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A form of Hypocritical Humor: Alan makes a criticism of Bob. Bob denies this criticism, but does so in a way that validates the statement.

Perhaps the most common criticism for this is being violent or short tempered, perhaps because it allows a response of comedic violence, but plenty of other criticisms are possible, including stupidity ("No I aren't!"), crudity ("Fuck you!"), inattentiveness ("Huh?"), vanity ("Oh thanks, you noticed!") and pompousness ("Moi?").

See also Description Cut for the inverse of this. Compare Not Helping Your Case, I Take Offense to That Last One, I Would Say If I Could Say, and contrast with Insult Backfire. The line itself (which is often attributed to Groucho Marx) is, of course, a play on "I resent that remark."

Examples of I Resemble That Remark include:

Anime and Manga

Konata: You still lose at life.

  • On an episode of Kaze no Stigma, Ayano's school is being haunted by a Screwy Squirrel pixie named Tiana that keeps playing pranks on her and her two friends (Kazuma, who is also there remains completely come watching the 3 girls run around) at the end the Tsundere throws a tantrum about the pixie and her cousin catches it for her and the two of them begin fighting like little kids. The other 3 comment about this but they both deny being like the other or being immature at the same time.
  • Kind of a Not Helping Your Case version from the anniversary strips of Azumanga Daioh. When seeing how Kaorin is mooning over Sakaki, Osaka manages to have a realization which escaped all the other characters, and asks Kaorin if she is gay. Kaorin angrily protests that no she isn't, the correct/preferred term is lesbian not gay, and no, she certainly isn't gay, because it wouldn't matter to her if Sakaki were a guy.
  • Monta from Eyeshield 21 is constantly compared to a monkey. He gets angry at the comparison and acts exactly like a monkey. "Who are you calling a woohee?!"
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh!, Rebecca complains about the fact Yugi is yelling at her.


  • In Bakuman。, Mashiro lists the three qualities his uncle believes that a successful Mangaka should have, the first of which is believing that they are better than others.

Tagaki: Yeah, I’ve got that but then again, I’m not being conceited. I really do have the talent…
Mashiro: That’s what you call being conceited.

High Elf Archer: I don't know, I think that weirdo might be an exception.
High Elf Archer: "Is that so?" "That's right." "Goblins!" That's his entire vocabulary![1]
Goblin Slayer: Is that so?
(priestess does her best to stifle laughter, elf and dwarf don't bother to try)

Comic Books

  • Groo "What do you mean slow of mind?" said several pages after someone calls says slow of mind (once even to a flashback).
  • One homebrew Knights of the Dinner Table strip had Bob ranting about how he like to kill those media pundits who claimed role-playing games promoted violence.
  • A very nice example: In one Asterix album, Julius Caesar scolds his senators:

Caesar: "Look at you! You have become decadent! All you think about nowadays is eating and sleeping!"
Senator (waking up): "What? It's lunchtime already?"

  • Astro City: Crackerjack laments that his on and off ladyfriend Quarrel is mad at him for flirting with other women, as he flirts with Nightingale.
  • Daisy Duck's reaction when her boyfriend told her she needs to control her temper. Sure, Donald is the same but his reaction to Daisy suggesting him to improve was better than hers.
  • Monica's Gang: Monica overheard Jimmy Five telling Smudge she only settles things through force. She told him it was a lie and that he'd be hit if he didn't take it back.
  • From Wanted. Wesley Gibson tries to give an Even Evil Has Standards speech to psychotic hedonist Joker Expy Mr. Rictus. It doesn't work:

Wesley Gibson: Enjoy your goat fucking Mr. Rictus.
Rictus (indignant): I don't fuck goats, Mr. Gibson, I make love to them!

Fan Works

  • This exchange from Windows of the Soul, when Natsuki and Shizuru talk about Shizuru's father, whom Natsuki does not get along with.

Shizuru: Otousama isn't an easy person to get along with. He has a difficult personality, because he is honest. In general, he's willing to imply anything he likes should he think about it.
Natsuki: Yep, he's a rude bastard. I've noticed that.
Natsuki's Narration: Shizuru laughed briefly, covering her mouth with her hand.
Natsuki: What's so funny?
Shizuru: Oh, nothing really. I was just going to say that the problem is, that you're the same as him. In that respect.
Natsuki: I'm nothing like that stuck-up bastard!


  • In Face Off, one of Castor Troy's signature lines:

Castor: You watch your fucking mouth!

The Stranger: Do you have to use so many cuss words?
The Dude: What the fuck are you talking about?
The Stranger: OK, Dude. Have it your way.

    • Subverted in this exchange:

The Dude: You just wanted a sap to pin it on! And you'd just met me, and you thought, "Oh, a loser! Somebody the square community wouldn't give a shit about!"
Lebowski: Well, aren't ya?
The Dude: Well, yeah!

Archie: How very interesting. You're a true vulgarian, aren't you?
Otto: You're the vulgarian, you fuck!

Eros: [with disgust] Stronger. You see? You see? Your stupid minds! Stupid! Stupid!
Jeff Trent: That's all I'm taking from you! [pistol-whips Eros upside the head]

  • A serious version from The Rock. General Hummel (Ed Harris) has captured John Mason (Sean Connery) and is justifying his threat to launch poison gas at San Francisco.

Mason: I don't quite see how you cherish the memory of the dead by killing another million. And, uh, this is not combat. It's an act of lunacy. Frankly, General, sir, I think you're a fucking idiot.
Hummel: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Thomas Jefferson.
Mason: "Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious," according to Oscar Wilde.
Hummel: (Rifle butts Mason)
Mason: Thank you for proving my point.

Phil "You are literally too stupid to insult."
Alan (smiling) "Thanks!"

"I'm not feminine? I'M NOT FEMININE!?" {{[[[Crowning Moment of Awesome]] kicks him in the face...}}]

Wadsworth: We're trying to find out WHO killed him, and WHERE, and WITH WHAT!
Professor Plum: There's no need to shout!
Wadsworth: I'M NOT SHOUTING!

    • Invoked earlier with Colonel Mustard:

Wadsworth: That sounds like a confession to me; in fact, that double negative has led to prove positive! I'm afraid you gave yourself away!
Colonel Mustard: Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?
Wadsworth: You don't need any help from me, sir.
Colonel Mustard: [Angrily] That's right!

  • In Office Space, Tom says with increasingly panicked and loud voice:

Tom: I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people. Can't you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?

Columbus: Are you one of those guys that always has to one-up everyone else's story?
Tallahassee: Hell no! I knew a guy once that was way worse at that than me.

  • In Rush Hour 3, a French taxi driver refuses to transport Carter because he believes that Americans are violent. Carter threatens him with a gun.

Carter: Say you love America.
George: I love America. Please don't kill me.


  • Paraphrased from the Dragaera book Jhegaala- after the hero Vlad, a former assassin and gangster, has been mistaken for a thug: "I hate when people do that. It makes me want to break their legs". Kiera the Thief makes a similar comment in Orca to the effect that she hates when people think she's to steal their purses and how it makes her want to rob them.
  • From Alice in Wonderland:

"You never had fits, my dear, I think?" [the King of Hearts] said to the Queen.
"Never!" said the Queen furiously, throwing an inkstand at the Lizard as she spoke.

Pyp: You're too stupid to be craven.
Grenn: I am not.
Pyp: Are too. If we ran into a bear in the forest you'd be too dimwitted to run away.
Grenn: I would not. I'd run faster than you. ...Hey!

  • An early example: In Laxdæla saga (The Saga of the People of Laxárdalur), Þórðr accuses his wife Auðr of wearing breeches (ie being a transvestite) so that he can divorce her and marry Guðrún. When Auðr comes into Þórðr's bed-chamber to get revenge, she is wearing breeches.
  • In Spellsinger: The Day of the Dissonance, Mudge utters the following line when Roseroar comments on his bad language: "I'll have you know, me elephantine kitten, that my language is as fucking refined as anyone's!"
  • In X-Wing: The Bacta War Booster Terrik is trying to negotiate with the New Republic to keep a Star Destroyer he captured. The New Republic's agent tells him the New Republic can't let someone other than them or their allies keep a ship with enough firepower to slag (reduce everything on it to rubble) a planet. Booster retorts he should just use it to conquer a random world and declare himself a New Republic ally before his daughter tells him that's exactly what the New Republic is afraid of.

Live Action TV

Man: [to Dick] You look capable of violence!
Dick: [raising a chair] I'll show you who's capable of violence!!!

    • Another 3rd Rock example:

Sally: All the men I've been with are strong and decisive and you're neither of those things.
Leon: Well, I can be... maybe... probably not...

Brent: [After Oscar tells Emma that Brent is "turning the gas station into a movie theater"] Bearing in mind Dad does have a tendency to overstate things.
Oscar: I've never overstated anything in the entire history of the planet!

Tim : (reading a question from a personality quiz) Are you the kind of person who jumps into decisions without properly considering all the available options?
Lee: (firmly) No.
Tim: Hang on, it's multiple choice.

  • Subverted in the first sketch with Gustavo the Euro Guy on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Gustavo complains that Americans are too violent and promptly gets punched out. When Conan points out this proves his point, the guy who punched him out replies "No worries, mate - I'm Australian!"
  • In the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of Werewolf:

Yuri: You callin' me a psychopath?
Crow (as Yuri): I'll kill your whole family if you call me that again!

    • Keep in mind that Yuri immediately attacks the guy who called him a "psychopath," prompting Mike to quip:

Mike (as Paul): I'm sorry, clearly you're not a psychopath; my mistake.

Ted: He treats me like a little child, Mary. He bosses me around as though I were ten years old.
Mary: Ted, that isn't true. He may boss you around but he doesn't think you're a kid. He respects you as a mature adult.
Ted: (whining) Then why won't he let me go to the circus?!!

  • Non-verbal example from The Muppet Show. In the lead-up to a sketch involving Horny Vikings, Kermit describes them as "cruel, heartless, Scandinavian Marauders". The Swedish Chef comes up and hits him with a frying pan, leading Kermit to change his description to "quaint, old world charmers".
  • In Coupling, though he only proved half the remark,

Patrick: What Kind of illness was I supposed to have?
Sally: I don't know. Whatever it is that connects a limp dick with a limp brain!
Patrick: There is no connection between my dick and my brain!

Lindsay: I'm a "combative, entitled princess?" I'm going to hire someone to kick your ass for that!

Niles: Don't you DARE call me irrational! You know that makes me crazy!

"Computer games don't affect kids. If Pacman had affected us as kids we'd be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music."

  • Friends, after Joey gets offended that Monica and Chandler didn't ask him for a character reference letter:

Monica: Sorry Joe, we didn't think you were so much... with the words...
Joey: Wha-huh? Hey! Whoa, I'mean, tchhh!
Chandler: Clearly, we were wrong.

    • In an another episode:

Joey: He made Rachel cry!
Monica: Rachel always cries!
Rachel: That?s not true! (Starts to cry.)

Frasier: So now you're saying that I'm redundant, that I repeat myself, that I say things over and over again!

Sally: You are an ass!
The Devil: I am the dark lord of asses!

Elliot: Todd, face it. You're gay, and overcompensating for it.
The Todd: Oh yeah? Well if I'm gay, how come I work out so much?

Giles: Um, Anya, while, while I completely trust you uh, uh, to take care of the inventory and the money, um ... dealing with people requires a certain, uh ... finesse.
Anya: I have finesse! I have finesse coming out of my bottom! I can completely lie to the health inspector. I can, you know, distract him with coy smiles, and, and bribe him with money and goods.

  • Done seriously on Law and Order Special Victims Unit when Eliot's son Dicky was caught using the Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique on a man he suspected was responsible for the disappearance of his friend. Afterward his father took him into the station and complained about him doing that. When Richard responded that he was not the first member of his family to act like that Eliot attacks his son in the middle of the squad room, both proving Richard's point and showing why he got the Fan Nickname Unstabler
  • Kelly from Misfits is repeatedly accused of being a Chav [2] and she eventually responds to this by screaming at another girl: "If you call me that one more time I'll kick you so hard in the c* nt your mum will feel it!"
    • Also, when Nathan's father calls him a "wanker", Nathan responds by being snarky and rude, and then blithely attacking someone with a stapler (although many viewers considered this a Crowning Moment of Funny, he was kind of proving his father's point).
  • From Monty Python's Flying Circus:

"Dear Sir, I am writing to complain about that last sketch about people falling out of high buildings. I myself have worked all my life in such a building, and have never once--WHAAAAAAAA!!!"
"I would put a tax on all people who stand in water!"

  • In the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Corbomite Maneuver", Kirk berates McCoy for not telling him about an alert. After the former leaves the latter alone, McCoy says "If I jumped every time a light came on around here, I'd end up talking to myself."
  • In Will and Grace, any time someone would throw an insult toward Karen, she would respond this way. One time, when Grace accused her of being racist, she responded: "I may be a lot of things. A homophobe? Sure. Distrustful of Spaniards? Who isn't? But I am not a racist."
  • Mash had a scene in which Winchester snidely referred to Hawkeye and B.J. as "pack wolves." Their response was more or less, "Pack wolves?! I've never been so insulted!" and then they started growling and barking at him.
  • iCarly:

Kid Sam is beating up: I'm sorry!
Sam: Sorry for what?
Kid: For saying you're aggressive!

  • Married... with Children: When Marcy asked Steve why Al calls her a chicken, her stance did resemble a chicken's.
  • Right after Community's Jeff Winger denies that he's inconsiderate:

Annie: *sneezes*
Passerby: Gesundheit.
Jeff: I didn't sneeze.

  • Meta example, many Current Affairs shows satirized by The Chaser's War on Everything aired 'responses' to the criticism... which ended up proving all the Chaser team's criticisms completley right.
  • Played with in House:

Cuddy: Are you being intentionally dense?
House: (making a stupid face) Huh?


  • NWA's "Fuck tha Police" alternates between protesting unfair police attention due to being black and, uh, boasting about criminal activity.

Newspaper Comics

  • In Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin does a rant about how violence on television doesn't have any effect on the watcher, and concludes with "I'd like to shoot the idiots that think this stuff affects me."
    • Calvin also ranted about a television show which made no sense. When Hobbes remarked that it was targeted at the average American's fifteen-second attention span, Calvin's response was only, "You're still talking about that?"
  • In Garfield:
    • When Jon is on the phone with a woman:

Jon: I'm immature?!! Well excuse me, miss poopie head! (puts the phone down and sucks his thumb)

    • Jon having a conversation with Garfield:

Jon: Why don't you ever listen to me?
Garfield: Huh?
Jon: Why don't you ever agree with me?
Garfield: That's not true.
Jon: Why don't you show me any respect?
Garfield: I do... bonehead.

Paige: Mom, can I go see Interview With a Vampire?
Andy: No.
Paige (crying): WAAAAAAAAAAH WHY NOT????
Andy: Because it's rated R and you're not old enough.
Paige: Cmon, I'm mature.

    • Another FoxTrot example: Jason and Peter are discussing a study about how video games make kids violent...and then mention how much they want to strangle whoever wrote that.
  • There was a Bloom County strip which said something to the effect that men with facial hair tend to be more violent than those without. Then the strip which ran next day had a rebuttal by a fellow with a big mustache, who said the Facial Hair = Violent equivalence made him "so mad I could strangle a manatee in the nude!"
  • Dilbert here has CEO jumping into this one.


  • Played for drama in The Hairy Ape by Eugene O'Neill. The main character attempts to prove that just because he's poor doesn't mean he's a brute, and tries to do this by beating up the girl he thought insulted him. He gets killed by an ape instead.
  • A variation from the Musical New Girl in Town. Marthy and Chris are singing about their friendship:

Marthy: A guy said you ain't fit for pigs, down Larry's bar.
Chris: What'd you say?
Marthy: I said, "Yes, you are!"

Stanley: "...and they treat me like sh--
Bertha: "Stanley, dammit, don't cuss on Christmas!"

Video Games

  • The title character of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney catches himself doing one of these at one point - the Judge says 'I'm not sure we could reasonably expect Mr. Justice to do anything delicately', and Apollo thinks 'Hey! Why I oughta...take a deep breath and calm down.'
  • At the end of the first TV spot for Left 4 Dead one of the characters shouts, "I'll see peace back on Earth if I gotta murder every one of these animals with my own bare hands!" This can also be heard in the game under certain conditions.
    • To clarify, in-game, the word "animals" is actually "bastards".
      • There are actually 2 versions, the one seen above is heard in the commercial, while in-game he actually says "I'll see peace back on Earth if I gotta murder every one of these bastards with my bear goddamn hands!"
    • "For Chrissake, Francis, don't take God's name in vain."
  • This exchange from Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal:

Dr. Nefarious: To think, Lawrence, they said I was insane. But we'll see who's insane when my ameboids destroy all the life on this planet!
Lawrence: Yes, sir, that should clear things right up.

  • In one bit of inter-party dialogue in Knights of the Old Republic, Mission asks Bastila if she ever uses the Force for "fun", like making somebody trip if they're annoying her. Bastila acts highly offended and calls the idea "childish", which gets Mission angry enough to start insulting her. (Mission does not like to be called a child). Bastila trips her with the Force while she's in mid-insult, turns away, and smugly denies she has any idea what Mission is talking about.
  • Locke of Final Fantasy VI reacts to a merchant calling him a thief (instead of a treasure hunter) by... stealing his clothes. That's showing him, Locke!
  • The Thraddash of Star Control II revere force to the point that they have semi-regular rebellions that attempt to overthrow the current "Culture" and install themselves as the new Culture. Among the history you can learn from them is the story of Culture 14, who believed that this system of violent revolution set the Thraddash's cultural and technological evolution back 500 years each time. They were wrong, as demonstrated only 10 years after they came to power, when the next revolution only set them back "two, three hundred years tops."

Western Animation

Leela: Be careful. Many robots are stupid and violent.
Bender: I wish I was stupid and violent. Then we'd see what's what -- I'd pound their face in!

Fry: They said I was stupid, but I proved them!

Dwight: I heard alcohol makes you stupid.
Fry; No I'm... doesn't!

Prof. Farnsworth: And Fry, you've got that brain thing.
Fry: I already did.

Kent Brockman: Scientists say they're also less attractive physically and while we speak in a well-educated manner, they tend to use low-brow expressions like 'oh yeah?' and 'c'mere a minute.'
Homer: Oh yeah? They think they're better than us? Bart! C'mere a minute!
Bart: You c'mere a minute.
Homer: Oh yeah?

    • Another Simpsons example:

Smithers: Frankly sir, the people see you as something of an ogre.
Burns: Why, I ought to club them and eat their bones!

    • Yet Another Simpsons example: In one episode, Homer is called slow at a poker game. He takes so long to mentally process the remark that by the time he spits out his indignant denial, everyone else has left—except for Lenny, whose house it is; he's getting a midnight snack. It almost happens again in the same episode.
    • "I've been called a greasy thug, too. And it never stops hurting. So here's what we're gonna do, we're gonna grease ourselves up real good, and trash that place with a baseball bat!"
    • On one of the show's DVD commentaries, Simpsons writer Al Jean refers to this kind of gag as a "Stan Daniels Turn", named after the late writer/producer Daniels, of Taxi and Mary Tyler Moore Show fame.
    • "Me fail English? That's unpossible!"
    • Moe, attacking a Homer-shaped mannequin with a baseball bat:

Moe: Now who's a sociopath?! Huh?!

    • Homer (again):

"Oh, Lisa, you and your stories: Bart's a vampire, beer kills brain cells. Now let's go back to that... building... thingie... where our beds and TV... is."

Ned: You ugly, hate-filled man!
Moe: Hey, hey, I may be ugly and hate-filled, but I... uh... what was the third thing you said?

    • From "Marge Gets a Job":

Homer: I won't sleep in the same bed with a woman who thinks I'm lazy! I'm going right downstairs, unfold the couch, unroll the sleeping ba-...uh, good night. (*zzzzz*)

Toph: You're not my mom, and you're not their mom.
Katara: I don't act that way. What do you think, Aang? Do I act like a mom?
Aang: Well, I...
Katara: Stop rubbing your eye and speak clearly when you talk!
Aang: Yes, ma'am!

    • And in the second season:

Aang: Okay, you both just need to calm down and...

    • In a similar vein:

Iroh: Why don't you enjoy a cup of calming jasmine tea?

Wooldoor: I don't feel comfortable doing that.
Captain Hero: Would you feel more comfortable if I broke your arm in three places and then wrapped it in $100 bills?
Wooldoor: Are you threatening me... or bribing me?
Captain Hero: What an insulting accusation! Take that back before I tear out your spleen and then drive you to the hospital in your brand new car!

Dad: Asperagus defeated [the Minotaur] using the head of Medusa, a creature so ugly she could turn men to stone with just one look.
Phineas: Kinda reminds me of Candace.
Candace: (making a face like Medusa's) It does not look like me!

  • Played with in Ed, Edd n Eddy when Double D reads off the "Lackadaisycathro Disease," which is pretty much a description of himself.

Ed: That sounds resembling!
Eddy: It sounds like sock-head, bonehead!

  • Family Guy: In "Stewie Kills Lois", Peter is on trial for allegedly shooting and killing Lois while on a luxury cruise. When being questioned in court, the following exchange occurs:

Lawyer: Have you ever struck your wife?
Peter: Only in front of my kids, to assert my status as dominant male of the pride.
Lawyer: Are you a violent man?
Peter: [edgily] What are you, a wise guy? 'Cause I don't wanna deal with wise guys!
Lawyer: No further questions. [hurries off]
Peter: You son of a bitch! If I had a gun on a boat, I'd shoot you!

Bugs: Are you sure you're ready to take your driver's test?
Lola: Does a red light mean go?

Jester: Cosmo's so stupid, if his brains were dynamite he wouldn't have enough to blow his nose.
Cosmo: I'm not stupid! And I could prove it if you'd just let me out of the box! But come on, *poofs out of the box, hits it with a hammer, and then poofs back in*, even Houdini couldn't get out of this thing!

  • In an episode of Regular Show, Rigby makes a profile for Mordecai on a dating website. Mordecai complains that they way it's written ("Likes: Goofing off, video games, grilled cheese") makes him sound like a loser, and Rigby responds "Hey man, don't put that on me, it's all true!"
  • Barely subverted by Dr. Psycho in the Harley Quinn cartoon:

Harley: Exactly! We need a nemesis. Lex Luthor has Superman, Sinestro has Green Lantern, Psycho has his own inability to refrain from using the C-word...
Dr. Psycho: My nemesis is Wonder Woman, that cu- Uh, okay, I see what you're saying.

Web Comics

Tycho: It says here you made 'Crude sexual references a number of times throughout a Mech Assault match'.
Gabe: Oh, yeah? Well, his mom gives lousy head! ...I mean, that guy's a fucking liar.

  • 8-Bit Theater had Red Mage face his inner demon, who would not leave until Red Mage conquered his hubris. Red Mage denied his hubris in the most arrogant way possible, including adding humility points to his character sheet while saying things like...

Red Mage: Let this sheet bellow unto the heavens themselves that Red Mage is the most humble man to walk upon Earth! EVER!
Demon: Literal adherence to a law means little without respect for the spirit of that law.

    • That plotline is full of this trope. Red Mage eventually admits he cannot defeat his trial, thereby proving his humility and defeating his trial, prompting him to immediately boast about how brilliant he is to have worked out how to do that. Meanwhile Fighter's trial is to learn to solve problems with his brain as well as his swords, which he does by following his brain's advice and slicing his inner demon into little pieces.
  • This strip of Bobwhite.
  • In No Need for Bushido, Ken responds to an accusation that he's not the most agreeable sort...by punching his accusor in the face.


  • Ghastly's Ghastly Comic: Bobby protests to a time-traveller from the 1970s that gay people in the twenty-first century "no longer feel the need to conform to the stereotypes society has used to keep us segregated and ashamed". His boyfriend F'ga, a bright pink tentacle monster, promptly bursts flamboyantly into the room, singing showtunes at the top of his lungs.

"So you was sayin' 'bout twenty-first century homos?"
"F'ga doesn't count. I don't think he knows it's the twenty-first century."

"Goddamnit, I've been flummoxed by someone with the IQ of a herring."
"Herrings are pretty birds so I'll take that as a compliment."

  • The Order of the Stick Prequel "On the Origin of PC'S", has roy say he thinks that wizards put too much faith in magic, his father Eugene immediately proves his point by saying that magic is perfect and all powerful.
    • In this comic, Chaotic Good(ish) Haley points out that lawful types have a tendency to make other people agree with them... or else. Lawful Good characters Roy and Durkon immediately tell her that this is absurd and to stop with the crazy talk. Even Elan sees the hypocrisy.
  • In the Anti-Heroes Webcomic:

Aldran: I'm not manipulative.
Lana: Well, I dunno, you can be a bit-
Aldran: I said "I'm not manipulative."
Lana: Okay, okay, you're not. Jeez

Nogg: Krep is our pilot from planet Flimboulx. He's very bad tempered and I'd advise avoiding him.
Krep: What?! You are such a suppositorial dipshit, Nogg.
Nogg: You can see my point.

Jake: Pardon me but do i SOUND like some trollycar bellwether toiling in the heart of the mustache belt from the ruff n tumble year of nineteen aught nine???

Web Original

  • Acts of Gord: In Acts of Gord, Book of Annoyances, Chapter 23, a reporter asks Gord (owner of a videogame store) for a quote for the front page of the newspaper, pertaining to videogame violence and its impact on society. Gord replies, "Video games don't make people more violent, and I'll kill anyone who disagrees." After a dramatic pause, the reporter replies that he doesn't think they can print that.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series has Mako.

Mako: I am not a freaky fish guy! And I will harpoon anyone who says otherwise!

    • Also, from episode 46:

Melvin: If you're done fighting with your girlfriend we have a card game to play!
Florence: He's not my girlfriend!
Marik: You tell him, honey!

Washington: Quit bickering! You guys are the most immature soldiers I have ever met!
Grif: Yeah well, your face is immature!

  • In Kickassia, a reporter tells Angry Joe that people think he's gun crazy. Joe demands to know who said that, and shoots the camera.
  • From Spoony's review of Phantasmagoria 2: "I'm not crazy! I'll kill anyone who says I am!"
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica's article on atheists has a "butthurt" banner claiming that the article generated more offended rants and vandalism than any other article on religion. The discussion page has an atheist demanding that the banner be removed because atheists don't take offense to people not agreeing with them.
  • News site Reddit has recently been working to dispel allegations of rampant misogyny among its userbase. Around the same time that drama was playing out, the Cool Chick Carol meme was invented. Lampshaded on at least two of the samples, though.
  • Atomic Think Tank (one of Green Ronin forums) had a poster objecting to the budding local Thought Police and comparing hysteria over Gamergate to the 1980s Satanic Panic. The moderator's reaction was a mix of hysterical "don't you dare!!!" and an equivalent of old good "the satanists abducted and almost sacrificed a Damsel in Distress, but I won't tell you any verifiable details [nor mention reporting this to the local law enforcement, which I would do if it was real]". screenshot

Real Life

  • The Danish caricature of prophet Muhammad with a bomb as his turban offended a large part of the Muslim community, as it implied that Islam is a religion of violence. Subsequently, violent riots broke out in protest. That'll teach 'em!
    • Although what may be the full story of that incident, as reported by some paper(s), is that that caricature and others were published and a handful of people felt offended. They tried to rouse some Muslim anger beyond their own, but no-one cared. Then they came up with a collection of pictures including the ones they'd been originally been offended by and a bunch of much worse ones they just, uh, got somewhere and claimed to have been from the Western media or something, and it was at that point others got offended as well. In addition to this, some have questioned whether the rioting was all that spontaneous or organised by the governments of the countries in question. But yes, regardless of what the real story is, the commonly known version gives an example of this trope.
    • They likely realized the irony of the violence. They were protesting and rioting over the fact the cartoon was of the Prophet Muhammad, which isn't allowed to be depicted in the Islamic faith. Most probably didn't even see the cartoon, thus didn't know it was saying Islam encouraged violence. This trope was brought to its most extreme when a car bomb blew up the Danish Embassy. That'll teach 'em for saying Islam breeds violence!
      • It's important to remember that there is no explicit mention of this in the Qu'ran but that they err on the side of caution in accordance with the "no graven images" commandment...by killing people.
  • Even more ironic was the case when the Pope, while giving a lecture, quoted a 14th century Byzantine Emperor: "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached". After that, two Christians were stabbed in Iraq, and several churches were bombed in Palestine - including Anglican ones.
    • Ironic indeed, seeing as the Pope was actually quoting a passage by Manuel II Paleologus. What were the Pope's actual comments? "(The emperor) addresses his interlocutor in an astoundingly harsh—to us surprisingly harsh—way..."
      • It is also ironic the other way considering that the Christian church has sanctioned various Crusades. Which happened a few hundred years ago. And the Muslims started the Crusades first because THEY were the ones who were raiding cities and killing pilgrims, so Alexius I called for help from the Pope in order to defend his empire.
  • The infamous (and partially photoshopped) image of an Arab-looking man holding a sign reading "Behead those who say Islam is violent".
  • "Comics writer Mark Sable was detained and intensively questioned by the TSA for carrying a script for an upcoming comic book about a writer who is detained and intensively questioned by the TSA".
    • If the script within the comic was itself about a comic writer stopped and interrogated by the TSA, the recursive nature of the meta-humor would have made the collective TSA explode all their heads at once.
  • Comic author John O'Farrell had an extract from his book Things Can Only Get Better in which he parodied lefties in the early eighties as being totally humourless published in the Guardian. Next week, the letters page of The Guardian was full of outraged lefties complaining there was absolutely nothing funny about lefties in the early 80s.
  • Surrounding The Godfather were Italian-Americans who cried that the film had Unfortunate Implications. They decided to respond by stealing the crew's equipment, sending death threats (and trying to act on them), and generally being shitheads.
  • In Germany, Jewish journalist Henryk M. Broder once commented that Polish culture was based on alcoholism and antisemitism. As he said, he got many angry letters from drunken Polish patriots who threatened him.
  • Johnathan Lee Riches, famous for filing lawsuits against nearly everybody and nearly everything (including such targets as "Adolf Hitler's National Socialist Party") once filed an injunction against the Guinness Book of World Records to prevent it from naming him the world's most litigious man.
    • Guinness stated that they don't even keep track of that supposed "record", so it's likely that Mr. Riches is either an Attention Whore or a Troll.
  • Used in Barack Obama's speech at the 2011 White House Correspondent's Dinner: "For example, some people now suggest that I am too professorial, and I would like to address this head on, by assigning all of you some reading that will help you draw your own conclusions."
  • The McLibel case. In response to claims that McDonald's is an unethical business, the company hired private detectives to spy on peaceful protesters and break into their offices.
  • King George II (1683–1760) of England once assured his subjects that despite coming from the German House of Hanover "I have not one drop of blood in my veins dat is not English."
  • Gamergate began when in response to accusations of corruption over 48 hours over a dozen (officially) unaffiliated video game websites published editorials proclaiming some variant of "gamers are dead", without referencing or citing a source editorial. While the initial accusations were, at the time, of questionable legitimacy and reach, the blatant lockstep and willingness to insult their target audience proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the presence of collusion.
  • Facebook censoring Prager University videos on censorship (and —gasp!— baseball).
  1. She missed "I see."
  2. just a note for non-UK residents - "chav" is a derogatory term given to young, working-class people who dress in a certain way, and are perceived as crude, anti-social and aggressive (a common backronym is "Council Housed And Violent")