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Full Frontal Nerdity is a weekly web comic by Aaron Williams (also the creator of Nodwick and PS238). It focuses on the roleplaying sessions of four tabletop gaming friends, all of them typical nerds in bad need of a life. The characters are:

  • Frank, the Game Master. Overweight and socially awkward.
  • Lewis, gamer. Often dog-piled by the other players.
  • Nelson, gamer. Rules Lawyer and power gamer.
  • Shawn, gamer. Participates in the games via webcam from Alaska, often abusing said disconnect.

Apart from tabletop gaming, the comic references various staples of the geek subculture, from collectible card games to SF series.

Tropes used in Full Frontal Nerdity include:

Frank: "Due to rampant thefts, field destruction, zombie cattle, poisoned wells, attempted murder, and a relatively mundane aphid problem, your town can expect to suffer fifty percent population loss."


Lewis: It's like... "Hey, they put the wrong address on one of your biggest fantasies and someone else got it instead. Sorry about that."


Frank:Then I guess someone will be saving up to have a map to Milwaukee's "Safe House" bar lasered off his tattooed butt, huh?
Lewis: We agreed that topic was off limits!
Nelson: For aesthetic reasons alone...


Frank: Okay, having gotten hopelessly lost, you're forced to spend the night in the forest. When your characters awaken, they discover that they'd been ravaged by dire mosquitoes to the tune of 3D6 worth of blood loss. As the vultures circle and the sun climbs, you begin to suffer heat exhaustion... Due to multiple insect bites and the fact that you had to sleep on the rocky ground, all your feat and skill rolls will be at minus five for the next day and a half.
Lewis: I vote that our D&D game gets a week off after your parents make you go camping.
Nelson: Seconded.