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  • In "Gonna Getcha," Dag tries to discover Norb's dastardly plans for him by disguising himself as Barry

Norb: Who is it?!
Dag: It's Dagget! I mean, no it's not, it's Barry, I mean...spoot!

  • The entirety of "The Day the Earth Got Really Screwed Up." From its Affectionate Parody of old B-movies to the comedic mileage gotten from the characters' Department of Redundancy Department and Metaphorgotten, everything was hilarious.
  • In "Up All Night", Daggett tries to prank call. Not only does he botch the punch line, he accidentally calls his mom:

Daggett: Hey, chicken neck, you should wear a sweater!
Mom: What are you doing up past your bedtime?

  • The entirety of Three Dag Night. Cloning yourself has never been so hilariously fun!
    • Ominous-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
      • ........................Omnious-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
        • ..............................................Ominous-eeeeeeeeeeee!
  • All of The Big Frog, where after Norbert snaps at Dagget to grow up and stop playing with his baby bunny dolls yest he'll embarrass them. Strangely, Dagget shrugs and complies... and the next scene has him acting like a Bumbling Dad, with over-the-top clothing trends (such as many reading glasses and pants tied up above his waist) and doing all sorts of 'mature adult' things like getting Norb to eat his stew instead of chips (healthy food), swinging his golf-club to work while saying any number but 'four' as he leaves, and literally 'bringing home the bacon'. It's breaking down Norb's normally cool and collected persona... and WORKING.
    • And much later, Norb starts regressing to a childlike state and playing with Dag's bunny dolls, to which Dag joins in and pretty much states he was doing the whole thing on purpose just to mess with Norb.
  • "There's an alien invasion in the bathroom!"
  • Dag's "hook" persona in Things That Go Hook In The Night. With such tidbits as "Not sharp enough! NOT SHARP ENOUGH! Try it on him! You'll see! YOU'LL SEE!" And:

Dag/"Hook": Sing with us! Sing with us, silly beaver! Sing "The Happy Hook Song!"

  • The ending of Moby Dopes, with a brutally funny Lampshade Hanging: "Where in the name of Deus Ex Machina did that T-Rex come from!?"
  • The episodes "Up All Night 2: Up All Day: The Reckoning" and "The Day The World Got Really Screwed Up" (parts 1 and 2) both made this troper giggle like a madman all the damn time. The former perfectly squeezes the sense of your brain stopping to work properly when you're tired and creates a short animated episode full of ingeniously absurd dialogue out of it, whilst the latter's side characters completely overshadow our heroes with their slapstick antics and curious ways of going about things in a weird 50's cartoon pastiche.
    • The first "Up All Night" is no slouch either. From "Eat ball, ratface!" to Norb and Dag collapsing into hysterical laughter over thinking the crawling spleen was in their house, to the end of " long have we been awake?!" is gold.