The Angry Beavers/Characters

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Characters from The Angry Beavers include:

Titular Duo

Norbert Foster Beaver

Voice Actor: Nick Bakay

The older, more laid-back beaver brother.

Tropes associated with Norb:

Daggett Doofus Beaver

Voice Actor: Richard Steven Horvitz

The younger (and angrier) brother.

Tropes associated with Dag:

Supporting Cast:


Voice Actor: N/A

A tree stump with a carved-in face, and a close friend of the beavers.

Tropes associated with Stump:


Voice Actor: Victor Wilson

An extremely annoying, fast-talking chamelecko.

Tropes associated with Bing:


Voice Actor: Cynthia Mann

A once-hippie bever girl that Norbert fell in love with after meeting at a concert.

Tropes associated with Treeflower:

Barry Bear

Voice Actor: John Garry

Big Bunny

  • I Just Want to Have Friends: He planted the threat letter in "My Bunnyguard" so Norbert and Daggett would hire him and he'd have someone to "bodyguard" and hang out with. When called out on it, he admits this is the reason.


Scientist #1 and Pete

Stacy and Chelsea

Voice Actresses: Stacy and Chelsea Schauer

Norb and Dag's younger sisters.

Tropes associated with Stacy and Chelsea: