the notorious "hidden" dirty jokes in Disney and one that clearly qualifies him for the Trope.

Real Life

  • Studies show that many middle-aged men do find themselves attracted to young, teenaged girls.
  • Benjamin Franklin, both in Real Life and in almost all of his appearances in media, whether historical fiction or just fiction.
  • Hugh Hefner.
  • Hefner's contemporary Ron Harris, who is known for his erotic pictorials and videos, which include those of young girls (aged 18–24 only) masturbating and having orgasms. According to The Other Wiki, Playboy magazine calls him "the granddaddy of softcore". Elevated to Squick when Harris offered the eggs of eight models for auction over the internet, so those who could afford it would have more attractive offspring.
  • Roger Ebert seems like this in a number of his reviews. A recent example would be Zack and Miri.
  • "Poppa", the old guy in this Gaijin Smash post.
  • The Sex Pistols infamous live TV encounter with interviewer Bill Grundy. (In 1976 this was an unprecedented outburst for television).

Grundy: What about you girls behind? Are you worried or are you just enjoying yourself?
Glen Matlock: He's like your dad innee this geezer? Or your granddad...
Siouxsie Sioux: Enjoying myself...
Grundy: Are you?
Sioux: Yeah.
Grundy: That's what I thought you were doing.
Sioux: I always wanted to meet you...
Grundy: Did you really? We'll meet afterwards, shall we?
Jones: You dirty sod. You dirty old man.
Grundy: Keep going chief, keep going. Go on, you've got another 5 seconds, say something outrageous.
Jones: You dirty bastard.
Grundy: Go on, again!
Jones: You dirty fucker.
Grundy: What a clever boy.
Jones: What a fucking rotter.

  • According to Suetonius and Tacitus, Emperor Tiberius of Rome. And yes, that's why he was written and acted that way in I, Claudius. Whether he was that dirty or not is still a matter of discussion among Roman historians.
    • Graves couldn't portray Tiberius as anywhere near as filthy as the historians did. If he had, his novel could not have been published in his time period. The histories could be published because they were supposedly factual and carried the stamp of antiquity. (The big thing that couldn't be mentioned? Oral rape of infants. Even in Ancient Rome, where raping a twelve-year-old slave of either sex was 100% A-OK for a freeborn male, that was beyond the pale even for the emperor.)
  • Darker (and more recent) examples include Josef Fritzl, and Brian David Mitchell.
  • Piers Anthony is a rare self-proclaimed Dirty Old Man.
  • This performance counts at least as creepy, and the author suspiciously resembles https://web.archive.org/web/20090720034638/http://services.sled.sc.gov/sor/view.aspx?SRS=16493 ...this doesn't make the video any less funny, though.
  • Mikey Robbins, despite being middle aged, is a cheerful Dirty Old Man.
  • Many aging rockers resemble this as they reach middle age and beyond. Gene Simmons, approaching age 60, comes to mind.
  • Patrick Stewart, and proud he is of it!
  • Roman Polanski. He was arrested sexually assaulting a 13-year old girl, Samantha Geimer, at actor Jack Nicholson's home. He allegedly performed oral sex and sodomy upon her. He plead not guilty to all charges, but accepted a plea bargain by pleading guilty to unlawful intercourse with a minor.
    • However, the girl in question, now a grown female, later went on to say that he didn't rape her.
  • Frank Miller admits to this in the script of All-Star Batman and Robin.
  • How have we gone this far without mentioning the limousine-ridin', jet-flyin', wheelin'-dealin' kiss-stealin' son of a gun himself, Ric Flair?
  • Earl Paulk, the late founding pastor of Chapel Hill Harvester Church, would spend the last 15 years of his life embroiled with the exposure of several sex scandals (including claims by his daughter and granddaughter), topped by the revelation that successor Donnie Earl Paulk was not his nephew as previously thought, but his son via Earl's affair with his brother's wife. Massive Squick.
  • Bob Barker. Since 1996, six female workers have filed sexual-harassment lawsuits against him, usually along the lines of his threatening to fire female staffers/models if they refused to do the nasty with him. Of those six, five were settled out of court. Beloved clumsy girl Holly Hallstrom was apparently ordered by Barker to badmouth one of the girls suing him on talk shows; instead, she testified against him and was promptly fired "for being too fat". Barker may have 50 straight years of five-a-week television to his name, but he's a Jerkass.
  • Mr. Yan. He's the owner of Bodyline, a knock-off Elegant Gothic Lolita brand. He had a model contest, but it was just an attempt to find attractive young women. He proposed marriage to some poor girl.
  • A letter to "Dear Abby" described the lecherous actions of an elderly man known as "Uncle Harry". The man professed himself to be one of the "finest Christians in the area", but would insist on hugging every woman he met, and promptly used those hugs as a chance to paw and grope the woman in question. Feedback from people of both genders indicated that Uncle Harry was not an aberration and that behavior like his was a very common problem—one woman complained of three "Uncle Harrys" in her church. Interestingly, it was the women who usually suggested merely saying "NO" to Uncle Harry's advances, while the men almost unanimously advised giving him a "swift with all your might knee to the crotch."
  • A much stronger claim can be made for ex Roxy Music lead singer Bryan Ferry being a "dirty old man" for being involved with his backup dancer Katie Turner, who is thirty-five years younger than Ferry. She is actually younger than Ferry's son!
  • Sexually deviant behavior is often a result of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, making this a very sad and unfortunate case of Truth in Television.
  • Woody Allen.
  • Silvio Berlusconi.
  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn, ex-head of the IMF.
  • Serge Gainsbourg.
  • Ron Jeremy.