Power Perversion Potential

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He can also turn invisible.

"It's a custom tailored energy/super-power drainer. Transfers meta-human force and funnels it into the owner -- converting it to a number of pre-set super-powers.... We had to stop production. You'd be surprised how many disgusting uses there are for 'Plastic Man'."

Lightning Lady, Evil, Inc.

Some characters aren't happy just using their superhuman powers for truth, justice and the American Way. They also apply them for... recreational purposes.

See Rule 34. Shapeshifters Do It for a Change and Love Potion are related sub-tropes. Fantastic Arousal is when this trope meets unusual body parts. Extreme cases of power perversion can border on With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, especially those powers that are used for Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil. Mind Control, invisibility, sprouting tentacles, and the ability to stop time have some VERY Brain Bleach-requiring uses. Use of Body Swap this way pops up surprisingly often, and Zero-G Spot overlaps so much it's almost a subtrope.

Also, have the Brain Bleach ready, just in case. Compare Mundane Utility, which is when super-powers are used for trivial tasks that do not involve sex.

No real life examples, please; at least, not until we have evidence that supernatural abilities exist.

Examples of Power Perversion Potential include:

Anime and Manga

  • This is known to have basically horrified Rumiko Takahashi. Repeatedly asked at conventions what would happen if the title character of Ranma ½ got pregnant in female form, Takahashi finally replied, exasperated: "It's never going to happen, so why do you ask?"
    • The interesting part is, whether Takahashi wants to think about it or not, she did address it in the manga (albeit indirectly). The Musk Dynasty story arc describes an ancient culture which ritually tossed strong, wild animals they had captured (such as tigers, wolves, boars, and, at one point, a dragon) into the Spring of Drowned Girl, in order to procure wives. Then they'd magically lock those "women" in human form and mate with them, so their offspring would inherit the traits of the mother's original form. As one might imagine, Ranma fell victim to this at one point.
  • Futaba-Kun Change! is what results when you do address those issues. Same basic principle minus the Love Dodecahedron, but plus the 15-rated exploration, so the Gender Bender character gets periods and (because it runs in the family) was birthed by his father. Although, in this series' case, the Gender Benders are explicitly stated to be locked in female form while having their period, and presumably while pregnant.
  • However, Takahashi plays the trope totally straight in Urusei Yatsura. During a trip to the beach, Jariten has these devices called "cores" that can make whatever they make out of sand become solid and even moveable. All three men present immediately make and animate full-size sculptures of the hottest woman they know. (With said woman present... and her boyfriend not far behind.)
  • Quite a bit of this occurs in Mahou Sensei Negima, but the most obvious example is Haruna and her artifact, which allows her to make golems that perfectly resemble anyone (or anything) she can draw... and she can modify their personalities and appearances any way she likes. So far, she's created a Nugi golem with a 23.5 centimeter tongue for practice pactios, and a "dark" version of Nodoka. And, proving that she's perfectly aware of the potential for hideous misuse, she was on the verge of creating "Ero Nodoka" before the real Nodoka bonked her in the head with a book.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac Kuroko of A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun isn't shy about using her ability to spy on her crush and even at one point, while under the effects of an aphrodisiac, teleport Mikoto Misaka's underwear off of her. Mikoto is not amused.
  • Naruto gives us some:
    • Most obviously, Naruto's first seen attack, the Ninja Centrefold/Sexy no Jutsu. Guess what it does?
    • Early in canon, Naruto transforms into Sasuke in order to seduce Sakura. They almost end up kissing before they're interrupted. It's implied Sakura never catches on to this deception, nor does Sasuke even realize why Naruto tied him up.
    • Jiraiya created an invisibility jutsu for the purpose of sneaking into hot springs to peek on the bathing women. When the Third Hokage found out, he begged Jiraiya to teach him the invisibility jutsu.
    • As Konohamaru showed in the beginning of Shippuden, all one needs to do is combine the basic transformation jutsu (look like anyone) with the basic clone jutsu. There is the endless capacity to make the image of anyone having sex with anyone else.
  • In To LOVE-Ru there are dozens of potentially perverse uses for many of Lala's inventions as well as technology in general. One of the few that actually gets used for such a purpose is something called an Erogama—a frog that spits acid that only works on clothes.
  • For the morbidly curious Durarara!! fan: yes, Shinra has considered the potential bondage applications of his dullahan girlfriend's powers in the bedroom.
  • Happened in One Piece, when Sanji meet a Devil Fruit user that can turn invisible.

Sanji: If I ever got the ability I wanted to use it to GIRL'S BATH Ah no, I meant I asked myself GIRL'S BATH No, I wanted to use it to benefit the humanity GIRL'S BATH.

    • A large part of Sanji's anger stemmed from the fact that Absalom, the person with the ability, did exactly that with his powers.
    • Brook learned to use his Revive-Revive Fruit to separate his soul from his body at will, able to go through walls at will. Dirty Old Man that he is, the very first thing was to use it exactly how Sanji and Absalom would've used invisibility.
    • This is mentioned a lot in the SBS sections, to the point of being a Running Gag - and Oda will always answer very seriously and bluntly. Luffy's penis can stretch (and this was alluded to in series, at one point), Buggy can make his penis detach and make it fly around, yes, Jozu, who can turn into diamond, can have a diamond penis, and yes, Nico Robin can make copies of her breasts appear on any surface she likes.
  • In Yu Yu Hakusho, when Botan gives Yusuke the tools of a Spirit Detective, the first item is a set of x-ray glasses. He immediately tries to use them to look through her clothes. Botan clubs him with her oar.
  • In the manga Category Freaks, you have a group of very powerful supernatural entities who are trying to stop humanity being...well, eaten, by everything that it doesn't know is there. The words "abuse of power" aren't exactly familiar to them, and a couple of them have some weird sexual fetishes which they don't mind using off-label use of their powers to achieve. These are the good guys. If you want to know what the bad guys do on a day to day basis by perverting their powers, you'll need a large supply of Brain Bleach, and to have made a detailed reading of all warnings in the Body Horror, Nightmare Fuel, and And I Must Scream entries on this wiki before hand.
  • In Mahou no Iroha, Iroha briefly grants Naoki supernatural artistic skill. He promptly uses it to make perverted sketches of famous idols. And Nanako.
  • This trope is half of how Issei's powers work in High School DxD. He can touch the clothes of women and shatter them into pieces, hear the thoughts of women coming out of their breasts and push Rias' nipples just to actually power up. If anyone has actually turned this trope into martial arts form, it's him.
  • In Tokko, after Itto kills a perverted phantom who was attacking schoolgirls and takes his powers, he discovers to his disgust that the power he gained from the phantom was the ability to sprout dildos from his hands. One can only imagine how the phantom used this power.
  • In the Blue Exorcist anime, Rin is demonstrated to be capable of selectively incinerating clothes with his Hellfire without harming the wearer or other pieces of clothing on the wearer in the process. The first time he accidentally pulls this stunt, he leaves only the underwear on the two people involved - one of them being the local Ms. Fanservice.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Sein's ability to pass through matter is useful to escape (or let her fellow combatants escape) from her enemies - or, as demonstrated in ViVid, to play a trick on her friends while they are relaxing in the hot springs.

Comic Books

  • Became canon for Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, who have size-altering abilities (as Ant-Man/Giant Man and The Wasp, respectively). One issue after Marvel discarded the Comics Code showed Janet writhing in pleasure, apparently all by herself, naked on her bed... only for a miniature, and equally naked, Hank to eventually emerge from the shadows between her legs and announce "Your turn."
    • Eric O'Grady, the third Ant-Man, would later to use his shrinking to spy on two women on separate occasions - both with them showering. Unintended versions of this have also popped up with him ending up in the second Black Widow's top, as well as being able to get a close up of the Skull Queen's "plans".
  • OK, Siryn/Banshee (Theresa Cassidy) of X-Force/X-Corporation/X-Factor has always had a crush on Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox). When they were working together in Paris, she was shown to be really interested in his self-orgy potential, even asking their teammate M (Monet St. Croix) something along the lines of "Come on, are you telling me you never thought about it?". Of course, snobbish as she is, Monet didn't want to continue the conversation. Later on, when the three of them were part of X-Factor Investigations, it turned out that: A) Monet was actually interested; B) Jamie actually did use his powers to improve his sex life, but in a different and more obvious way... by sleeping with both girls during the same night.
  • Spider-Man:
    • Webs. As a matter of fact, Todd McFarlane wrote an implicitly explicit (consensual) bondage foreplay scene (between Peter and his wife Mary Jane) into an issue during his short run on the explicitly-created-for-him Spider-Man (no adjective) series from the early 1990s.
    • James Cameron had the same idea, apparently. The never-filmed movie script had prepared featured MJ and Peter making love on a giant web. Spidey was supposed to even leave his mask on, which would probably serve to make the scene more "S&M"-ish. The movie was supposed to be rated-R in case you were wondering.
    • In one Marvel Knights storyline, Electro was seen frequenting a brothel with a prostitute who was a mutant shapeshifter, who could assume any form a customer desired. She seemed to specialize in super-heroines, but mentioned that some customers with fetishes had requested rather unusual ones, even Fin Fang Foom. Unfortunately, her conversation with Electro was cut off by Spidey breaking into the place before he could tell her what he wanted, so there's no way to tell.
    • The Chameleon, a shapeshifter and Master of Disguise, provides a very creepy example. On one occasion when he discovered Spidey's secret identity, he disguised himself as Peter with the intention of committing a Bed Trick on Mary Jane. It didn't get further than kissing, however, as she was immediately able to tell he wasn't Peter, claiming the kiss "made my skin crawl". It helped that she deliberately slipped him some misinformation the real Peter would have known to be wrong, just to make sure. When MJ called him out on it, Chameleon then turned into a stereotypical muscular hunk, and then a sophisticated-looking older man, to show he could take any physical visage she might fantasize about, before then shifting back to his normal form with the intention of taking her by force anyway. Unfortunately for him, though, that was the moment MJ beat the ever-loving crap out of him with a baseball bat.
  • In Watchmen, the god-like Dr. Manhattan can change size, control matter and duplicate himself. There's a scene with him and Silk Spectre where he creates two of himself in the bedroom. This creeps out Silk Spectre, especially when she runs into the lab to find two more duplicates working on an experiment.
  • A similar event showed up during the Mark Waid Legion of Super-Heroes reboot. Three male legionnaires who have an interest in Triplicate Girl go on dates with her, and one finally asks if she ever considered using her power during a date. She replies, somewhat surprised, that she already is. The three then discover they'd been on the date with her at the same time. All three quickly excuse themselves and head to the nearest bar.
  • Gadgeteer Genius The Engineer from The Authority has, in Canon, justifiably described herself as a "closet exhibitionist". As a superhero, she parades around buck naked in the Chrome Champion form which she can transform into thanks to the nanotechnology in her blood. During her on-again, off-again relationship with Jack Hawksmoor, she uses her nanotech abilities to split herself into two autonomous copies. This is while another of her bodies that she's mentally controlling is giving a lecture. One could only imagine what would happen if she got her wires crossed.
  • In addition to the references in the Fantastic Four films mentioned below, a scene in Heroes Reborn Fantastic Four in which Reed reveals he's been offered a part in a porn film, but turned it down; Sue comments that now no-one but her will ever know the real reason he's called Mr Fantastic.
    • They did it in the 616 universe too. Scene: Sue is pissed because a social worker says the FF's home is an unsafe environment and is trying to take her kids away. Reed comes home and starts putting the moves on Sue to relieve her tension. Cut to sometime later in Reed and Sue's bedroom. Sue is laying on the bed in a daze and says, in very wobbly text, "Have I ever mentioned what a...wonderful set of abilities you acquired from those cosmic rays?" Even Stan Lee himself brought this up in an interview with Vanity Fair.
    • Played with in the Marvel Mangaverse where that universe's Reed Richards was bemoaning about how useless his powers are and how he only uses them to stretch his brain to make himself slightly smarter, said to a group of naked women he's in bed with.
  • DC character Grace once admitted to having gone out with Plastic Man, and assured Roy Harper that there were "advantages".
    • In JLA Plastic Man posed as Big Barda's dress—sending her into an Unstoppable Rage upon discovery.
    • He tried to spy on Wonder Woman in another story, sneaking into her house and disguising himself as a lamp. She noticed him and said, "If my body were the last thing you ever saw, would it be worth it?" He got the hint and left with a sulk.
  • Starfox (the one from Marvel) has the power to control the emotions of others. In one She Hulk arc, a suit was brought against him by some, including She Hulk herself, who may have been forced into sex with him thanks to his powers. (The man's real name is Eros, after all).
  • Dylan Battles, the techie of Kate Spencer, once said in Manhunter that he could alter her suit so that she would "feel like she was in a state of perpetual org-" before being cut off.
  • The highly debatable Chuck Austen run on the X-Men had the Polaris/Havok wedding. The stripper could change shape and the X-Men were calling out well known female superheroes. Because that's like totally moral and superheroic.
  • Power Perversion Potential was played completely seriously in X-Men, with Emma Frost using her powers to psychically seduce Scott Summers. It was not taken well by other resident psychic Jean Grey.
    • Frost also uses her powers to neutralize a hostile group of reporters, of both genders, by making them orgasm themselves into a faint.
    • At least as a child of one of the X-Men, we have Daken, Wolverine's son, who's the contemporary classic example of the Depraved Bisexual. Because, aside from the obvious claws/regeneration/bone strength he got from his father, he can also manipulate and release pheromones from himself, making people he chooses aggressive, losing their senses of perception and general thinking, or, more relevant to this trope, horny as all hell. He's tried this on female and male targets, some of whom note specifically to him that they're immune to that ability. In Dark Avengers he also uses this on Bullseye and Moonstone.
  • What's the first thing The Hood does with his demonic powers? Turn invisible and sneak into the women's locker room at a local gym.
  • Top Ten plays a lot with this trope. Imagine what the red-light district of a city where everyone from mayor to stray cat has superpowers must be like. To quote an officer from the eponymous police precinct: "You've got splitters, stretchers, shapeshifters, invisibles, aliens...". There is apparently a huge market for mud-wrestling invisible women.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 comics, the entirety of an issue is spent with Buffy and Angel finding various ways to enjoy their new-found superpowers, including the phrase, "Do you want to try it flying now?"
  • Leetah from Elf Quest has healing powers, which are essentially flesh-shaping magic. It's been hinted at (once vaguely by the original authors, once explicitly in a Running the Asylum plotline) that she uses her powers to make sex quite interesting.
  • This from Love and Capes.
  • Empowered. Quite apart from Emp's suit enhancing her libido, there's Mindf**k using telepathy to have a Mental Affair with Sistah Spooky under everyone's noses.
  • Black Panther has Vibraxas: Master of Vibration, which was a bit of a Running Gag during the Christopher Priest run, and lampshaded by his girlfriend Queen Divine Justice after she first heard the name.
  • Flex Mentallo's final feat before reaching the headquarters of the vanished League of Leagues is to wade through a superhero orgy complete with every possible use of superpowers that crossed Grant Morrison's mind.
  • Marvel Comics villain the Purple Man has super-pheromones, much like Daken above, except a lot stronger: he can use them to make people do whatever he wants (and they can last for quite a while before they get flushed out of a victim's system). Being a villain, he used the power for sex constantly. He even fathered at least one child with a woman he was mind controlling (who later left him when she shook it off).
  • Burrows, a psychic from Irredeemable, uses his psychic powers to make people imagine themselves naked, and then takes 'mental snapshots' when they do.
  • DC's Hitman once showed up for a JLA membership drive for the sole purpose of using his X-Ray Vision on Wonder Woman.
  • In the Invincible comic books, Dupli-Kate, whose power is exactly what her name suggests, has a habit of using it to engage in threesomes (or more) with her lovers. In one early issue, Atom Eve accidentally discovers her boyfriend fooling around with Kate and Kate and Kate.
  • Matt Cable, Abby's first husband in Swamp Thing, eventually gained a kind of limited Reality Warper power, one that he used to create psychic projections that would sexually pleasure him. This eventually led him into the clutches of her evil father, Anton Arcane. There's a reason Matt later had a lot of bad karma to work off in bird form.

Fan Works

  • Fans always find ways to pervert powers and the like. You can find this in every fandom from the Furry Fandom to Star Wars fanfiction.
  • Game Mods. You're given the creative power to do just about anything you want within the limits of the game. What do people do? Why, make sexual adventures, anatomically correct mods, etc, of course!
  • One Naruto fanfic mentioned, in an aside, the logical issues with personal use of Shadow Clone Jutsu combined with Transformation/Sexy Jutsu when you get the memory feedback from your clone.
    • Several humor fanfics have pointed out that Byakugan users are probably the biggest clan of perverts, closet or otherwise, in the world. The reasoning behind this is that they have limited x-ray vision and can see long distances.
    • Several fanfics state that the Akimichi Expansion ability can be used to enlarge any body part.
    • There was at least one fanfiction where Ino possesses someone in the middle of sexual intercourse.
    • Basically any of the jutsu and kekkei genkei abilities can be perverted.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Cassandra Claire's popular The Draco Trilogy features a Polyjuice brothel.
    • The fanfic Backward With Purpose has a scene where Ginny mentions that some couples "play with Polyjuice Potion."
    • There's at least one fanfic where Hermione uses the Time Turner to screw herself.
    • In Harry Potter and the Charm of Venus, Hermione uses a paralyzing charm on Harry, then proceeds to explain to him in detail a spell she learned on her own that will give her control over his hormones and can only be broken if Harry sleeps with enough other girls in about one month.
    • One crossover fic has Dawn give Willow and Kennedy a whole bag of Ton Tongue Toffees. They finish it in one night, and ask Fred and George for a longer-lasting variety.
    • My Immortal has broomsticks used as a peeping-tom platform, curses used in S&M, and a number of other items.
    • Tonks's Metamorphamagus powers have not escaped the notice of fanfic writers. If they're not part of her tragic backstory, they're used for sex. Or they're used for sex in her tragic backstory.
    • There's an epic X-rated 40+ chapters of connected fan fics (possibly still ongoing)[context?][please verify] which involve multiple perverse uses of the Stupefy spell, Obliviate, Lumos, polyjuice potion and a few others. The cast ranges from leading characters Harry, Ron and Hermione to the Patil twins, Ginny to Pansy Parkinson and Lee Jordan during their fourth (third for Ginny) year.[context?][please verify]
  • Pretty much any Star Trek shipping fic that involves at least one Vulcan character will explore how touch-telepathy and mindmelds affect sex. Particularly if the two are Mindlink Mates.
    • Almost as soon as someone paired Odo the shapeshifter up with Major Kira in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, authors began exploring the... interesting possibilities of a character whose natural form was that of a gelatinous liquid and who could shape himself into a replica of anything. This was hinted at in-universe in the seventh season episode "Chimera", when Odo and Kira make up after a misunderstanding and proceed to celebrate their reunion with the primetime-safe version of sex - Odo transforms into a shimmering golden cloud of light and envelops Kira, who spreads her arms wide, turns slowly around and revels in it with a look of complete ecstasy on her face.
  • Heroes fandom is very imaginative when it comes to "interesting" ways of using the various abilities.
  • There is a Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic where Shinji and Rei become Mindlink Mates and figure out that them sharing sensory input extends to sexual stimulation as well, meaning that during sex, they also feel what the other feels in full detail. They quickly take advantage of this... and then they teach it to Asuka as well.
  • Nobody Dies has Lilith's Anti-AT field compelling everyone to have sex with the nearest person of the opposite gender. It's entirely intentional on Lilith's part. Yui even mentions that when she and Gendo found the Geofront, they were trapped in Lilith's chamber for two hours. Nine months later, Shinji was born. Sixteen years later, Shinji and Asuka almost fell into the same situation, had it not for Misato standing by with high-pressure cold water.[1]
  • The Sith Academy fanfic series starts with "Force-driven monkey love" around story #27 and runs wild with it.
  • In the world of Inception, people's minds contain projections of other real people they know (and they can interact with those projections, as can other dreamers), and one character is a Forger. In addition, the laws of physics are more like guidelines, and if someone dies, they just wake up. The fandom's Kink Meme demonstrates just how much thought some of its fans have put into what else one could do in the dream state besides steal and plant ideas, given those facts.
  • There's a Mahou Sensei Negima fanfic where Haruna uses her artifact to bring people's fantasies to life as a money-making scheme. Trouble is, she can't resist adding her own touches to them...
    • Similarly, Artifact Abuse is basically a compilation of Haruna horribly misusing her artifact in various ways.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has Toph, who is blind but can "see" vibrations via her earthbending. Many fans have noted the voyeuristic potential of being able to see through walls, or even through clothes... as well as the Brain Bleaching downside to her tremor-sense, given that she can't turn it off as long as she's touching solid ground.
    • Barely a fan exists that hasn't realised Sokka's and Suki's night during "The Southern Raiders" would have been completely "visible" to Toph (though whether this is played for humour, drama or fetish depends on the individual). One fanfic even adds Zuko to the list of unintentional voyeurs, sensing extreme heat from the two.
    • Katara learning unusual uses for Blood Bending, an ability which is explicitly used to manipulate the blood in another person's body.
  • Luminosity uses this trope to give us a one-line sex scene.

Among the enhanced vampire senses is touch.

  • Touhou fandom. Oh ZUN, Touhou fandom. Name a power, and it is more probable than not that some fan has devised a sexual use for it. Merely some of the more common applications include both Marisa and Eirin creating aphrodisiac potions, Sakuya doing whatever she wants after she stops time, Alice upgrading her puppetry skills to People Puppets for less than savoury intentions, Yukari doing everything from swapping genders to changing ages to simple bondage, Suika using her density-manipulation to alter body sizes, Keine becoming massively horny in her hakutaku form, Kaguya and Mokou utilising their mutual Immortality for some brutal "play", Aya using her speed to obtain Panty Shots of everyone in Gensoukyou, Koishi forcing others to act on their subconscious desires, Nitori creating bizarre sex toys, Nue changing her form into something more pleasing, and the list goes on and on. Even Kogasa, with the power to surprise people, has used her power to give herself large breasts.
    • ZUN himself has been known to throw fuel on the fire now and then, such as with Tenshi Hinanawi, who canonically uses her celestial durability for boredom-driven masochism, Suika Ibuki, walking boozehall, and Byakuren Hijiri, who explicitly specialises in body-enhancing spells.
  • The Golden Sun Gag Battle Doujinshi 4koma anthology goes into Psynergy Perversion Potential a few times, such as using Catch to flip Mia's skirt or Reveal to spy through people's clothes. Then you get the Kink Meme requests for creative use of Growth (vine bondage or messing with clothes made from plant-based fibers), various ice and fire powers (temperature play), Mind Read or Spirit Sense...
  • In The Life of the Legendaries, the super-high tech cosplay costumes (which turn the wearers into Pokémon) are mentioned to have been put to use for...unclean purposes. And demonstrated when a cosplayer in a Gardevoir costume uses the costume's psychic powers to remove a waitress's dress in a hotel restaurant.
  • Heck, Kink Memes in general are really prone to this, for rather obvious reasons.
  • Dragon Age: The Crown of Thorns: This particularly expansive Dragon Age fanfiction has a scene where the dwarven noble protagonist and the elven mage Warden (all Origin wardens are recruited) briefly discuss the fact that Alim could use his blood magic on any woman if he wanted to assuage his needs. Alim, fortunately, has a distinct hate for mind control and the demons that use/encourage it.
  • In Good Omens fandom, there are many Crowley/Aziraphale fanfics that take advantage of the characters' reality-warping powers to facilitate sex, such as making clothes vanish or ensuring that they don't need lube.
  • Creative uses for telepathy and metal manipulation are common in the more explicit Xavier/Magneto Slash Fic. Using telepathy to experience what his partner's feeling is ubiquitous in stories set after Xavier's spinal injury.
  • Saucy fanart and fanfics for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is not going to let us forget all unicorns are telekinetic, starting with it being a really good way to handle your sex toys (especially if you lack hands) and continuing from there.
    • Romance Reports demonstrates that a sufficiently talented telekinetic doesn't even need sex toys, and can simulate any of their effects from thin air (much to Cheerilee's delight). Furthermore, several side stories demonstrate that earth ponies possessing greater stamina than unicorns and pegasi doesn't only apply to manual labour (much to Rainbow Dash's frustration).
    • This trope takes a dip into the nightmarish with Discord, whose limitless power and limitless malevolence has led to an unsettling amount of works depicting Discord breaking the mane six in entirely different ways.
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Yuki, Mikuru, Kyon and Kanae train regularly for about a year of relative time each night. In order to not overwhelm the trainees with years of memories, only Yuki remembers the events in the training, though all can access the results of their training. When it becomes necessary for them to change their training and Kyon lets Yuki choose what to do, Yuki makes Kyon kiss her, inadvertently training him into an excellent make-out partner.
  • A disturbing Super Mario Bros. short fic simply titled "Peach" features Bowser using his size changing power during a sexual intercourse, then healing his partner,Princess Peach, from nearly fatal wounds from size change with the Green Mushroom. It gets worse.. it goes into a detailed account of Bowser Jr's spiky shell, unknowingly, used for the sexual pleasure of Peach, as she births him.
  • Teen Titans: Half-demon empath/magician Raven has powers of flight, telekinesis, and teleportation. Cyborg's advanced robotic prosthesis can be reconfigured into a variety of tools and weapons. Shapeshifter Beast Boy is abnormally strong and agile and possessed of a very good sense of smell, and this is just when he is in his human form. Some fanfics take these abilities a bit further.
  • This piece of fan art (NSFW) takes the World of Warcraft spell Void Tendrils to its logical conclusion.
  • The title character of Ben 10 has abilities to shapeshift into various alien creatures, who each possess their own powers and biology, and has unsurprisingly not escaped the fans. As a result, it's fairly common in fanfics to have Ben using his aliens forms' powers to... "better please" his lovers, with some of the most popular to it being Benmummy, Ghostfreak, Goop and Wildmutt. Amusingly enough, this kind of fic is one of the few cases where Julie Yamamoto isn't The Scrappy anymore...
  • In the Star Wars fic The Auction, Luke tells Mara that now he understands why the old Jedi Order forbid relationships... with Force enhanced sex, no Jedi would ever leave the bed otherwise.
  • The One Piece fandom has thought of some...disgusting fruits.

Films -- Animation

  • In The Incredibles, one of the headlines reads something about someone using X-Ray vision as a peeping tom.
    • Fairly innocent, but there is a scene that has Helen grab her husband's ass from a distance that makes one think about the possibilities.
    • Also implied in their Playful Banter scene.

Elastigirl: I think you need to be more...flexible." (whips between Mr. Incredible's legs)
Mr Incredible: (blinks) Arrrrrre you doing anything later?

  • Suffice to say, Rule 34 has had a veritable field day with this super-couple, which has only been renewed with the release of The Incredibles 2. In fact, the creators decided their powers as they did specifically to get around the Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex problem.

Films -- Live-Action

  • Jim Carrey uses his God powers to give Jennifer Aniston bigger boobs and a bodacious orgasm in Bruce Almighty.
  • The Fantastic Four films are rather fond of this. In the first film, a reporter asks if it's true that Mr. Fantastic "can expand any part of his anatomy?", eliciting "oooooh"s from every woman in the background, and in the second film his fingers expand to twice their original length whilst he's explaining the big bang to some girls at a club, who look suitably, err, impressed. In the second film, Johnny's current girlfriend says in an interview that dating the Human Torch requires fireproof lingerie and a good supply of aloe (ouch!). And then there's Johnny asking Ben how he and Alicia... "That's none of your business!"
    • "Wouldn't want her to die in a rockslide."
    • In the deleted scenes Johnny was shown riding the elevators of the Baxter Building and raising the temperature when attractive women would enter, thus forcing them to remove more and more articles of clothing.
  • X2: X-Men United had Mystique shift into various women to try and seduce Wolverine. It seemed to be working, too... until she shifted into someone he thought of like a daughter.
    • ... followed closely by a shift into William Stryker.
    • She tried the same trick on Magneto in X Men First Class, turning from her teenaged form into a more mature woman (Rebecca Romijn in a cameo) in the belief that he'd prefer her that way. Magneto was not impressed, because he wanted "the real Raven." It took her two tries to realize that he wanted her blue.
    • Xavier in the same film uses his powers to "guess" the drink orders of the women he flirts with.
    • Mad played it for laughs in their parody of X-Men. When the team was looking for Rogue after she ran away, Xavier was busy using Cerebro to watch women shower.
  • There are at least three scenes in Mallrats where discussions of this nature take place. Stan Lee finds one fanboy's obsession with superhero genitalia rather distracting, as he's trying to dispense some very useful advice and Jason Lee will not shut up about The Thing's thing.

"He seems to be obsessed with superheroes' private parts."

  • In Modern Problems, Chevy Chase's character uses his telekinetic power to give his girlfriend a screaming orgasm.
  • Mel Gibson's character in What Women Want uses his mind reading ability to be better at sex. This ends up backfiring when the woman assumes that the only way he could be that in tune with her is if he was gay. That and the fact that he had trouble getting it up at first.
  • My Super Ex-Girlfriend features both flying sex and broken beds—neither of which the male lead seems to appreciate as much as he thought he would.
  • The infamous The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio was saddled with the unforgettable tagline, "It's Not Only His Nose That Grows!"
  • In The World Is Not Enough, when 007 is visiting Zukovsky's casino, he momentarily switches on the infra-red vision in his glasses, revealing all the women in their underwear. Of course, the glasses reveal that they're all armed, too, so he could just be checking out the opposition. But then, it's Bond.
  • Pre-referenced in If Looks Could Kill, where Scott Corbin is given a pair of X-Ray glasses by a Hot Scientist. By the time he puts them on, the Genre Savvy (or at least just smart) scientist has already moved behind a lead shield.
  • In Blue Thunder, while nobody has superpowers, the Metropolitan Police Astro Division apparently has a reputation for using their helicopters to "peek in" on the citizenry. The hero, Frank Murphy, gets in trouble for taking his new observer to see "the girl in Encino", an actress who likes doing nude yoga.
  • In Hollow Man, Kevin Bacon's character uses his invisibility power to full effect on his attractive female neighbor...with horrifying results.
  • Shows up in Club Dread. The awesome masseur demonstrates his ridiculous knowledge of the pleasure point on a pretty girl (instant orgasm), then makes another girl fall asleep, then the guy she's tied to (It Makes Sense in Context) pee himself.
  • In Dogma, when Rufus, Bethany, Jay, and Silent Bob are eating at a breakfast place, Rufus talks about being dead (although it's not really a power).

Rufus: You know what the dead do with most of their time? Watch the living. Especially in the shower.
Jay: [to Silent Bob] Dude, I can't wait to die.

  • In The Matrix Reloaded, The Merovingian reprograms a chocolate cake so that when a random woman eats it, she has an orgasm.
  • In Last Action Hero, once learning that the magic ticket works, Nick the projectionist dreams of using it to visit famous leading ladies like Greta Garbo.


  • Luke from Duumvirate has electric eel DNA. Turns out his girlfriend enjoys electrical play.
  • In So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, Arthur Dent and his lover Fenchurch have sex while flying. Twice.
    • With a Sony Walkman, too. They were listening to Dire Straits.
    • Also, the most popular use of the finite improbability generator? To "break the ice at parties by making all the molecules in the hostess's undergarments leap simultaneously one foot to the left".
  • In Kelley Armstrong's series Women of the Otherworld, the women's species and/or abilities often play into their sex lives. Particularly Dime Store Magic, in which a witch seduces a sorcerer by using spells to turn on the radio, light candles, caress him with wind, and most notably, use a modified fireball spell that apparently made her warm fingers particularly stimulating. Personal Demon shows us a chaos half-demon who gets a high off chaotic emotions and adrenaline. Her lover arouses her by deliberately calling up memories of risky or chaotic situations and letting her feel his adrenaline rush. In Stolen, the love lives of werewolves are speculated on but the question remains unanswered.
  • The entire point of Eros gas in Stationery Voyagers. Or the Drisalian suspension Lamdock tries on the Voyagers to make them more prone, so he could lure them into a trap and possibly kill them. It only works on Marlack and Neone. (The seduction part, not the killing part.) The others, while tempted, were able to fight it off.
  • In Julian May's Saga of the Exiles and the prequel/sequels (I hate time travel...) Intervention and the Galactic Milieu trilogy, the recreational aspects of metapsychic life are addressed- indeed, one of the characters in the latter series writes a book about sexual behavior in metapsychics (prompting a comment from the narrator that he wasn't mentioned as the pioneer of doing it in the air).
  • One of the villains in David Eddings' The Tamuli was an illusionist who made his income conjuring up better-than-reality illusionary prostitutes for a variety of degenerates - and this is quite a substantial income when you live in a Wretched Hive.
  • Tanith Lee's Vivia includes a scene which seems to be the author's own take on how a vampire's power to turn into mist can be erotic. He turns into mist, flows around the female protagonist and then materializes only his mouth, in about twenty different locations at the same time...
    • Ian Watson discussed the same thing in a short story about a human who married a djinn.
  • In Prophecy, by Elizabeth Haydon, the title character (for the previous book), Rhapsody, takes a bath. Her lover has the elemental ties to water and takes the opportunity to put them to good use. Once she realizes what's going on, she decides she'd be more comfortable if he was actually in the water with her. She then discovers that he doesn't need to breathe underwater.
  • In one of The Witcher novels when Geralt reminisce his stormy romance with Yennefer, fond memories include her levitation spells. And in another - certain wizard's tower is filled with illusions like flowering orchard or naked servant girl.
  • Deliberately invoked in The Dresden Files book Death Masks when Harry uses an enchanted rope to tie up Susan after her vampiric hunger begins to overcome her, and then they have sex to calm her down.
    • Molly suggests he try something similar with Susan in Changes, prompting Harry to be a little disturbed at the fact that her mind went there. Molly tends to occasionally weird him out whenever certain aspects of her life have occasion to be brought up, mostly because he's known her since she was a little girl so it just seems wrong.
    • Also discussed in regards to Lasciel's shadow in both Dead Beat and White Night, with Bob mentioning that Lasciel's shadow could have become anyone in Harry's mind and was fully capable of making everything feel as real as if it were actually happening.
  • In the Codex Alera novels, earthcrafters and firecrafters are able to affect the emotions of other people, the former by outright arousing them sexually. The fact that most "entertainers" are well practiced earthcrafters becomes a plot point.
    • Also a much darker example with discipline collars, which give the wearer a thrill after they follow an order and make it painful to refuse one.
    • Metalcrafters can use their powers to increase their resistance to pain. Watercrafters can appear to be other people, and at least one has actually used their power for sex. Specifically, Invidia Aquitane becomes a slave girl, her own "present" to her husband. He lends her to Fidelias. She doesn't seem to mind. Watercrafters are also proficient at sensing the emotions of others.
  • Hopscotch by Kevin J. Anderson (he of the Junior Jedi Knights series) is set in a world where the ability to swap bodies with other people is almost universal. Anderson's explicit about the ways this can be abused. In one section, he's very explicit.
  • The Guardians can fly, breathe underwater, teleport to exotic locations and shapeshift. And they do.
  • Vampires in Necroscope demonstrate that while going One-Winged Angel may look unpleasant, a writhing mass of holes and parts can give exquisite sensations to its sexual partners. Of course, since this is a horror series...
  • The Star Wars Expanded Universe is full of this, from telepathy to psychokinesis to Force lightning.
  • You think it couldn't happen in a saga containing long stretches of abstinence like Twilight? Wrong. In the fourth book, Edward does explain that their inability to sleep allows vampires to fuck the whole night long; they also become endlessly horny after the change. After a while they learn to restrict themselves. Before that, they can do it for weeks.
  • In the novel Some Other Place, The Right Place, Diana uses her ability to hypnotize Day for some...somewhat unethical methods. Once accidentally, and once deliberately when he refused to give her oral, so she hypnotizes him and makes him do it, which he doesn't realize she did until afterwards.
  • Night's Dawn trilogy by Patrick F. Hamilton. Al Capone says he can do "amazing things with his wang", as the Possessed can physically alter the bodies they've taken over. Unfortunately this damages the body in the long term—one woman who was given bigger breasts by her former Possessor is revealed to have a chest covered in cancerous growths.
  • The Fermata is entirely about this. A man discovers the ability to stop time... and uses it almost entirely for voyeuristic purposes.
  • Either inverted or played straight depending on your attitudes in Halloween Romance. Selene asks her boyfriend Ferdinand if his body works the same in sexual situations now that he's a vampire. He replies that it does, since his blood (very slowly) flows, but "everything takes longer."
  • In Harry Potter, 'Mad-Eye' Moody's false eye can see through clothes. There's no evidence that he himself abuses this ability. His impostor, however, in Goblet of Fire is hinted at doing so. As he talks to Harry, Harry notices the eye following a pair of female students down the hall.
  • Crowley from Good Omens can "do weird things with his tongue."
  • Bug from Gone (novel), who can turn invisible, hides in Diana's room while she's getting changed. The other characters seem aware of this habit, though; Diana chases him out after she hears him, Penny tortures him with her own powers the one time he tried, and Caine makes some death threats before having sex with Diana to make sure, if Bug's in the room, he evacuates.
  • As expectable in a series involving a Horny Devil as the protagonist, the Georgina Kincaid serie makes a large use of this trope at several points, though the "potential" has a very annoying side effect: since Succubi and Incubi feed on their partners' life forces during the act, Georgina is unable to have sex with her Love Interest Seth Mortensen without causing him to lose part of his lifespan at best, and killing him at worst. She still has straight uses however, including sleeping with an Incubus friend in Seth's form (though she regretted this one later), or using her shapeshifting to cause her panties to disappear.
  • Labyrinths of Echo series often mention the people of Kuman Khalifate being highly skilled at arranging their lives in the most hedonistic ways possible without interfering with necessities. They have ancient and well developed traditions of alchemy in general and "love drugs" in particular - some for body augmentations or sensory alterations, but there's e.g. an incense inhaling which together allows participants to body swap while touching. They are even prepared to deal with the consequences, by mass-producing "Delight of the Abandoned" - pills that quickly remove attachment to - and influences (including picked up habits) of - an ex-lover, so all that remains is good memories.

Live-Action TV

  • Referred to in an episode of Angel, when dealing with a man who could detach any part of his body and let it wander around independently. He stalks a woman, eventually sending his hands into her house to crawl around under her bedcovers. As Doyle notes, "At least it was just his hands down there. ...Wish I hadn't even thought that."
    • Also, the physics genius who discovered the means to arrest time in a specific area, and tried to use it to freeze himself and his girlfriend at the peak of an everlasting orgasm.
    • Even our hero does it—Angel mentions using his superhearing to listen in on Fred and Gunn having sex and indulging in A Date with Rosie Palms.
  • An episode of Honey I Shrunk the Kids involved Wayne's family rescuing him from kidnappers, using superpowers they'd received based on a chameleon. Amy the daughter was invisible due to permanent camouflage, Nick the son had mutated hands and feet that allowed him to climb walls and Diane... Diane had a long tongue. A really long tongue. The Power Perversion Potential was explicitly stated when, after rescue, Wayne promises his family to immediately reverse their changes but Diane, when the others leave, smiles and says she can wait a bit, and then gives him a kiss that has him wide-eyed.
  • Star Trek barely scratched the surface of all the NSFW things people would probably do with all the alien species and available technology if given the opportunity, but did offer some intriguing hints:
    • In Star Trek: The Original Series we were introduced to (among other things) Pon Farr, the Vulcans' version of Mate or Die.
    • In Star Trek: The Next Generation, an intoxicated Tasha Yar confirmed early on that yes, Data is fully functional and has multiple "recreational" techniques programmed into him.
    • In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Quark's holosuites included programs such as "Vulcan Love Slaves" which were very popular with a certain clientele.
    • In Star Trek: Voyager, both the holographic doctor and Tom Paris employed the holodeck to help their resident Vulcans deal with their Pon Farr problem. The Doctor has also explicitly upgraded himself with the necessary equipment for sex. His superior model in the Alpha Quadrant couldn't help but ask for that particular modification.
      • Q did this once, modifying Janeway's quarters into a romantic honeymoon suite as part of his effort to court her. She ultimately refused, but Q's actual son (via a female Q) was far worse and more juvenile. He turned the reactor room into a go-go-dance club, and then used his powers to strip off Seven-of-Nine's clothes, claiming her body was "perfection". Fortunately, being an Innocent Fanservice Girl, she ignored him completely.
    • In Star Trek: Enterprise, Tucker once accidentally cloaked half his arm. Mayweather casually suggests "It might be helpful on movie night, if you bring a date", only for Tucker to shoot him a look. Then Mayweather clarifies: "in case you want to steal some popcorn...."
  • In an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess with a magical parchment that makes whatever is written on it happen, Joxer uses it to make not just one, not just two, but THREE naked dancing copies of Gabrielle appear, much to her disgust. Of course, he didn't realize it was a magic parchment, he was just trying to write a sexy limerick to win her affections.
  • Piper Halliwell, from Charmed who has the special power to stop motion, once mentions that she "freezes" her date when they are... so she can...
    • Phoebe eventually gains empathic powers which cause this to happen unintentionally. She has trouble being around her boyfriend since the combined emotions of herself and him make her think about nothing but sex. It got even worse when she ended up in a room with a guy who was checking out her sister and realized that she was starting to think about how good her sister's butt looked in that dress.
  • In Firefly, River has used her empathic powers to... spy on people, sometimes deliberately, and sometimes inadvertently.
    • And in Serenity she uses her flexibility and stealth to watch her brother and Kaylee get it on.
  • An episode of The Big Bang Theory has someone bring up whether or not Mrs. Incredible needs to use birth control, as she could potentially use her powers to simulate a diaphragm. They decide this is proof that they have run out of things to discuss.
  • In one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy gets turned invisible. She decides to get into all sorts of mischief, including having sex with Spike.
  • Don't forget Lois and Clark on the ceiling. There is also one seen where Clark uses X-ray vision to see Lois' underwear. This is after they get married.
    • There's also an episode where a regular Joe is granted Superman's powers. When he tracks the guy down, he finds him sitting on a building using his x-ray vision to look through the building across the way... and into a women's locker room. Superman is not amused.
  • Smallville:
  • In an early episode of Heroes, Matt uses his telepathy to improve his and his wife's sex life.
    • Near the beginning of the second season, Candice (while taking care of the recovering Sylar) tries to tempt his cooperation with various sexual fetishes - a geisha, twin blonde cheerleaders, and finally, Sylar himself. Unfortunately for her, sex is not Sylar's number one craving...
  • In the Doctor Who parody "The Curse of the Fatal Death" after the doctor regenerates into a woman, is eager to use some of the sonic screwdriver's "other" settings.
    • In a new series episode, the Doctor tries various settings on his screwdriver to disable an invisible monster. Another character (who can see it) comments that it seemed to rather enjoy one of the settings, which seems to disturb the Doctor.
    • At least a couple of characters, upon learning the Doctor has two hearts, have asked if he has two of anything else.
    • The season 4 finale creates a clone of the Doctor, and another character gets a copy of his mind. As Jack puts it: "Three Doctors? I can't tell you what I'm thinking right now."
    • River song mentions that she once dated a Nestene duplicate. It had swappable heads, which "kept things interesting."
    • The Doctor reads the mind of historical courtesan Madame de Pompadour, and his dialog makes it rather clear that he's stumbling across some rather kinky memories. She seems to enjoy it.
    • After the Silurian Vastra mentions how mammals look the same to her in front of her human girlfriend, she asks "Was I being insensitive again, dear? I don't know why you put up with me." She then uses her long, prehensile tongue to knock an enemy soldier unconscious from across the room. Moffat, you do remember you're writing Who, not Torchwood, right?
  • In Supernatural, Sam has always been less than tender with his partners. So when he becomes addicted to the powers he gets from demon blood, he and his female demon mentor can take advantage of any open wounds she happens to have. Or, they could make some new ones. Hey, it's all practice.
  • In one episode of The Greatest American Hero, Ralph temporarily gains mind-control powers, which he uses on his wife Pam. This being 80's American network television, it was just some window-washing and sandwich-making.
  • One of the troubled cases on Fringe is a projective empath—he makes people around him feel what he feels. His first appearance is as a paranoid, depressive (leading to several "suicides", and at least one homicide, thanks to his Power Incontinence). By the next time we see him, he has control of his powers, a much healthier psyche, and a girlfriend. A throwaway line from his girlfriend (while the couple are in bed) suggests that he is not limited to projecting emotional states, but also sense-data.
  • Basically the whole premise of Dollhouse. There are some clients that want something like an assassin, a hostage negotiator, a bodyguard, or what-have-you, but the vast majority of their income is from providing preprogrammed Sex Slaves.
  • Played Straight in True Blood, where vampires often use their super-human strength and speed on intimate partners. A couple times vampires have been shown to screw at 'warp speed'.
    • When Jason finds out that Sam is a shifter, he begins to wonder just what other uses this power has. He once wonders if Sam has had sex with an animal while an animal, because it wouldn't be bestiality if Sam was in animal form, it'd just be nature. Andy is disgusted by even thinking of this. It's unknown if Sam does this or not.
  • In an episode of Extras, Ricky Gervais is talking with Patrick Stewart. Stewart is complaining that he's tired of playing Professor X and wants to focus on his own original character: a psychic who can make women's clothes fall off.

Stewart: Oh, they try to cover up, but I've already seen everything.

  • Shown several times in The Invisible Man. Surprisingly, Darien, being a thief, rarely uses his new ability to steal, except when specifically assigned to do so. He does this in the series finale, only to leave the stolen money on the sidewalk after having a realization that he doesn't want to go back to his old life anymore. In the pilot, he tries to spy on a soldier and a nurse getting it on. Unfortunately for him (and the audience), his ability is controlled by adrenalin, resulting in him inadvertantly becoming visible. The soldier is not amused. After getting his black eye taken care of, he learns some yogic techniques which not only give him complete control over his ability but also allow him to cover only parts of his body with "quicksilver" as well as coat other objects with the substance. He later sneaks into the house of his Keeper but stops short of seeing her in the shower (especially since water would make him visible). A character asks him later if he has ever sneaked into the girls' locker room while invisible.


  • Tom Smith's "Waking Up Jedi". Two excerpted lines:

I had those Jedi mind tricks which were quite the little perk
My girlfriend is weak-minded; I was almost late for work.
And best of all, my girl and I combine our Jedi powers
There's lots of ways to use the force. And some can last for hours.

Myths & Religion

  • Older Than Feudalism: In Classical Mythology, Zeus would transform himself into various forms to seduce or rape mortal women, including a white bull and a shower of gold. Many artists took the shower of gold as several gold coins falling on Danaë. Of course, "golden shower" kinda means something else these days.
  • The Ring of Gyges is a good example, where the man Gyges finds a ring that makes him invisible. He proceeds to rape the King's wife, simply because he can.
  • Loki from Norse Mythology can transform too, though he might have a weird mix of fetishes. He did once turn into a female horse... and got pregnant.
  • There is in Germany the myth of an anti-Santa, The Krampus. He's a demon who kidnaps bad children at Christmas. And he has a very long tongue. Most postcards featuring Krampus have him kidnapping women rather than children. Women who don't look at all unhappy.

Stand-Up Comedy

  • Australian comedian Adam Hills has an artificial foot. In his stand-up shows he brings up that he often gets asked strange questions about it such as:
    • "Can you still have sex?" His response was, "Yeah, what does your boyfriend do? Does he have a run-up?"
    • "Do you take it off to have sex?" He lets the audience laugh, then says that's the reaction he normally gets. "Ha ha ha... do ya?" He answers, "Yes, I do, but there's no sexy way to remove an artificial leg." He proceeded to mime what would result if he tried a strip show with his leg.
    • "Have you ever used it?" To this he replied, "Even if I wanted to, at what point are you supposed to bring that up in a relationship?"
  • English comedian Russell Howard said in a stand-up show that if he had a super power, it would be the ability to make people orgasm just by touching them once. In his words, "Not for sexual purposes, but that would be amazing in a fight." 'Kill him, Steve!' 'I'm trying to, but I'm too horny!' Either that, or he'd be "in a zoo, causing a great deal of mischief".

Tabletop Games

  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons There is a rulebook which concerns sex [dead link]. In addition to setting out a great deal of information about the copulatory habits of elves and whatnot, it also has a section of "New Kinks with Old Spells," which puts a sexual twist on traditional D&D spells. They include charm person, polymorph and unseen servant. Think about that last one for a moment.
    • In the same universe, there's also the d20-era "Book of Erotic Fantasy" with similar content.
    • On the non-magical side of D&D, a character who gets a high enough result on an Escape Artist skill check is capable of squeezing through a four-square-inch hole. 4chan decided to go "spelunking".
    • The old Mature Topics forum on wizards.com generated some fascinating discussions.
    • In the Eberron setting, it is repeatedly and explicitly established that changelings can have whatever appearance or gender they like, as long as it is humanoid, in the Medium size category, and they don't change sex while pregnant.
  • In one of the sourcebooks for Aberrant, White Wolf's "Superhero Game", there is an organization made up of GLBT novas who band together for queer solidarity. This includes activists, crimefighters, superpowered pro wrestlers... and some more bent characters like Tommy Orgy, a musician with duplication powers, and The Master, a hyper-charismatic dominant who specializes in using his powers to "correct" homophobes.
  • In Exalted, the Lunars can create empowered demi-humans called Beastmen. To do so, they need to either A) Take a human form and have intercourse with an animal or B) Take an animal form and have intercourse with a human... keep in mind, some characters have entire armies of these.
    • There's also a skill they can learn which allows them to swap gender.
    • And as of Dreams of the First Age, Lunars have access to a high-Essence Shapeshifting Knack that modifies their ability to take another human's form. Instead of needing to kill the human and partake of their heart's blood, they just need to have sex with them.
    • The Scroll of Swallowed Darkness. That is all. No, really, that is all.
    • With the release of Glories of the Most High books, there is now a canon sex-based martial arts style.
      • There are actually two, but Orgiastic Fugitive Style is in the Scroll of the Monk and thus Fanon Discontinuity.
    • And we can't forget that Solars have a Performance charm specifically to make everyone present fall in love with them or their cause. It's called "Husband-Seducing Demon Dance".
  • GURPS has fun with this. Flexibility explicitly gives you a bonus on Erotic Art rolls. The Bio-Tech supplement is very aware of this trope with it's "enhanced female secondary and male primary sexual characteristics", "Exotic Genitalia" and "Prehensile Tongue" all giving bonuses to the same skill.
  • Shadowrun is full of this, at least in the setting chapters. Certain mages have been rumored to use Summoned Spirits for... services. Simsense can be - and often is - used in a similar manner. The chapter on Sapient Shapeshifting Animals as PCs has a sidebar called "But they look Metahuman!", in which a Jackpoint poster attempts to explain the differences between shifters and actual metahumans (resulting in Fastjack having to edit the explicit sexual content out of the post). The Augmentation supplement includes stats for a cybernetic... enhancement. To top it all off? Street Magic contains variants on the "Confusion" spell called "Orgasm" and "Orgy". That's not even getting into Seattle's underground sex industry, or the more "creative" uses of various other abilities.
  • Vampire: The Requiem, full stop. There's Majesty, which is Charm Person, taken Up to Eleven. There's Dominate, which is Hypnotic Eyes. There's Protean, which is the power to change shapes (including partial transformation, with a minor application of Resilience). And then there's the Kiss of the Vampire itself, which is so ungodly pleasurable it can substitute for a sex act (and its damage can be healed with licking). And that's just the corebook. There's more in the Splats.
  • Mage: The Awakening is no slouch in this department, either. The various Arcana cover everything from hypnosis to temperature play to shapeshifting to utter control. There's even an entire Legacy, the Whipping Boys, that originated when a depressed mage psychically compelled a dominant to really hurt him during a session and found something transcendent beyond the pain.
    • And beating out the Whipping Boys would be the Cult of Ecstasy from the predecessor game, Mage: The Ascension. The cult is made of various ecstatics who find power in the exhaustion of the body. This can be anything from exercise to drugs to fasting, but sex seems to be very, very popular. And they have control over Time, which can lead to some interesting scenarios.
  • Changeling: The Lost has several contracts that could be used...creatively. Especially Fleeting Spring, which influences desire. What's more, the Spring Court gain glamour from desire.
  • Followers and daemons of Slaanesh in Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40,000 are constantly seeking new sensations, so this trope appears occasionally. It is never, ever pleasant for the receiver(s).
    • Unless the receiver is a follower him/her/itself.
    • Slaanesh is pretty much the literal embodiment of this trope, and probably it's most frequent abuser.
  • FATAL, although there, it's not so much "Perversion Potential" as it is "Perversion: The Game".
  • Cyberpunk 2020 has both cybernetic implants (for both sexes) and mind altering chips (giving you skills to seduce and please). Because "it's not not enough to be hung like a horse, you must know how to use it".
  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse has Gifts, magical abilities one can learn from various spirits of nature. Animal Attraction causes a flood of pheromones to act as a very powerful aphrodisiac. Persuasion is used to give credence or imbue greater meaning when persuading someone. Depending on your Storyteller, Persuasion can be used to convince someone to do anything.

Video Games

  • Used in the toe-curlingly hilarious fan-made H-game, Phoenix Drive—from what is legible from the awesomely terrible translation, it's shameless about having the characters who are mediums use their powers to, er, change their body shape during... activities. Highlights involve them channelling 'sleeping girls' (incidentally, Franziska von Karma and April May), which is a power certainly not exhibited in-game, and keeping their original personality during a channeling (insofar as the characters in the game had their original personalities).
  • In Mass Effect, biotics can be used for... all manner of purposes. Mordin will even point this out if Shepard is pursuing a romance with a biotic, offering some manuals and reading material on helping you get the most bang for your biotic. Doubly hilarious if Shepard is also a biotic.
    • Gentleman Thief Kasumi Goto takes full advantage of her cloaking, offering a few...perceptive observations, like this one if you romance Miranda:

Kasumi: "I have to ask: how genetically modified is Miranda? Because...wow."

    • In the third game, if you've really worked at it you can broker a peace between quarians and geth. Tali later tells you that geth, who are software, have been uploading themselves into the environment suits of quarian volunteers and helping simulate illnesses, helping their weak immune systems build up. It's very sweet, symbolic of the trust that can build again between these races. Consider also that quarian environment suits are very tight... and often equipped with nerve stim programs which can be fired up in public without anyone being the wiser.
  • From Dragon Age II, Isabela to Anders, recounting an evening at a Denerim brothel: "Oh! Were you the runaway mage who could do that electricity thing? That was nice..."
    • And then Isabela gets curious about Fenris' intangibility punch—or, as she calls it, "that magical fisting thing you do"—and speculates he could make a lot of money out of it.
    • In the new legacy DLC, if you pursued a romance with Merrill and take her and Anders with you, Anders might note how he saw her poking around his books the other day. She explains that she wanted to find some "dirty spells". Before the conversation escalates, Hawke stops it with a "Please, stop, talking"
  • The Scout Plasmid of BioShock 2 is, for all intentions, an Astral Projection power set, allowing the user's consciousness to move and effect the world independently of it's body. A cut audio diary from the game reveals that a man named Tommy Hanrahan was using it to spy on the ladies' dressing room at the Adonis Resort. For added perversion, realise that this Plasmid was being sold on the open market, without regulations, without restrictions, and without any way of policing what Hanrahan was up to!
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim there is a dungeon called Yngvild where a shunned necromancer named Arondil has taken refuge. After he starts resurrecting the bodies in the crypt he finds a lot of them are female, and he slowly realizes the advantages of having an army of reanimated women that bend to his will. Then it gets weird. He discovers it feels a lot better to feel up the ghosts than have sex with the bodies, and proceeds to have his zombies go kidnap more women.
  • When the protagonist of Planescape: Torment learns about Grace's succubus kiss, he takes his time to write down that, as immortal, he can survive it.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a sidequest involving a pimp forcing his girls to get augmented.

"You can tell your customers to get augmentations themselves so they can go fuck themselves!"
"I'm sure some of them already have."

  • In Disgaea, the "Tentacles" Weapon for Monster Classes is stated in its item description to be "good for groping all kinds of places ♥."
  • The famous "pool scene" in The Witcher 3 has Tess use magic to disrobe before bathing. To be fair, that outfit she's wearing does have Too Many Belts.
  • In World of Warcraft, the player can find a book in the Northend version of Dalaran called The Schools of Arcane Magic - Divination. Page three reads:

"I'd like to take this time to remind my apprentices that scrying pools are not to be used for displaying students of the opposite sex on a pay per view basis. Consider this your last warning."

  • The idea of Pokémon coupling with humans has practically become a sub-class of Furry fandom, and this was not helped by Pokémon Sun and Moon, where a post game quest has the player tasked with hunting down a group of Ditto who are somehow able to use their Transform ability to turn into humans. One of them is posing as Ms. Fanservice trainer Olivia. Yes, you can catch this Pokemon, but after doing so, it is an ordinary Ditto, and can only turn into other Pokémon, sorry. Still, the potential here is obvious.

Web Comics

  • Strawberry Death Cake: This page pretty much says it all.
  • Done offscreen by Narbonic. After Dave and Helen hook up, it's hinted that they use the "gender-swap tablets" seen earlier in the strip's run to... interesting effect (as well as the antigravity generator, and the nutrient tanks, and the containment room with the padded walls, and the electrodes, and the Steam Caverns of Mars...) One of Dave's laments after they break up is " Good Lord, I'll never have lesbian sex again!"
    • Another strip has some of the other characters discussing Helen and Dave's relationship. After Helen wanders by, one of them comments "I'm pretty sure that was actually Dave..."
  • El Goonish Shive has Grace. A Squirrel/Girl/Alien hybrid with the ability to take nearly any shape, of EITHER gender. Helped along by a boyfriend whose fetishes mostly seem to revolve around Transgender Furry fantasies.

Mr. Verres: ...the scientists who made her worried about what would result if she got pregnant while half-squirrel, so they designed her so she couldn't get pregnant when transformed.
(beat panel)
Mr. Verres: Stop smiling like that!!!
Tedd: I'd like to, but I can't.

  • Casey and Andy has this strip.
  • Discussed in Erfworld, where, by the structure of the setting, all subordinate units are compelled to automatically obey the orders of any superior. That means any order. Maggie even suggests that Parson could order one of the Archons to sleep with him if he needs to relieve stress, which he finds quite disturbing.
    • More specifically, Archons are essentially angels that are hired out by their Private Military Contractor boss. They're hired on a sliding scale of fees, and the most expensive is "full service", where warlords "make use of them" before sending them out to fight. Since they were resurrected by his side, they've decided to treat Parson as if he has hired them in this way.
    • Another feature of Erfworld is that all non-fatal injuries completely heal at the start of your side's turn. BDSM can get a lot more hardcore when the only limitation is "don't croak your partner".
  • In Looking for Group, Cale + Benny + Root = this.
  • Peter Is the Wolf. Humans have lips but short tongues, wolves have long tongues but no lips, werewolves have lips and long tongues. This make them great at giving head.
  • Randy Millholland of Something*Positive has several other projects, including Rhymes With Witch. This comic combines Ben Grim and a rock polisher.
  • A strip in Oglaf (NSFW) has a knight hearing of a girl with the power to inflict everything done to her onto her opponents instead, making her invincible. The knight pursues her to experiment with screwing himself by proxy.
    • Really, Oglaf is sex comedy in a fantasy kingdom. It'd probably be easier to count the comics that don't have this as the punch line in some way or another.

Web Original

  • In Tales of MU, at least part of Stef's interest in Mackenzie is because Mack is Nigh Invulnerable, but still feels pain - and likes it.
    • Fee Jee also takes advantage of this at one point, as it let's her pretend to feed on a human without consequences.
  • The Dungeon Verse-inspired site Les Parchemins Anodins managed to invert this trope, noticing that a monocle invented to see girls naked can be useful to look for daggers hidden in sleeves.
  • Bartleby Tales covers an amazing variety of fetishes, but the most obvious in this sense is that everyone in Hell can reassemble himself or herself after extreme injury. In other words, if you can find a willing partner, you can engage in completely nonlethal Guro fantasies. (This is explored as early as the first chapter, when a character gets off on swallowing a live grenade.)
  • The SCP Foundation often has to prevent both the general populace and its own personnel from using SCPs for such purposes. For one, SCP-1056, the kitchen timer-like device that can make people grow or shrink, was found in the possession of a high school student who was using it for "recreational purposes."

Western Animation

Green Lantern: Don't sneak up on me like that! You know what this ring could do to you?
Vixen: Promises, promises.

Batman: What's her stake in this?
Alfred: (completely deadpan) Perhaps she enjoys mudbaths.

  • In Batman Beyond, after being told that there's a ghost in the girls' shower, Terry McGinnis (wearing a batsuit that has a built-in camouflage system) gives us this:

Terry: An invisible boy in the showers... Why didn't I think of that?

"Flash's foes always come in last/Too bad for him he's way too fast!"

  • One episode of Danny Phantom dealt with a Be Careful What You Wish For plot, where Danny never met Sam and consequently never received his powers. Sam wishes for Danny's memory to return, which is shown with montage of combat stills - including two separate instances of Danny running out the girl's locker room (as shown in the page image).
  • In the Superman: The Animated Series episode "New Kids In Town", after the Legion of Super-Heroes travel back in time and rescue a teenaged Clark Kent from Brainiac, Saturn Girl erases everyone's memories to prevent affecting history. She decides to take advantage of this by kissing Clark.
    • The second episode brings up the "girl's locker room" version of this trope, when a teenaged Clark confides to Lana that he can see through solid walls all of a sudden.
  • In the Futurama movie "Into the Wild Green Yonder", Fry gains the ability to read minds and, wanting to utilize his "super power"m attempts to sneak into a women's locker room. After being thrown out, he realizes he confused "mind-reading" with "invisibility".
    • In "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch", a Holodeck Malfunction brings the characters within to life. Zap, upon seeing the rampage, complains that the last malfunction resulted in him being slapped with three paternity suits.
  • In a Cutaway Gag on Family Guy, Peter references the time he was a Wonder Twin. When Jayna told Peter to hurry up, he said he'd be "right behind her". He then shapeshifted into the form of Jayna's tampon and said all he had to do now was play the waiting game.
  • Young Justice has Miss Martian and Superboy engage in a little roleplay scenario where M'gann assumes the form of Black Canary in some very friendly sparring where they eventually end up kissing. When witnessing footage of this, Green Arrow finds it very funny but Black Canary is not at all amused. J'onn comments that this is a normal game on Mars, given that both parties are always aware of the others true identity.
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks confirms that yes, some members of the crew do use the Holo-Deck for less savory purposes. In fact, Ransom claims that most crew members use them this way. So much, in fact, that the worst job one of the Lower Deck crew can have is cleaning out its "bio-filters".
  1. When they got back topside, Misato's first act was to drag Kaji into the quarantine room, coming out hours later with Kaji lying on the ground naked, hogtied and very exhausted.