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    /wiki/DeviantArt Recommendationswork

    This is a list of recommendations made by Tropers for DeviantArt. Feel free to recommend your favorite art/artist here, but please follow the preferred template found below.

    Bear in mind that recommendations are subjective, so if you want to question or discuss any given recommendation you should do so on the appropriate discussion page. If you want people to view the art/artist you're recommending, you should put some effort into writing the description. Sell us the art, but don't inflate it; we're striving for some quality art here, so if you have difficulties with making it look interesting, maybe it wasn't that good in the first place.

    In addition, you will notice that the tropers have signed their recommendations. Somebody has to vouch for them, so if a given recommendation isn't backed up by anybody, it will be zapped. After a few samples, you will be able to note the interests of the tropers recommending them, and judge whether you might be also interested in a certain pic.

    Reviews of art/artist are encouraged, but if you choose to write one, please make it substantive, and give specific details about what you liked / disliked about it. If you want to give a art/artist a thumbs-up without writing a full review, you can add your troper handle to the Recommended by line.

    Below is the required format for a recommendation. If you're making a new page, or adding to an existing one, copy that text into the page.

    Required Format

    For individual art: Title of Art Piece/Artist/Gallery

    • Recommended by: Troper Name [1]
    • Description: Describe the art/artist here, maybe even add the actual description.
    • Comments: Be sure to add your opinion on the art/artist.
    • Tags: Add things like Darker and Edgier and Lighter and Softer here to describe the art/artist.

    For artists: Name of Artist

    • Notable works and galleries.
    • Comments:

    For galleries: (Name of gallery) by (name of artist)

    • Category:
    • Comments:

    Individual works

    The Simpsonzu

    • Recommended by: Korodzik
    • Description: Cast of The Simpsons reinterpreted in an Animesque style.
    • Comments: This is one of the most popular works on DeviantArt, and it shows why. An interesting alternate look at the characters. -- Korodzik



    • Recommended by: fawn
    • Description: Peacocks in a marsh.
    • Comments: This might just be one of the most intricately detailed things I've ever seen. It's hard to image how long it took him to make it. It is one of my all time favorite images. (I'd say most favorite, but that is grammatically incorrect.)
    • Tags: Scenery Porn. Misplaced Wildlife (I'm pretty sure Peacocks don't live in marshes.)

    Breakthrough Eagle

    the great bipartisan

    Fight for Life

    The Curse

    Rebirth Flame

    • Recommended by: fawn
    • Description: Intricately detailed phoenix.
    • Tags: The Phoenix.

    Enter the Mushroom Kingdom

    Purple Judgement

    Night Hunters

    • Recommended by: Megadriver
    • Description: A series of seven books (work in progress) that the Author himself describes as a cross between Angel'and The Dresden Files, but it is not fan fiction!
    • Comments: I've read what the Author has put up on the site and managed to contact him directly. He let me see a few previews of his next books and while the series is still in its infancy on the site, I can say that he really has a good arc that spans the entire series and has even hinted a spin off series that might be even larger than the original.
    • Tags: The moments in the series varies in the usual for the The Dresden Files Darker and Edgier to Lighter and Softer and in my personal opinion provides a new vision for vampires (Although these days there are so many representations of vampires that it's hard to keep track of what is and what isn't original!).

    Happycat I Can Has Cheezburger



    • Recommended by beeruckz
    • She has some of thee most amazing LinkxTetra and OC family pics out there!



    • Recommended by: Korodzik
    • An author of pop-art pictures in the style of comic panels, with obvious Roy Liechtenstein influence.
    • Comments: The form of his art may be simple, but striking. -- Korodzik

    Sankam (John Schamen)

    • Recommended by: Korodzik
    • An author of the webcomic Persona Animus, on DeviantArt he shows off expertly painted and drawn art--most of it of anthropomorphic characters.
    • Comments: An excellent artist able to wield a variety of styles. A lot of his work reminds of old Disney animated films. -- Korodzik




    Ganondorf's Girl

    • Recommended by beeruckz
    • Very good! Cool OC's, great art styles and awesome fanfics!



    Paul Hanley



    • Recommended by: fawn
    • Comments: I like their unique, blocky style and their animations. They have a lot of Zelda fan art.
    • Tags: The Legend of Zelda




    • Recommended by: Nori Mori
    • Notable works: Creator of the webcomic Romantically Apocalyptic, he also does stunning digital art and photography. He has also written journal entries for his RA characters on his account. The first chapter of his unreleased, illustrated science fiction novel, Chronoscape, is available there.
    • Comments: His digital art and photography is surreal, grim but with an ethereal, breathtaking beauty. The art of Romantically Apocalyptic is a seamless blend of photographs and drawings, making for an absurdly real-looking and beautiful webcomic.



    • Recommended by: Hotel California
    • Notable works: sky bridge, wreath girl, time.
    • Comments: Her unique art style needs to be seen. Her emphasis on bold lines and diversity of color gives off a dreamy and optimistic feeling to the viewer. Has a pseudo-Miyazaki touch to it.


    Mike Mayhew

    Leaf of Steel

    Keith Thompson


    Erik "Bloodyinkpen" Schoenek

    Mario "Overheat" Wibisono


    Arnold Tsang

    Jade Law

    Jo Pereira

    Patrick Brown


    • BeagleTsuin's "Toon Link's Family" gallery and "Heteorosexual Couples" gallery.
    • sequentialscott's journal, which contains detailed, expert analyses of wonderful pieces of art of all kinds--from famous paintings through book illustrations to film posters and comicbook covers. A boon and a fascinating read to any artist. (Recommended by Korodzik)
    1. Reminder - if you want to recommend the the art/artist but not write a review, add your Troper name to this line.