Avatar: The Last Airbender/Memes

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Avatar: The Last Airbender, a series so popular, it's no surprise that it has a huge number of memes that fans will be familiar with.

  1. In the episode "The Desert", Sokka drinks some cactus juice and has a Mushroom Samba.
  2. Later in that episode he sees a mushroom shaped cloud and says this.
  3. In the wake of defeating SpongeBob SquarePants at the 2008 Kids' Choice Awards, the pervasive meme was this quote from Azula, after she beats some people at volleyball.
  4. Referring to a truly epic instance of Getting Crap Past the Radar when Zuko accidentally interrupts Sokka and Suki's attempts to have sex. Later on, when they go to the theater, he sits between Aang and Katara just as Aang was trying to sidle up "smoothly" to her.
  5. More Getting Crap Past the Radar, this time involving a colossal drill and The Impenetrable City.
  6. Sokka mentions the group's incredibly bad luck immediately before a giant water serpent attacks some pursuing enemies, allowing them to escape and prompting this line.
  7. Though not even close to what was actually said, the situation in the episode "The Southern Raiders" was so similar to The Princess Bride that this meme was formed.
  8. Play!Zuko After getting Killed by Play!Azula.
  9. The writers hanging a lampshade on the fact that Executive Meddling had forced them to leave Real!Jet's fate unclear.
  10. Play!Aang's Catch Phrase.
  11. Play!Katara is a big crybaby.
  12. Play!Iroh during the play's version of Zuko's Heel Face Revolving Door moment.
  13. A universal response to M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender. Adaptation Decay squared, but it had Visual Effects of Awesome. And Iroh's awesomeness ALWAYS triumphs.
  14. Toph's Disability Superpower allows her to sense heartbeats and therefore when someone is lying.
  15. An enormous piece of Fridge Logic that concludes Toph knows everything that anyone is doing in close proximity to her.
  16. Toph's name for Aang, used throughout her conversations with him.
  17. The name Sokka uses when he disguises himself with a beard, while in the Fire Nation
  18. The name Toph creates for a training dummy, briefly treating it as a real person.
  19. Sokka's failed attempt to be dramatic.
  20. A bard in "Cave of Two Lovers" begins ad-libbing this song rather loudly the moment he hears about the tunnel.
  21. Mai, after she and Ty Lee defeat Sokka and Katara.
  22. A Running Gag where some cabbage merchant gets his mechandise destroyed in some form.
  23. Iroh's affection for tea is legendary. The creators even admitted (jokingly?) that IrohXTea was canon.
  24. An unintentionally creepy screenshot of Katara in ‘The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion’.
  25. After hearing legends of Airbenders still at the Northern Air Temple, Aang explains that he also laughs at gravity.
  26. Sokka, completely deadpan, sums up how the call kills one's dating life.
  27. Zuko is a master of empathy.
  28. A character who's only defined trait was to collapse into a frothing seizure upon mention of the Avatar
  29. "The Boulder feels conflicted".