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Kate needs Angel's help to catch a mobster, so he dresses up as a tourist and beats the snot out of them. But, little Tony's lawyers (Wolfram & Hart) Have an evil plan to get him off the hook. Kate and the other cops at her precinct are subjected to "sensitivity training". Of course, this is a disguised curse and so all of the cops become very emotional, like teenage girl PMS emotional. Angel goes to find out why and becomes cursed himself. He returns to the precinct to save Kate and beat the snot out of the mobsters again, but he feels bad about it, 'cause he's cursed. He gives the mobster some advice about trying to be a "rainbow, instead of a painbow". In the end, Kate arrests little Tony, and Wolfram and Hart refuse to help him because he didn't take the opportunity they gave him. Kate asks Angel if she said anything to him and he replies that he's "a little fuzzy."

Tropes used in Angel/Recap/S01/E06 Sense and Sensitivity include:

Cordy: I don't care what horrible thing is about to happen. Asteroids are hurtling towards Earth. Unspeakable evil is rising the San Fernando Valley. Jar-Jar is getting his own talk show.

Angel (to Doyle): You know what that means?
Doyle: "LT" stands for Little Tony, yeah?

Cordy to Doyle: "Do you think that tentacle spew comes out with dry cleaning?"

Angel: "So I'm a little reserved, that doesn't mean I don't care."
Cordy: "It's like you don't have a pulse."
Angel: "I don't."

Cordelia: Why I ever thought it was a nifty idea to work for a vam (Sees Kate) trilloquist...

"Remember this, brothers. An act of kindness is just as manly as__" (prisoners beat him up)

  • Open Says Me: Angel & Co are breaking into the precinct through a window.

Angel: "Wow. That's vandalism."
Doyle: "Ah, we'll take care of it later."
Angel: "We should leave a note."

  • Parental Abandonment: Kate calls her father out on this while under Lloyd's curse, accusing him of having shut down emotionally after her mother died.
  • Perp Sweating: Kate on Spivey; Angel on Allen.
  • Police Brutality Gambit: Wolfram & Hart raises this to force LAPD Metro Precinct to undergo "sensitivity training."
  • Sensitive Is Not Nice: Little Tony (along with Cordy and Doyle) think that Angel is easy prey now that he's gone all touchy-feely, but that just means he's able to get close enough to hit Tony with a chair.
  • Stealth Hi Bye: Averted by Angel on the one occasion it was called for. Then again it's difficult to fade away when you're wearing a Hawaiian shirt.
  • Talking to Plants: Tony tells one of his mooks to water his plants while he's gone. "And talk to them; they like that."
  • Tastes Like Chicken: When confronting Allen Lloyd, Angel comments that his parents tasted like chicken.
  • "Well Done, Son" Guy: Kate became a cop to gain the approval of her emotionally distant father.