Little Nicky

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    A Black Comedy film starring Adam Sandler as the eponymous Nicky, the third son of Satan. After his two older half brothers escape from Hell, the Gates of Hell literally freeze over. No new souls can enter, so Nicky must journey to Earth and bring his brothers back. Meanwhile, due to this, Satan's power is weakening and his body literally begins to fall apart.

    Mike Nelson has gone as far as calling it "the worst comedy ever made", though it remains a Cult Classic.

    Tropes used in Little Nicky include:
    • A Hell of a Time: What happens when the two stoner metalheads die in a plane crash? They go to Hell. "They've never been happier."
    • Adolf Hitler: See Ass Shove below.
    • All Part of the Show: A demon can get away with all sorts of mischief and "special effects" at a Harlem Globetrotters game. Even when the basketball explodes, this only results in an annoyed referee.
    • Alliterative Name: Valerie Veran, the second to last of Adam's "V-name" girlfriends.
    • Ambiguously Gay: Nicky's roommate.
    • Anti-Anti-Christ?: Nicky, who's actually quite a likable guy.
    • Ass Shove: The ass is Hitler's. The shoved item is a pineapple. Apparently, by law, he has to receive an ass shove daily for his crimes. He gets to pick the pineapple, though.
      • On the other hand, it's implied he is often forced to pick one of the larger ones. Ouch.
      • The pineapple only happens once. The second time at the end of the movie he has Cassius and Adrian shoved up there.

    Grandpa: Alright, boys! Enjoy your new home!
    Cassius and Adrian: Oh nonononononono..!!!
    Hitler: HOLY SCHNIT!!!


    Nicky: Release the good.
    [shoots rainbows out of hands and group of bunnies appear]
    Nicky: Yes, they're furry.
    Demon: Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny!

    • Celebrity Power: What ultimately defeats the Big Bad? Ozzy Osbourne, who was summoned from an orb that was given to Nicky by God.
    • Cool and Unusual Punishment: "Are there boobs on my head?!" "Yeah, big ones."
    • Deal with the Devil: Subverted. Dan Marino wants to sell his soul to Dad, but he's rejected because Dad thinks he's too much of a nice guy to go to Hell... and because he's a Jets fan.
    • Death as Comedy: "I got hit by a bright light... that was attached to a lot of metal..."
    • Detect Evil: The blind preacher can sense Nicky and his son's demonic presence, but doesn't seem to sense their angel blood.
    • Deus Ex Machina: See Celebrity Power above. Possibly one of the strangest Deus Ex endings in history.
    • Dumb Is Good: Nicky is far dumber than Adrian. One character even flat out remarks that there's no way Nicky can outsmart him.
      • It's implied that Nicky isn't dumber because he's good, so much as because he's suffered a lot of head trauma over the years. Thanks to his brothers.
    • Even Evil Has Standards: Even with the sympathetic portrayal of the demons, it's the Big Bad Adrian who balks at seeing Clint Howard in drag and dancing barechested.

    Adrian: Well... maybe not that horrible... but still pretty bad.