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    Naima Mora

    Naima mora3 6644.jpg

    Naima Mora was a contestant and winner of Cycle 4 of ANTM.

    With her mohawk and introverted personality, Naima was originally thought to be a long-shot to walk away with the title of America’s Next Top Model. Though her earlier photographs were not as strong as runner-up Kahlen Rondot, the judges were blown away by Naima’s final performance on the catwalk. Tyra, in particular, felt that Kahlen was “the girl who did excellent during the semester and kind of failed the final exam,” while Naima was “the girl who did fair during the semester but killed her final exam.” Her win consisted of a fashion spread in Elle, a contract with Ford Models and a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics. She holds the record of being the first and only Top Model contestant to be voted Covergirl of the Week from the start to the finish of the cycle. It was also revealed in a Top Model challenge, that Naima is a vegetarian. She was recently voted as one of the most memorable contestants by AOL.

    Kahlen Rondot

    Kahlen 6168.jpg

    Kahlen Rondot was a contestant and runner-up in Cycle 4 of ANTM.

    At the beginning of the competition, Kahlen’s lack of confidence sometimes got the best of her; however, she consistently produced excellent photographs; at the final judging panel, the judges noted that Kahlen had provided one of the best portfolios in all the previous cycles. The judges were most impressed with Kahlen’s portrayal of the Springbok, South Africa’s national animal, and when she portrayed Wrath during a shoot based on the 7 Deadly Sins. They were especially wowed by Kahlen’s 7 Deadly Sins shoot because, in the same week, a friend from high school had died. She was called first that week.

    When she made the “final six”, Nigel Barker praised Kahlen by stating, “You are a chameleon. You have the ability to turn into anything and everything. It’s not sexy, but it’s very cool.”

    Kahlen made it to the final two, but the judges felt that Naima stole the runway show. Tyra compared Kahlen to a girl who “did good all semester and kinda failed her final exams,” and Naima to a girl who “did fair during the whole semester and ‘killed’ the final exams.” Like all the girls who got Janice Dickinson’s vote she ended runner-up. She was recently voted as one of the most memorable contestants by AOL entertainment, where it is stated that “She should have won her cycle.”

    Keenyah Hill

    Keenyah 4259.jpg

    Keenyah Hill was a contestant and 2nd runner-up during Cycle 4 of ANTM.

    As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, Keenyah was likened to supermodel Iman when the judges looked at her photos for the floral service 1-800 Flowers. She sometimes got into little arguments with some of the other girls on the show, but the most memorable confrontation that involved Keenyah took place on the girls’ ride back to their hotel after visiting Nelson Mandela’s prison cell. Keenyah’s fellow Top Model finalist Brittany Brower got so tired of hearing Keenyah’s hypocrisy regarding the South African president that she started reprimanding Keenyah verbally.

    One of their South African shoots required the girls to embody different kinds of animals. Keenyah was assigned to do the elephant, and it seemed rather appropriate, as her sudden gain weight was the subject of the judges’ criticisms. Keenyah made it all the way to the top three, but was eliminated shortly thereafter because the judges felt she was becoming too arrogant.

    Brittany Brower

    Brittany-brower-5 2003.jpg

    Born in Tallahassee, Florida, Brittany was working with and was under the management of Marsha Doll Models before her stint on ANTM. She stayed with the agencies for more than 11 years and was also a participant in the NYC Model Camp’s Models of the South.

    As a finalist in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, Brittany was the most vivacious. Her strong personality sometimes clashed with fellow Top Model finalist Tiffany Richardson, with whom she had a confrontation. Her performances in the earlier challenges were not so impressive, having landed in the bottom two after her second batch of photos shoot came out a little bit too sexual. She bounced back the following week by producing a beautiful Sagittarius picture. From there, she continued to perform much more strongly, even coming out with the best picture from the fifth photo shoot. The end came for Brittany after a fight with fellow Top Model finalist, Keenyah Hill, broke her high spirits. The judges quickly noticed the change in her behavior, and they eventually eliminated Brittany from the show.

    Christina Murphy

    Christina murphy americas next top model season4 8016.jpg

    This Tallahassee, Florida native was a student at Florida State University before her appearance on the show. She later relocated to Hollywood in order to pursue her career as a model.

    As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, her lack of personality were always being scrutinized by the judging panel. However, on the eighth week, she was able to win the interview challenge with hip-hop artist, Eve. She was the most prepared of all the girls.

    In addition to winning an exclusive interview on Entertainment Tonight, Christina’s mother was allowed to visit to the Top Model house. Unfortunately, Christina was eliminated two weeks later, when the judges felt her performance was still lacking in emotion.

    Michelle Deighton

    Antm michelle010 9518.jpg

    As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, Michelle greatly impressed the judges with her versatility and talent. While on the show, Michelle came down with a skin condition called impetigo, and her condition led the other girls to panic because they thought Michelle had a contagious, flesh-eating bacteria. Because the disease may be passed on to little children, Michelle had to do the fourth photo shoot with a doll instead of a real and very energetic child, making the other girls extremely envious. Michelle fell to the bottom two after the “7 Deadly Sins” photo shoot, and the following week was eliminated when her dull pictures from South Africa failed to excite the judges.

    Tatiana Dante

    Tatiana 00 4957.jpg

    Tatiana was born in Maui, Hawaii. She is Italian, German and Native American. Before she was on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, Tatiana got some opportunities to work with various photographers in Hawaii, and many of her pictures have been published on the internet.

    Like fellow Top Model finalist, Kahlen Rondot, Tatiana was quiet and soft-spoken during her stint at America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4. Her reserved personality did not always sit well with the more rambunctious girls in the group, but her talent in modeling pushed her all the way to the Top 7. Tatiana was able to deliver good and satisfactory photographs, but when she wasn’t able to do great during the “7 Deadly Sins” photo shoot, the judges decided that she would have to be the next to go home, making her the eighth to be eliminated.

    Tiffany Richardson

    3a 4408.jpg

    Born in Miami, Florida, Tiffany was busy taking care of her young son at home during her stint on the show. She admits to having been abused as a child. As a deeply troubled teenager, she worked as a stripper and got involved with drugs and the wrong crowd. The birth of her son forced Tiffany to make life-changing decisions that would lead to a positive lifestyle.

    Tiffany wanted to jumpstart her modeling career by joining Cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Model. After she was chosen to appear on the show, she had an altercation with one of the other contestants while they were at a bar. Consequently, Tiffany and the other contestant were disqualified. Realizing that she had to learn to control her temper, she decided to take anger management classes, and upon completing the course, tried out for the show again.

    She was given a second chance and Tiffany found herself becoming a Finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4. At first, Tiffany tried her best to get along with the other girls, and she was able to establish a close relationship with Brandy Rusher. However, as the weeks progressed and the pressure mounted, Tiffany slipped back to her old self, aggressively attacking the other girls verbally. During the sixth week of the finals, Tiffany broke down after failing to read a teleprompter properly in one of the challenges. Tyra expressed her disappointment, and ultimately Tiffany, along with Rebecca Epley, were eliminated (the double elimination was the first in the show’s history). When Tyra saw that Tiffany seemed to be taking the elimination lightheartedly and with little concern, the supermodel judge exploded in anger, saying that the only person Tiffany can blame for her failure is herself.

    Rebecca Epley

    Rebeccaepley 7726.jpg

    The aspiring model from Stillwater, Minnesota tried to establish herself by auditioning for America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2. She was rejected, but her determination led her to try out again. Her second attempt was successful, and she became one of the 14 finalists of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4.

    Although her beauty is undeniable, the judges felt that she wasn’t progressing, and after six photo shoots and numerous challenges, she and Tiffany Richardson were asked to pack their bags immediately and head home. The news devastated Rebecca, as she clearly tried her best to deliver what the judges were looking for. Some may remember Rebecca because she passed out during judging, due to a health condition she’s had all her life.

    Lluvy Gomez

    Normal-Lluvy26-Christopher-Kern 2594.jpg

    Lluviana “Lluvy” Gomez was a contestant on Cycle 4 of ANTM.

    Lluvy (married name “Gibbs”) became one of the America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4‘s most infamous contestants when Tyra Banks evaluated one of her photos as “the worst photo in the history of America’s Next Top Model.” She did get a chance to redeem herself in an episode of The Tyra Banks Show when she was allowed to perform a do-over of the shoot. Tyra called her new photo “amazing.”

    However, the judges’ patience ran out with Lluvy after she again failed to maximize her unique beauty during the fifth photo shoot, where the girls were asked to project themselves under simulated harsh weather conditions. She was the fifth contestant to be eliminated.

    Noelle Staggers

    Noelle-staggers-1 6058.jpg

    Noelle was an aspiring model from Reno, Nevada before her stint on Top Model. Out of hundreds of girls who tried out, Noelle was chosen to be one of the 14 finalists. However, she did not have to stay away from her young son for too long, as she was the fourth contestant eliminated from the show.

    During the fifth week, it was Noelle who first sounded the alarm about Michelle Deighton’s skin condition. She even called her mother to tell her about it. Later on, Michelle’s skin disease was treated and, while she was spared from the bottom two, Noelle found herself there with Lluvy Gomez. The judges felt that Noelle did not possess the look of a model, may it be in photographs or in person. Ultimately, the judges chose Lluvy over Noelle and immediately sent the latter home.

    Brandy Rusher

    Brandy-rusher-1 2808.jpg

    When Brandy Rusher was a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, she showed a lot of promise in the beginning, but as the weeks progressed, it became apparent to everyone that Brandy had a bit of an attitude problem.

    During the first photo shoot with renowned photographer Nigel Barker, Brandy’s impatience and complaints angered Nigel, which led the judges to place Brandy in the bottom two. She was spared from elimination, but the experience did not seem to affect Brandy that much, as she continued to act rudely towards the other girls in the group.

    After the third photo shoot, the frustrated Brandy verbally attacked her fellow Top Model finalist Tatiana Dante. Later on, Brandy was again placed in the bottom two, but this time around, the judges decided that they were fed up with her attitude, so they sent her packing. Brandy was the third contestant to be eliminated.

    Sarah Dankleman

    Sarah-dankleman-1 2920.jpg

    Sarah Dankleman is an aspiring model originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Before she joined America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, Sarah already gained some modeling experience from her work in Stuff Magazine.

    When she tried her luck in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, Sarah was complimented for her first photo shoot. However, runway coach J. Alexander came in during the third week to teach the girls how to walk properly, it was pretty clear that Sarah was the one who experienced the most difficulty. The way she walked was awkward and lacking in poise, and the judges were quick to jump at those flaws. The judges sent Sarah home after only three weeks, making her the second finalist to be eliminated.

    Brita Petersons

    Brita 7715.jpg

    Brita decided to enter the fashion industry as a model because she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her mother. Her family, who are originally from Latvia, did not like the idea of Brita becoming a model, but they couldn’t do much to stop her. Brita admits that she had a difficult childhood, having been pushed to study everyday and to play the piano.

    In hard pursuit of a modeling career, Brita auditioned for and was selected as one of the 14 Finalists on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4. Although Brita is remarkably beautiful, the judges were concerned with her age (she was already 25 years old when she entered the competition) and weight (she weighed in at 138 lbs.). After the first photo shoot, she and Brandy Rusher landed in the bottom two during the judging session, and ultimately, the judges decided to keep Brandy and to send Brita home. She was the first girl eliminated from Cycle 4.