The Herculoids

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This 1960s Animated Series from Hanna-Barbera was unlike its contemporary, Space Ghost, in that it was set on Quasar[1], a primitive planet protected by King Zandor[2]. Zandor's wife, Tarra, and their son, Dorno, were the only other known human inhabitants. For some reason, aliens kept trying to conquer an isolated, largely uninhabited jungle world full of monsters. Go figure.

When trouble arose, Zandor commanded a small army of exotic beasts: Gloop and Gleep, a pair of gelatinous shape-shifters; Igoo, an ape with rocklike skin; Tundro, a rhino-triceratops-like creature that could shoot burning rocks from its horn, and Zok, a flying dragon capable of firing laser beams from its eyes and tail.

In the early 1980s, The Herculoids joined Space Ghost in the Animated Anthology series Space Stars.

Tropes used in The Herculoids include:
  1. Amzot in the original series
  2. Just "Zandor" in the original series