Cheshire Crossing

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Crossover fantasy webcomic in which Alice Liddell, Wendy Darling and Dorothy Gale are brought to an Extranormal Institute-style Boarding School run by Ernest Rutherford, so they can be taught to master their latent superpowers by Mary Poppins. Action and adventure ensue.

The comic also features the Wicked Witch of the West, Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tinker Bell, the Knave of Hearts and the Mad Hatter and Lemuel Gulliver.

Hasn't updated in a looong time, and is unlikely to be revived, but the first four issues can be found here. They form a pretty self-contained story arc.

Tropes used in Cheshire Crossing include:

"I've isolated a catalyst—sucrose! And if my calculations are correct, we'll only need a very small amount of it. Roughly a teaspoon."

You threatened a girl in my care, and I'm afraid I simply cannot allow that.

  • The Mean Brit: Alice.
  • Mega Manning: Dorothy's shoes accomplish this whenever somebody else puts them on—they get the ability to use the abilities of who wore them last.
  • Nice Hat: Hook—the Mad Hatter thinks so when he loots it.
    • And of course his own is fairly spectacular itself.
  • Orphaned Series: The comic hasn't updated in two years, with no information from the author in that time. See also Casey and Andy, which was orphaned in favour of CC...
  • Only Six Faces: Or, you know, only one face.
  • Overnight Age-Up: Peter Pan gets a taste of some Wonderland berries, which cause him to grow bigger...and grow up. He's still got the same personality, mostly, but starts having physical urges he has absolutely no idea how to deal with.

Peter Pan: Say... Your body's got a real nice shape. You know that? And I especially like your chest. Wait a minute! Why is your chest so interesting all of a sudden?

Hook: Nice eyepatch. You'd make a good pirate.
Jack: Nice hook. You'd make a bad masseuse.
Hook: All those pink hearts don't exactly inspire terror.
Jack: ...Shut up!

  1. which involve shrinking him to Tinker Bell's size