Gate 7

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Gate 7 is a 2011 manga by the popular all-female mangaka circle CLAMP.

When Takamoto decides to finally take a trip to Kyoto he stumbles across three strangers. When he realizes things aren't quite what they seem, he is attacked by a faceless creature that is quickly slain by Hana. Takamoto wakes up in an apartment and is greeted and offered udon by Hana, Tachibana, and Sakura who have gone through his things, thinking him an assassin. For some reason, Takamoto is unaffected when Tachibana tries to remove his memory. Flashforward three months later and Takamoto has tranferred schools to Kyoto and is now involved with the trio. One thing is known: this wasn't the Kyoto he wanted to experience.

Tropes used in Gate 7 include: