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  • Hey, It's That Voice!: As with the first anime, there's a lot of this. Combined with...
    • Relationship Voice Actor: In Japanese most of the seiyuu had recently worked on Mobile Suit Gundam 00. In the dub...well, this is Funimation we're talking about (a lot of the original main cast is kept); but Ouran High School Host Club and Soul Eater come to mind.
      • Brotherhood is not the only instance of Gundam and Fullmetal Alchemist sharing several voice actors, the original anime also featured several seiyuu from Gundam Seed. So it's probably a safe bet that if there is a FMA anime, then they will most likely follow after a Gundam series, and have several voice actors in both.
    • Both the sub and dub of Brotherhood have some of the Darker than Black cast.
    • Yukari-sensei is God...be very afraid.
    • Amazingly, in both the Japanese and English dubs, Yoki shares his voice actor with Bon Clay.
    • The dub still manages a crossregion casting, though minor -- the Briggs doctor is hinted to sound Majorly familiar.
    • In Japan, Hitsugaya Toshiro is the Fullmetal Alchemist. In America, It's Ikkaku Madarame.
    • Russia from Hetalia Axis Powers shares a voice actor with Gluttony. (Japanese version)
    • Try seeing Envy as an angel and a detective.
    • King Bradley is also a Jerk-ass Teacher in his spare time.
    • Ling Yao is the son of the Shinigami, while Shou Tucker spends his spare time swinging around a deathscythe who happens to be Ed. Along with this, Hawkeye wears an eyepatch and is in love with Tucker. In the meantime, Roy Mustang doubles as an ineffectual magical werewolf and Selim Bradley as a flamboyant blue-haired ninja. Major General Amstrong is a spider, and Winry has a flame-throwing cheese grater for a weapon. Kimblee enjoys listening to music while Scar has gears on his legs for weapons. Guess what? They're still enemies. Meanwhile, Father is also an undead teacher in his spare time, Greed is a transforming legendary sword that's annoying as hell, and Lust is suddenly...flat chested. Mei Chang grows up to be a transforming weapon and Alphonse Elric doesn't know how to handle this.
    • In Japan Sloth is Kenpachi In America Sloth is Kenpachi?


  • Fan Nickname:
    • Hoho and Hohopapa for Hohenheim, Scarbro for Scar's brother, Sexyhobo for Scar (no, really!), Shinri-kun or Truth-kun for the guardian of the Doors of Truth, Greedling or GreedLin for Greed once he takes over Lin/Ling's body (which is used by Ed as a Shout-Out to the fanbase at one point), etc.
    • Also Bob the Blob/Proto-Father for Father's original form, Mr. Monopoly, Colonel Clean (a.k.a. Sparkleman), Palm Tree, Shota McShadowrape, Ninaxander, the Pimp Suit, Fetus!Envy, Godfather, Scarbro..
  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: Hagaren for "Hagane no Renkijutsushi," meaning "The Alchemist of Steel".
  • Portmanteau Couple Name:
    • Royai for Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye, Edwin for Edward/Winry.
    • Royai kinda counts, but really it's a Bilingual Bonus, with "ai" meaning love.
  • What Could Have Been: The original, three-hour-long screenplay for Conqueror of Shamballa featured (among many other things) a scene at the end involving Mustang and Winry meeting in front of Hughes's grave and reconciling their differences. This was cut from the final draft and the equivalent scene moved up to the first half of the film, meaning that the last time the audience ever sees Mustang is during the climax, leaving his character arc feeling jarringly unresolved.
  • The Wiki Rule: Fullmetal Alchemist Wiki