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Beggar Team

Kim Yun-seong - "Mr. Beggar"

A man in his early 30's who discovered he has gained Trace abilities. His Trace power is iron legs, which allow to use powerful kicks that destroy walls and make him leap great distances. He is the leader of the Beggar Team.

Jeong Hee-sub - "Pierrot"

Hee-sub was the original leader of Trace Cirus. His power is to phase through solid matter. It was he who put together a team of traces for the purpose of exposing the government corruption in one of it's trace programs.

Ryu Jee-hyun

A normal human woman, although trace abilities may be present, she has yet to show them. She supports Kim Yun Seong.

Morrienoah Jin - "Mist Sniper"

A Trace who has the ability to shoot bullets out of his fingers. Each one can shoot out a different kind of bullet.

Gang Dong-su - "G-Spot"

A trace with the X-Ray vision, making him an incredible gambler. He's often paired with Jin to help him shoot targets that Jin can't see.

Cha Mi-ri - Power Bunny

A Teenage trace with incredible strength.

Kim Do-gyun - "The Masked Five Brothers"

A trace who uses his ability to make clones of himself to become the most renowned thief in history.

Kim Poong

The newest member of the Beggar Team, used to work for the goverment.


K4 is a team of a young assassins that Jin recruits for the Beggar Team.

Wong Soong-ih

Dok Soo-ri - Gray Talon

Gang Ah-ji - Black & White Hole

Geo Boog-ih - Speed Boom

Team Misty

Misty is the team that Ghang-gwon forms so that they can capture Yun-seong.

Sa Ghang-gwon

Lee Hyun-hwa


Han Tae-eun

Hot-blooded and fiery, Han Tae Eun is well known in her school as a formidable fighter, more inclined to her fists than talking things through. She yells often, especially at Sa Ghang Gwon when he aggravates her. As a child her mother was killed by a Trouble in a park, and Tae Eun repeatedly visited the same spot her mother died, until she found a barely-conscious Sa Ghang Gwon lying there. She took him home and adopted him as her possession. At some point in time, she discovered he was a Trace and labored to protect his identity, unbeknownst to him.

When Ghang-gwon is taken away by the government, Han Tae-eun declares that she will become a Trace and be like him. She repeatedly battles Troubles at the expense of her own life, but then she awakens as a Trace. Her arms turn a sparkling red and shoot sparks, granting her inhuman strength and abilities. It seems that she needs to repeatedly punch hard objects like the ground to activate one of her arms, but if she strikes her fists together, the other arm will ignite.

Tae-eun is easily angered and irritable but also fiercely protective of Ghang-gwon. She protects him specifically to prevent him from fighting back, so that he won't accidentally reveal his identity as a Trace. She seemed to resent that he was a Trace while she wasn't and accused Ghang-gwon of the same feelings, since he tried to hide his true identity from her. She's stubborn, believing that if she fought Troubles, she would become a Trace. After she becomes one, she goes about fighting Troubles, in the same way Ghang-gwon did (dressed with a face mask). Tae-eun seems to hold romantic feelings for Ghang-gwon, getting jealous when he carries Se Yeon and tells Tae-eun to run while escaping a Trouble.

Zhang Se-yeon

Jang-mi Rose

Park Mahn Gil/Anchovy

  • Blessed with Suck: Most traces get awesome powers, Maha-gil has the ability to take someone's sickness and suffers with it for a year. This includes terminal diseases. However, the disease won't kill him and will inflict a lot pain before the disease passes.


God's Virus