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Warrior's Wish is the largest Warrior Cats fansite on the Internet. Though this may not seem like much, they are actually very interesting. They have a forum... and on that forum they have activities...

These activities are called 'Games'.

They usually star the villain HF (short for Hawkfrost); and while he isn't the actual Hawkfrost of the series, is close in appearance and personality. He is/was actually the villainous alter-ego of Ww member Blackheart, but in more recent games, is played by other members. In nearly every game, the forum administrator (Blizz) gets kidnapped by the villain (HF). Despite common similarities, each game is different.

Game One:

Game Two:

Game Three:

Game Four:

Game Five, "riot":

Game Six: Blizz posted what at first seemed to be a spam thread in the Random Babble forum. Her signature read "search bananasplits," directions which, when carried out, took members to an old modified leaving thread. Adding all the changed words together resulted in a phrase with the acronym SKIN, pointing players to a new forum skin.

On the skin was a blood-stained note from HF saying that he had kidnapped Blizz. HF posted a rules thread, and stayed around to harass and Rickroll players.

Eventually, two guests with the names Thing 1 and Thing 2 provided clues for players, and were later joined by The Cat in the Hat, AED, and "The Keeper." All but the Cat, and later AED, were guests.

Game Seven: The skin changed from a light, summery kind of skin to a dark skin. It turned out to be a StarClan vs. Dark Forest war, and was going on at the time this article was written. Nagini, The Other Nagini and the Cat in the Hat have been appearing as well. HF's even popped up a few times. StarClan ended up winning. Oh how unpredictable.

This article mostly exists due to the fact that many Warriors Wishians are also Tropers.

Tropes used in Warrior's Wish include:
  • Age-Appropriate Angst
    • Rowanleaf. Some members even referred to her as "Rowangod."
    • Cinder is the main figure of her religion. Needless to say, she's basically the only one who follows it.
  • Anything That Moves
    • First member that comes to mind? Ningen, hands down.
    • Orange is the queen of this trope.
    • Flametail von Karma admits she does this.
    • Rain is also prone to this. She is the definition of this trope, actually.
  • Back from the Dead - HF "died" in the fourth game so far, but came back for the fifth, sixth and seventh.
  • Big Screwed-Up Family
  • Big Eater - Pretty much everyone 'noms' others - especially SD. Splashy adores creampuffs
  • Catch Phrase
    • "Hello, dearies."
    • And thanks to Bladeh's thread, 'biffles' is a common term used as well.
    • A while ago, many members developed a phobia of being called 'Dearie.'
    • Also, "urlawn".
    • "Leave your sanity at the door!"
    • -brick'd-, -killed-, -rick roll'd-, you name it. There was even a -Riptide'd- at some point, as well as a -shot-.
      • Holly takes credit for that.
  • Children Are Innocent - Subverted hilariously.
  • Chivalrous Pervert - Forcestar
  • Cult:
    • Rowanism (with Nin as head priest) and Crystianity. Rowangod and Cryst are most revered.
    • There was also the cult/religion of Squidley. 'Hail Squidley'!
    • Let's not forget Cinduism.
  • Cryptic Conversation - The Cat in the Hat pulls these. In rhymes. The Keeper does something very similar, only his/her poetry is much better.
  • Damsel in Distress:
    • Blizz is often kidnapped, but Gorsecloud was proclaimed the official Daphne of Warriors Wish when HF put her in a plastic garbage bag and threw her into the forest in game 4, thus making it the fourth game out of four that she'd been kidnapped.
    • This past Game Sol and Midnight were capured as well.
    • RIGHT after LS had said "At least no one's been kidnapped yet..."
  • Drama - Remember Lakestorm's and Hawkstar's dramatic readings of Starkit's Prophecy?
    • Inky's Hidden Prophcies MST could go here as well.
    • xD., a registered member (just revealed to be Sunset), has been anonymously writing a story about a certain Shimmerykit. Loosely based on Starkit's Prophecy.
    • And you know. Starkits Prophcy itself.
  • Engaging Conversation - Happens very frequently. And is often polygamous.
  • Even the Girls Want Her - Whiteclaw seems to have recently become this on the Pictures Are Fun thread.
  • Evil Overlord - You WILL bow before the supreme might of Hegemon Gingey. She takes her Hegemony seriously.
  • Fan Girl - Most of the members, over a wide variety of subjects, including Warriors characters, other fictional characters, actors, and sometimes even other members and game characters.
  • Fan Nickname
    • "Wuh-Wuh"
    • Arguably everyone's nicknames.
    • HF for Hawkfrost anyone?
    • Oh Gorseypoo...
    • Hello, Willis. - Icefire
  • Flame War - Don't happen often, but when they do they are freaking massive. Remember Warriors Wish: The Epic Fails?
  • Foe Yay
    • HF and Blizz. (See below.) Alternately, if you stretch it, due to HF's personality and fangirls, HF and everyone.
    • Don't forget to mention Blackheart and Squirrelflight.
    • Everywhere, all the time.
    • The word filter doesn't include a few swear words. What precious few get through just add to the hilarity.
    • Nin is especially good at this. Rowan was, too.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck - Firetruck the fruit word filters!
  • Ho Yay
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain - HF nearly became this in a few later games, but in the latest game, he was returned to his original state.
  • Jerkass: They know who they are and they're proud of it. Sheezy and Fallenpebble deserve special mentions, though.
  • Love You and Everybody:
    • SD is married to everybody.
    • This trope basically applies to EVERYONE, despite WW shippings (sadly) being banned.
  • Mad Scientist:
    • Nin in her original run as Lillytail.
    • Darkstar, too, but she was generally referred to as a Super Villain or Evil Genius.
    • Gloometh Silverblade is widely known among the fanfiction writers and authors as a famous villain and mastermind scientist. Unfortunately doesn't actually do that much villain work, as she gets dragged into saving the world often. Dust, however, wrote a few fanfics about Gloometh's takeover of Ww.
  • The Matchmaker:
    • Splashy, who started the next generation bandwagon in the Ww Fanfiction boards when she got everyone pregnant with HF's children. Victims include Gloometh, Tiny, Scary (here is the brainbleach...) and many others.
    • The exception being Dust and Hawkstar, who were paired with each other.
    • This list keeps growing however, and victims to-be include Pine, the traditional Blizz and HF, Splashy, and anyone else who happens to be interesting.
    • Pretty much everybody, seeing as shipping seems to be the favored hobby among WWers.
    • Now even has a shipping love-o-ray gun (that she stole from Moonf, who got it from Hawkstar's fanfic). Be afraid.
  • Noodle Incident: The fake AuthorTracker message.
  • Nostalgia Filter - The site has been known to go through fits of these. Most recently when someone made a 'When did you join Ww' thread, and Pine suggested making a timeline.
  • Our Zombies Are Different - Orange, WW's resident zombie, is a Pooh-loving pedobear.
  • Perfectly Cromulent Word: "Sunnethly" and "urlawn".
  • Seme - most notably, rain and sd.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat:
    • Who can forget all the WW shippings? They've since been banned, but there were some epic shipwars about Blizz/Blackie and Autumn/Blackie, for example.
    • Darkstar and Blackheart actually dated for about ten months before breaking up.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Stalking Is Love:
    • There's a whole thread about it in RB. Hell, Dreampaw says she stalks everyone, and she seems to be married to everyone--Kaze, Phantomfire, Blacky, etc. She is probably right there, behind you
    • Everyone seems to watch each other in the shower or in bed.
  • Stalker with a Crush - The Percy Jackson fangirls. They know everything about him. Holly, Golden, Larksong, and Scartail are the most notable ones, but lately, the only person that's been holding out on it is Holly. They know his phone number.
  • Happiness in Slavery - Blacky and Rage. Rage made Blacky her slave a while ago, and it's still going on. And Blacky doesn't seem to mind. Pepper was also Pine's slave, when the mods attacked in one of LS's FF's
  • Stockholm Syndrome - Blizz and HF actually got together in one game... and had kits together! Squick!
  • Theme Initials - DS. Two of them, and a lot more.
  • Torches and Pitchforks - Every time Cinder says something even slightly unfangirlish things to the Percy Jackson fans, out come the pitchforks. And ostriches. And Cinder says slightly unfangirlish things to Percy Jackson fans a lot.
  • Uke - Kaze, Lavender, Dust, and Adder.
  • Unusual Euphemism - Due to the censors, yes. It's not uncommon to find a post sort of like 'that grapefruiting blueberry' or 'that blAze'.
  • Yaoi Fangirl:
    • WW has them. Gingey and PS are among the more notable.
    • Don't forget Nin.
    • Pretty much the whole Hetalia fanbase.
    • Tiny and Holly have "gayfangirlitis".