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"I make movies for teenage boys. Oh, dear, what a crime."
Michael Bay

Michael Benjamin Bay is an American movie director. He's known for an incredibly energetic direction style that some claim is impossible to follow, while a lot of other filmgoers don't seem to mind.

Bay got interested in action films when he set firecrackers on a train set, filmed it with his mom's camera, and got grounded. As a teenager he was as a clerk for Lucasfilm in the early '80s, and worked on Raiders of the Lost Ark. He thought it would suck, but ate his words when he saw the final product. That got him interested in directing.

He started out directing commercials and music videos. He directed the very first "Got Milk?" ad, and "I Would do Anything for Love" by Meat Loaf.

Then Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer hired him to direct Bad Boys. The film was a modest hit and kicked off Bay's film career. When The Rock came out it solidified him as someone capable of making energetic, entertaining and profitable action films.

Around the time Armageddon rolled around he gained a very vocal Hatedom among film fans, it seems for mostly the same reasons. The fact that every film has been a substantial hit (although The Island was significantly less than expected) suggests that they might just be a Vocal Minority. If you look over his interviews, especially for Transformers, you'll see that he is more than aware of it, and even makes fun of the fact.

He is also well known for being a tough General on set, because he is aggressive and moves at a very fast pace. The movies he makes would cost probably about 30% more with another director. Despite a belief that everyone in Hollywood hates him, because of his ability to work within a budget and demanding a strong work ethic from his crew and actors has earn him a great deal of supporters just for turning filmmaking an actual work experience. He is ranked up among the most elite directors in Hollywood today, with strong relationships with friends James Cameron and Steven Spielberg.

But his aggressive directing style and occasional Jerkass behavior has earned him some enemies. People like Bruce Willis, Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox (who compared him to Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte in a recent interview) and Kate Beckinsale (who claimed that Bay made her feel "ugly" on the set. We haven't quite worked out how this is possible.) have spoken out against Bay and refuse to work with him again.

In 2008, possibly to hype Postal, Uwe Boll called out Bay (among others) for his supposed lack of talent (at least from Boll's point-of-view) while insisting he's "the only real genius in the whole fucking business." Bay's response qualifies as his own personal Crowning Moment of Awesome.

While he may be hated by film critics everywhere, you should always remember one thing: You mess with Michael Bay and you mess with America!

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Hi, I'm Michael Bay and I demand things to be] awesome! Awesome barbecue! *BOOM!* Awesome pool! *BOOM!*"