Planet of Fate

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Planet of Fate is a work-in-progress sci-fi-fantasy short novel being authored by SWJS. The author, after retconning some of the material and restarting, is on chapter one at the moment, and all chapters, once finished, will be viewable on the author's deviantart account: The project started c. 2009 and was still ongoing as of 2018.

Planet of Fate, often shortened to POF, is about a race of aliens called Anubians, and their struggles throughout a period of time. The novel starts off with the main characters parents, out and about in the city, enjoying their anniversary. They are, however, soon killed by an explosion while at dinner. Once he receives the news, their son and daughter, Sarko and Sally respectively, go through emotional instability, and both go down different paths. Sarko's path will end up leading him to discover that his parents' deaths weren't accidents, and that there is much more going on around him than he is able to see. The novel follows not only Sarko, but his sister, his peers, and his people throughout the many events of significance and hardships they all encounter, with the story being told from other points of view, as well as some minor characters.

Many other works inspired several details for things in the novel, including Star Wars, Avatar: The Last Airbender, He Man and The Masters of The Universe, and even some Disney films, including The Hunchback of Notre Dame. TV Tropes itself has also been very inspirational and helpful while writing Planet of Fate. However, the most influential work for POF was Destroy All Humans!!, as the characters were originally Fan Characters, before SWJS and Nukawin decided to get their ideas protected.

Originally, the characters of POF were part of a comic called Alienz, authored by SWJS and illustrated by Nukawin. After economic problems arised, SWJS and Nukawin went their seperate ways, and SWJS began writing Planet of Fate, while Nukawin continued with Alienz. Nukawin has since cancelled Alienz, to pursue a career in taxidermy.

POF once rarely used descriptive imagery, one reason being most of the characters were drawn when they were part of Alienz, and another reason was because SWJS wanted the readers to invision his creations for themselves, instead of just going with what he wanted them to be. However, due to the many retcons and changes to the novel, it will now feature descriptive imagery.

Tropes used in Planet of Fate include: