Spongebob 2019

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I don't care what you say, as long I save the world! I'm doing this for me, my friends, and the entire world, you are just too much!

A Crossover Fic written by Rizki-kun, Spongebob 2019 is an Alternate Universe Fic where many Nickelodeon characters team up with the story's main character who wishes to free the world from a now out-of-character Spongebob, who has become power-hungry and now took over the world with a iron grip, making the world post-apocalyptic.

The story begins with how Spongebob came to be, until one time, Spongebob turned over his creator and took control over the entire Viacom company and in turn turn the world into a wasteland because his creator never made him pass his show's boating test, and now one Indonesian-American man dares to defy him, and brings along many Nick characters along the way to battle Spongebob's forces (which consists of enemies each show representative has made in their respective shows).

You can read the full story here. (Warning: some chapters may have language.)

Nick shows participating in the story:

(As the story was written back in September 2011, new shows, Nick@Nite shows and some shows are not included.)

Tropes used in Spongebob 2019 include: