America's Next Top Model/Characters/Cycle Seventeen All Stars

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Lisa D'Amato

Ep13-CGlisa 6450.jpg

Shannon: "Lisa raised the bar pretty high."
Dominique: "She's basically saying [to us] Fuck you all!"

Tyra: "I'm so proud of your growth, La Puchinetta. Love, Tyra."

Lisa: "I feel that the universe has finally aligned for me."

Allison Harvard

Allisonfinale 4737.jpg

Angelea Preston

AMERICAS-NEXT-TOP-MODEL-ANTM-Cycle-17-Episode-13-All-Star-Finale-10 3181.jpg

Dominique: "Angelea is so cute. I want to grab her."

Dominique: "Being an All Star, you gotta know it, you gotta own it, and you gotta believe it if you want everyone else to believe in you."
Laura: "You can sing. You can act. You can model. But you don't know it!"

Laura Kirkpatrick

Laurakirkpatrick 2959.jpg

Dominique Reighard

927446 249px 3988.jpg

Shannon Stewart-Ratliff

ShannonCy1 2325.jpg

Alexandria Everett

Alexandria-everett-antm-cycle-17 9867.jpg

Tyra:(episode 6) "I'm surprised. You're pictures are usually high fashion. Here, you look like a reality star being shot next to Coco [Rocha]."
Tyra:(episode 7 during panel deliberations) "Her photo is more character than high fashion. And I like it."

Bianca Golden

Bianca cycle17 6468.jpg

Kayla Ferrel

Kayla-ferrel-antm-cycle-17 7210.jpg

Kayla: "Am I doing my best? Yes. But am I standing out of the pack? I don't think so."

Bre Scullark

Bre 7503.jpg

Camille McDonald

Camille-mcdonald-antm-cycle-17 9213.jpg

Isis King

ANTM 17 singles Isis Sj 7106.jpg

Sheena Sakai

Sheena Cycle17 6824.jpg

Brittany Brower

Brittany-bower-antm-cycle-17 1205.jpg

  1. (to be specific, she was consistently strong until her last two photoshoots, and was having a No Damage Run until she was eliminated due to self confidence issues)