Sliding Scale of Like Reality Unless Noted

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The sliding scale of Like Reality Unless Noted charts the degree to which a work of fiction set in what is ostensibly a "modern", Earthly environment departs from Real Life. Starting with the application of the Celebrity Paradox, through to such things as the fictional President and a half-way compromise with the Anonymous Ringer, through to literal Urban Fantasy and the exclusion of certain controversial subjects such as The War on Terror.

Compare Sliding Scale of Realistic Versus Fantastic, Plausible Deniability, Mohs Scale of Sci Fi Hardness.


Alternate History which explicitly involves non-existent persons as major characters

Urban Fantasy ostensibly set in our timeline

Modern In Setting Only / Next Sunday A.D.

Semirealistic: At this level, current events such as The War on Terror, the Darfur conflict or the Arab-Israeli Conflict may be referenced, but more contentious subjects such as present holders of office, diplomatic crises such as Iran's alleged nuclear capability or recent terrorist attacks will be carefully evaded through the use of Anonymous Ringers and Ripped from the Headlines stories. Closer to the softer end of this subcategory, the terrorists will tend to be Western.

Like Reality Unless Noted: At this level, present-day events will be freely referenced and discussed, with the only real divergence from reality being the fictional storylines and characters involved.

Real Person Fic: The only divergence will be the fictional events themselves. All or almost all major characters will be historical personalities.

Real Life (and, by extension, all Nonfiction)