Minion (Web Comic)

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Minion is a fantasy webcomic by Andrew Fox. It follows the adventures of Gin, a young man honoring a childhood promise (and also looking for a place to stay), and his employer the Dark-Witch-for-Hire Meryl.

Partly High Fantasy, but mostly laugh-out-loud comedy. Updates Wednesdays, probably. For the unrelated webcomic produced by Minion Comics, see Minion Comics.

Tropes used in Minion (Web Comic) include:

Gin: "Don't be ridiculous. I'm not going to throw you off a cliff." [BOOT] "Technically, I'm kicking you."

Kid!Meryl: "Someday, I'm going to be a powerful dark witch!"
Kid!Gin: "Cool! Can I be your minion?"
Kid!Meryl "...Okay."

Rico: "No way! We came here to get rid of her! And nothing you say is going to change our minds! Nothing!"
Gin: "Oh? Well that's too bad...And here I had this GREAT chocolate chip cookie recipe just lying around the tower--"
Rico: "DEAL!!!"