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McKey Sullivan

Brittany “McKey” Sullivan is an American fashion model and was a contestant and winner of Cycle 11 of ANTM.

McKey is a graduate of Lake Forest High School and attended Ripon College and majored in government and chemical biology. Sullivan got into modeling when she tried out for Elite Model Look following a sports injury and won the regional division of the competition.

McKey auditioned for Cycle 9 of ANTM, but was told that she wasn’t what they were looking for. After auditioning for a second time, she ultimately competed against thirteen other contestants to win Cycle 11.

Two other contestants named Brittany (or some variation) also competed in Cycle 11, so McKey and Brittney Brown were asked by Tyra Banks to change their names for the show. Sullivan chose ‘McKey’ since her mother was considering naming her McKenzie when she was born; it was also her pen name in high school. She planned on continuing to use the name beyond the television season. She came into the competition with shoulder-length bright red hair, but was later given makeover to short black hair. McKey was well known for athleticism in the house; she also trains in mixed martial arts with her boyfriend.

Throughout the competition, she became one of the front-runners with two collective first call-outs, two challenge wins and no bottom two appearances. During her go-see challenge in Amsterdam, she was booked by all of the four designers with whom she met, despite being disqualified from the challenge due to arriving back to the agency late. She went on to beat Samantha Potter for the title of America’s Next Top Model.

During her My Life as a CoverGirl commercials, it was revealed that she had been working with the Make a Wish Foundation. She was also named one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People of 2009 and she was named the 44th sexiest woman of 2008 by BuddyTV.

Samantha Potter

Samantha Potter is an American fashion model, most notable as the runner-up during Cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model.

During the fifth episode, Samantha landed in the bottom two and was almost eliminated after offending Jeremy Scott, a designer, for lifting her skirt during his runway show. The following week, Samantha received a first call out for her natural disasters shot, and received another first callout for her simplistic and dramatic shots in the eleventh episode. In the previous week, Samantha won two reward challenges consecutively in the same episode. Throughout the competition, she was part of various feuds in the Top Model house, specifically with Elina Ivanova. She ultimately became runner-up to winner McKey Sullivan.

Analeigh Tipton

Analeigh placed third on Cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model. She was recruited through Myspace and was asked to audition in Los Angeles. After landing in the bottom two in the episode “You’re Beautiful, Now Change” for not using her ice-skating moves to her advantage, she rebounded and appeared in the top three for seven consecutive weeks. Analeigh was called first twice, one for the first CoverGirl commercial, which Tyra Banks deemed “the best CoverGirl commercial in the history of America’s Next Top Model.” She also won the go-sees challenge by booking all three of her go-sees. She left and arrived on time. In a challenge won by Elina Ivanova, Elina shared her prize with Marjorie Conrad and Analeigh; they appeared alongside each other in the December 2008/January 2009 issue of Seventeen magazine. She was subsequently eliminated in the finale after forgetting her lines in the second CoverGirl commercial, which left Samantha Potter and McKey Sullivan to walk in the finale runway show.

Marjorie Conrad

Marjorie was nineteen while she participated in America’s Next Top Model. The Marseilles, France native was a student based in San Francisco, California during the show’s run.

Marjorie was an exceptional contender during the show; she was consistently one of the top five called out first during each episode. During the seventh episode, she won the reward challenge. She also won the reward challenge in episode twelve, but was also chosen for elimination in that very same episode. Marjorie was the 10th girl eliminated from the show.

Elina Ivanova

Based in Seattle, Washington but born in Berdichieve, Ukraine, Elina was nineteen years old during her run on America’s Next Top Model. She was known for being openly bisexual and for having difficulty opening up to the camera and judges.

Elina had her ups and downs during Cycle 11, but maintained good standing with regards to her photos. She became better and better the first four episodes of the season, winning her first reward challenge during episode 3. She continued to do well through episode 7, then she had two continual appearances in the bottom two. Incidentally, she was bottom two during two episodes where she’d also won reward challenges, which rarely happens. After her two consecutive appearances in the bottom two, she was finally eliminated during episode 11. She was the 9th girl eliminated from the show.

Sheena Sakai

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii the 21-year-old worked as a hostess and go-go dancer in the Harlem district of New York City during her stint on ANTM.

Sheena has been remembered for a few reasons; one of those being that when asked if her breasts were real during judging, she said ‘yes.’ Later during that same panel, she admitted that they were indeed augmented and she felt horrible for lying. Sheena was frequently compared to Kimora Lee Simmons due to her mixed-Asian ethnicity and look. Often, Sheena was told that many of her pictures were leaning toward ‘hoochie.’ She improved on that as the cycle progressed, but ended up being eliminated during episode 10. She was the 8th girl eliminated from the show.

Joslyn Pennywell

The 23-year-old Louisiana native was a student in Shreveport during her appearance of America’s Next Top Model.

Joslyn was a strong competitor during ANTM, consistently staying out of the bottom two. It wasn’t until episodes six and seven that she began to decline in performance. Joslyn was eventually eliminated during episode nine. She was the 7th girl eliminated from the show. During her stint on the show, she won one reward challenge during episode five. She was also known for her unique-sounding, high-pitched voice.

Lauren Brie Harding

Born in Charlottesville, Virginia, this 20-year-old was based in nearby town Radford, where she was a student. Lauren Brie had already signed with Elite when she was fourteen years old, but decided to stop modeling to further her studies.

Lauren Brie began the competition with a steady climb from average photos to exceptional photos, according to the judges. Her performance began to decline in episode six and was later eliminated in episode seven, when her “award show snafu” photo didn’t please the judging panel.

Clark Gilmer

This 19-year-old was born in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, but lived in the nearby town of Columbia, where she was a student during her time on the show.

Clark didn’t start off the competition with very strong photos; in fact, she didn’t start being called ahead of the bunch until episode five, when she was called first. Sadly, Clark’s performance didn’t improve in the eyes of the judges and was eliminated during episode six. Clark was the fifth girl eliminated from the show.

Isis King

Isis was the first trans woman to compete on America’s Next Top Model and became one of the most visible transgender people on television to date. Originally from Prince George’s County, Maryland, Isis was assigned male at birth, under the name of Darrell Walls. She has stated that “mentally [and] everything else, [she] was born female.” She has also stated that people might refer to her as transgender or transsexual, but she prefers the phrase “born in the wrong body.”

Isis was living at the Ali Forney Transitional Living Program when she learned about an upcoming photo shoot for Cycle 10 of ANTM. The shoot’s theme was the issue of homeless youth, and homeless women would be used as background models in conjunction with the Reciprocity Foundation, which works to move homeless and high-risk youth into careers in the “creativity economy.” King asked art director, Jay Manuel, whether she could be accepted, as a girl “born in the wrong body,” if she were to audition as a contestant for ANTM. ANTM host and producer Tyra Banks said later that she had her staff search out King to encourage her to audition based on her stellar performance in the photo shoot. She became one of fourteen finalists for Cycle 11 of the competitive reality show. She placed tenth overall.

Hannah White

The 19-year-old was a student in her hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska during her appearance on the show.

Hannah wasn’t one of the strongest models during Cycle 11, but showed potential. Unfortunately, she proved to be one of the weakest runway walkers, as shown in episode five. Hannah was eliminated outside of judging panel after being deemed the worst performer in a runway challenge.

Brittany Rubalcaba

This 19-year-old from Henderson, Nevada, worked as a customer service representative during her stint on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 11. Brittany was an average competitor on the show, with her pictures being called close to final two every episode. During the makeover episode, she was shown emotionally distraught because she was tired of being “just the pretty girl.” Brittany was eliminated during episode four, following the Malibu bikini photo shoot.

Nikeysha Clarke

The 19-year-old Bronx, New York native was a student during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 11.

Nikeysha can be remembered for her predilection to talk back to the judging panel and/or Tyra to rationalize her poor photographs. Even though she showed potential during her first shoot, Nikeysha was the second model eliminated in Cycle 11.

ShaRaun Brown

The18-year-old from Chicago, Illinois native was a student during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 11.

During Episode 2, the judges were unimpressed with ShaRaun’s photo, her interview and her insincere personality. She was the first girl eliminated on the show.

Following her elimination during the premiere of America’s Top Model, ShaRaun told reporters the program’s portrayal of her, which emphasized her confidence and not much else, was incomplete.

She was unhappy that America didn’t get to learn that she spent her spring break working for Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans and that she is still a virgin who speaks openly about practicing abstinence and safe sex.

She also felt that her relationship with trans-gendered contestant Isis, was misconstrued.

She said that after they showed her commenting that, ‘I don’t think a drag queen will win America’s Next Top Model,’ she had become friends with Isis King becoming very cool and one of her friends. She said, “So it wasn’t anything like me hating on her or anything like that. It was just me [sic] answering a question that I had been asked.”