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    Monsterful is a Slice of Life webcomic created by Pablo T. Fiorentino (Artist and Writer) and Mariale Fiorentino (Co-Writer). It stars Sapphire, a zombie girl, and her friends and family. The setting is a world where only monsters live (making it a Monster Mash), so there's no need for them to hide or blend in like in almost all monster stories.

    The Chapters usually focus on an specific group of characters, most chapters focus on Sapphire and her friends, but other chapters have shifted the attention on other characters and their friends, mostly Sapphire's siblings Onyx, Ruby and Topaz. One chapter has focused on Michelle Flammel as well.

    Unusually enough, there seem to be no issues for Zombies, Ragdolls, Vampires and who-knows-what-else to interbreed.

    Tropes used in Monsterful include: