Aachi and Ssipak

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Aachi and Ssipak is a 2006 animated South Korean film, directed by Jo Beom-jin and animated by Studio Flying.

In the future, all citizens are implanted with anal identity chips at birth; and when they defecate in public stalls, they receive an addictive, hallucinogenic popsicle called a juicybar as a reward. Juicybars cause people to transform into small, blue, and stupid Mutants. These mutants have been organized by a Hitleresque charismatic leader named The Diaper King, into a revolutionary cell called The Diaper Gang and they are constantly hounded by police forces, aided by an unstoppable government cyborg. Everyone wants to control the juicybar supply. The police, the mob, and the Diaper Gang. Jimmy the Freak, a drug-addled porn director, stumbles onto a means of tricking the system into over-dispensing juicybars and he hands this information to the leader of the Diapers. They then recruit porn star/wannabe-actress Beauty (a woman imbued with the power to defecate several times a day) to be the vessel for a blessed anal chip and soon accidentally lose her to Aachi and Ssipak, small time hoodlums who make a living stealing juicybars from other people. This results in the police, the mob, and the Diaper Gang to chase after them.

With over the top Gorn and Toilet Humor, it's definitely not for kids.

Tropes used in Aachi and Ssipak include: