The Longest Journey

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Mystery is important. To know everything, to know the whole truth, is dull. There is no magic in that. Magic is not knowing, magic is wondering about what and how and where.

April Ryan is an ordinary art student living in the Cyberpunk metropolis Newport and applying for the local Academy of Arts. She has her share of problems with her parents, insecurity about her future, and increasingly strange dreams, but she also has some great friends, a job and a friendly landlady. Then a weird Cool Old Guy named Cortez appears and tells her that she is The Chosen One who has to Save Both Worlds... and then he sends her to that other world, Arcadia, she is supposed to save. As her familiar world crumbles around her, April has to dive deeper into the secrets of the universe, fulfill cryptic prophecies, bring down an Ancient Conspiracy or two, cope with her friends' deaths, save the Guardian of the Balance, and ultimately restore the harmony between the Twin Worlds of Stark and Arcadia itself. And that all in less than two weeks.

The Longest Journey is a 1999 Adventure Game developed by Norwegian company Funcom and designed by Ragnar Tørnquist. Famous for its expansive storyline, a lovable, Genre Savvy heroine, and flawless gameplay (as far as point-and-click gameplay goes), the game is commonly credited with resurrecting the Adventure Game genre after its crisis in the late 90's. An Oddly-Named Sequel 2: Electric Boogaloo, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, was released in 2006.

Tropes used in The Longest Journey include:

I was out picking bones- uh, berries, for my stew, and flowers, yeeess, pretty flowers...
Oh, I'm no one, no one at all, just a frail, old woman out picking booones- uh, berries, picking berries, for her stew so she can feed her prisoners- uh, guests, so she can fatten them up for... um, the long winter...
I still need your help, plump pudd- um, nice pretty girl, [...] Help me home and I'll cook you... um, a nice stew! Yum, I'm getting hungry already *growl*...
Oh, what have we here, this... "stew", isn't good enough to stuff yo- um, to serve, a guest as plump- as well built and deliciou- as honoured as you, my dear...