Teacher's Pet (TV series)

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'Teacher's Pet was a Disney animated television series that ran from 2000 to 2002 and was concluded with The Movie in 2004. Noteworthy for its unique and edgy style of animation, thanks to its creator, the famed illustrator Gary Baseman, not to mention the star talent of Nathan Lane in the lead role.

The story follows a dog named Spot, who can think and talk. Spot dreams of being a real boy like his owner, Leonard Helperman, whose mom is a teacher (Get it?). In order to fulfill his dreams, Spot dresses up as a boy named Scott Leadready the Second and attends school with Leonard.

The Movie details Leonard and Spot's summer adventures in Florida. After a strange dream parodying Pinocchio and a rousing rendition of the theme song, Spot ends up going out to finally turn himself into a real human being. In the end, he decides he'd rather just be a dog with a family, than a human with no one.

Not to be confused with the trope of the same name. And certainly not to be confused with Hot for Student. Definitely not to be confused with the hentai anime OAV of the same name, which predates the Disney series by a year.

Tropes used in Teacher's Pet include:

*song ends, Leonard and Mrs. Helperman are stripped down to their undergarments and left standing in the middle of a parking lot*
Mrs. Helperman: Well, that was strange.

  • Disney Death: Happens to Spot in The Movie.
  • Dueling Shows: Subverted a bit in one case: A KaBlam!! short, Stewy the Dog Boy was planned to become a spin-off (had somewhat of the same storyline), but when Nickelodeon found out about the show, the spin-off was cancelled. Funny enough, Gary Baseman, the creator, did a short for KaBlam!!, The Louie and Louie Show during it's first season.
  • Ending Fatigue: Parodied/Lampshaded in one of the closing songs in the movie. Invoked Trope

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