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The country of Japan, but portrayed as a world that works like what Anime taught us.

In western works, it might serve as a parody of the anime fandom in general. In Japanese works, it might be a jab at Occidental Otaku who seem to actually believe in this, or lampshaded to emphasize that this particular work is more realistic than that.

The most common examples are:

Due to the Lowest Common Denominator, it might also include other Japanese pop cultural references, that are not really anime-specific, such as Ninjas, Kaiju or the Yakuza.

This is a part of the Hollywood Atlas, like Eagle Land, Igloo Land, Yodel Land and the Land of Dragons. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo is similar, but unfiltered (or at least less so) through the lens of anime.

Not be confused with the French magazine Animeland

Examples of Animeland include:


Anime & Manga


Live Action TV

  • In Lexx's last season, a giant plant person invaded Japaneseland.
  • Animeland and the fan culture surrounding it were the object of satire in the SNL skit "J-pop America Fun Time Now!"
  • In 30 Rock Tracy believes he is giving a speech over a live feed to a Japanese award show. He thanks all his Japanese fans, especially Godzilla. The he laughs and says he's just kidding...he knows Godzilla doesn't care what humans do.

Video Games

Western Animation


"Uh, folks, we're experiencing some moderate Godzilla-related turbulence at this time, so I'm going to go ahead and ask you to put your seatbelts back on. When we get to 35,000 feet, he usually does let go, so from there on out, all we have to worry about is Mothra, and, uh, we do have reports he's tied up with Gamera and Rodan at the present time. Thank you very much."