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General series memes

The Legend of Zelda

  • It's dangerous to go alone! Take this. [1]

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

  • Link checked the chest. Wow! This is a nice chest!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Legend of Zelda CDI Games (non-canon)

  • MAH BOI! [26]
    • "This peace is what all true warriors strive for."
    • "I wonder what's for dinner?"
    • "Squadala!"
    • "Lamp oil? Rope? Bombs? You want it? It's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rubies.
      • "Sorry, Link. I can't give credit. Come back when you're a little... MMMMM... richer!"
    • "You DARE bring light to my lair?! YOU MUST DIE!"
      • "Join me, Link, and I will make you a Face[27], the GREATEST in Koridai! Or else you will DIE."
      • "NO! Not into the pit! IT BUUUUUURNNSSS!!"
    • "After you've scrubbed all the floors in Hyrule, then we can talk about mercy!"
    • Actually, let's just say every single line from the CD-I games is a meme.


Fandom Memes

  1. said by the old man who gives you your sword in The Legend of Zelda
  2. Bizarre introduction by an unfortunately-named NPC. He actually has minor relevance to the plot. And it isn't Engrish; he was called Error as a Programming In-Joke, since someone else's name was 'Bug' but badly Romanised.
  3. Useful hint from the same game.
  4. Characters tend to help you if you bring them useful items. Some items are not so useful.
  5. The level of irritation caused by Navi is considered the standard by which all annoying video game sidekicks must be judged.
  6. Ruto goes into a dungeon alone in Ocarina of Time. Contrary to her wishes, you must tell her father in order to continue.
  7. Darunia of the Gorons has a dance sequence. That's all the context you're getting.
  8. Debate continues to this very day as to Sheik's sex, and despite multiple Word of God on the subject (and the fact in Ocarina of Time Sheik actually transforms into Zelda right in front of you, and she clearly tells you that she was Sheik the whole time) many still refuse to believe that Sheik is actually Zelda.
  9. In-game, it is stated that the Triforce resides in Link's heart. There is no physical Triforce in the game.
  10. The owl in Ocarina of Time goes on long-winded speeches... and frequently tricks the player into listening to them more than once.
  11. The fishmen who fill out Link's Sea Chart use this as their Catch Phrase, and this is always their first line. Considering that the fishmen give useful hints towards One Hundred Percent Completion and that a fully mapped out Sea Chart has its own benefits...expect to read this line a lot.
  12. This is the voice effect the fishment make when they say their Catch Phrase.
  13. The entirety of the background music of the battle against the boss, Molgera, has a lot of chicka, as heard here
  14. The fan rage when Twilight Princess was given a score of 8.8 out of 10 was large enough to spread across the internet. Also a Trope Namer.
  15. Said by Agitha the Bug Princess whenever you leave her house with new bugs you haven't given her.
  16. The score Game Spot gave. Not by the same guy though.
  17. Strange little plot coupons given to you by completing quests.
  18. A friendly monster that kidnapped (but not really) a child likes playing this game. Alone. With a child.
  19. Fi likes statistics.
  20. A girl gets trapped on an island because her Loftwing was injured. You need to give it medicine, which is Mushrooms.
  21. They're apparantly so obsessed with their cheetah print underpants that according to Fi, they can literally COME BACK FROM THE DEAD DUE TO THEIR ATTACHMENT TO THEM.
  22. Groose has become the resident Memetic Badass
  23. A series of photoshops replacing various things with Squidward and other characters from SpongeBob SquarePants
  24. In-game, she pushes Link off of a cliff. Twice. Jokes are often made that this is Zelda's way of either showing affection toward, or friend-zoning, Link, among other things.
  25. Similar to Guile's theme, Groose's theme has been used for a variety of things.
  26. Taken from one of the universally hated Legend of Zelda CD-I games (specifically, Link: The Faces of Evil, the King is actually saying "My Boy". Often a source of parody videos on YouTube.
  27. Often written as "your face"
  28. A satirical punishment doled out to Zelda fans (sometimes trolls) who get the details wrong.