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Zero Wing is a Shoot'Em Up Video Game created by Toaplan in 1989, where it was mildly (but not wildly) successful in Japanese arcades. Typical of the genre, after an opening cinematic establishes the setting, the player takes control of a one-man fighter to shoot down enemy forces in massive numbers.

Fairly typical and unremarkable compared to the rest of its genre, there is no particular reason people today would give this game a second look ...

...that is, except for its infamous English translation (that has even inspired examples of Intentional Engrish for Funny):

Made Memetic Mutation for great funny was when send happiness to users of Interweb reality highway quotes did. Popular most is the conquerance of CATS dialogue, "We have conquered all of your bases." Main screen not on; no plans of justice to rerelease Zero Wing make time at now.

Inspire epic song, posted here for great justice, a Rhapsody of Boheme song of parody and a Dub project.

No with Wing Zero be confuse, or game Giga Wing.

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