General Protection Fault

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General Protection Fault is a long-running webcomic (November 2, 1998 - ) by Jeffery T. Darlington. At its core it's about the workplace hijinks of the staff of GPF Software as they deal with clients, internal strife, would-be world conquerors, alternate dimensions, mad science, and spies.

And that's not including the internal conflicts between the main characters:

  • Nick Wellington -- The strip's main character. Lead Programmer, Geek's Geek, Mad Scientist
  • Ki Oshiro-Wellington -- Chief DBA, Action Girl, Gamer Chick, Nick's long-time girlfriend and recent wife.
  • Jason "Fooker" Barker -- Systems Administrator. Slacker, not-so-secretly a government agent
  • Sharon Murphy -- Fooker's girlfriend and co-sys admin
  • Trudy Trueheart -- Marketing Director, Stepford Smiler, former would-be world conqueror, The Atoner
  • Dwayne Duncan -- The Boss, software engineer, Straight Man
  • Dexter Smith -- Coder, The Big Guy
  • Fred & Persephone -- Sentient slime molds originally believed to have been spawned from Fooker's garbage... until their race was discovered. Until recently, GPF's customer service operators.

The strip mixes geek humor with sci-fi elements (and occasional dips into the Cerebus Syndrome pool). A by-the-storyline index is available here.

On the strip's twenty-second anniversary, Jeff Darlington announced that it will be ending (or possibly going on a long hiatus) some time during the strip's twenty-fifth year, in late 2023 or 2024.

Tropes used in General Protection Fault include: