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Remember that not everything that just makes you go "tee-hee" is an example of this trope.

Season 1:

  • Pilot:
    • When Tori is going to change before the showcase, everyone rushes behind a screen to help her, including the guys. The only reason they didn't go behind the screen was because a teacher told them, much to their dismay, that only the girls could help her.
    • In the end credits, where Tori and Mr. Sikowitz are describing The Slap, one of the things Tori mentions as being on the site is "videos that might get certain people in trouble."
    • "Why are you rubbing my boyfriend?"
    • Only seconds later, the teacher gives someone a mic telling her to put it on Tori's head, followed by Tori responding "that is not my head."
    • Early in the pilot episode, Andre sniffs Tori's hand. She then tells him it's fish mold, and only then does he pull away. What else smells like fish that the scent would be on a female's hand? Plus, he was enjoying the scent until he learned that it was the fish mold.
    • Jade very conspicuously kisses Beck, leading to this exchange:

Sikowitz: "Jade... kiss your boyfriend on your own time."
Jade: "Oh, I will."

  • The Bird Scene:
    • Tori holds the coconuts at chest level. Then there's Sikowitz's preference for good coconuts which gives him "visions".
    • Robbie's puppet, Rex, says "take me to the bathroom, I've got to pee now." Tori then says "he's a puppet, he can't pee!" The puppet then replies "you don't know what I got!" Think about what that implies for a minute. You get that, now spend another minute thinking about that more. Scary.
      • Sikowitz refers to Rex as "it." Rex responds by saying "you don't know what I got!" Jade gets a puzzled look on her face, then figures out what he means.
      • The funny thing is we do. In the next episode, Rex loses his pants. There's nothing down there.
    • Also, when Tori does the Bird Scene the second time around, she trains a bird to fly in and out of the room on cue. When it flies in, we get this exchange:

Mr. Sikowitz: "You see the bird too?"
Beck: "Yeah..."
Mr. Sikowitz: "Fantastic..."

    • "My grandmummy went to the loo while I snogged the prime minister!" The censors must have been in a coma that day.
      • I don't get it.
  • Stage Fighting:
    • This:

Tori: "I'm a throat player!"
André: "Doesn't count."
Cat: "And it sounds kinda gross..."

    • It's hard not to see the "girls can't fake passion like that" debate between Robbie and Cat as an analogy for something else.
    • Butternut!
    • Tori's "I'll pull it!"
  • The Birthweek Song:
    • The dancers for Trina's birthweek song look a lot like exotic dancers. And they're all females.
    • Tori does a sexy (for a kids show) song and dance number telling another girl how much she loves her and includes Tori sitting in the other girl's lap. Did we mention that the other girl is her sister?
      • With that outfit, it'd be sexy on ANY show. All it was missing was slutty high heels. I'm pretty sure they had Tori dressed in black Lycra shorts because they knew she'd end up flashing the camera about a dozen times.
  • Jade Dumps Beck:
    • After Tori helps Jade get Beck back, she asks for a ride home. Jade tells her it's "not that far a walk". The implication here is that she doesn't want to drive Tori home because Beck and her need some... alone time.
    • An attractive paramedic asks Beck if he's in college (i.e. of legal age) yet.
  • Tori the Zombie:
    • Cat and Trina sing a song about how they want some girl. It ends with this exchange:

Trina: (singing) "You smell so fruity!"
Trina: "Sing the next line."
Cat: "I can't."
Trina: "Why not?"
Cat: "It's dirty..."

    • Trina is on the phone to a doctor, discussing Tori's problem and asks "would I need my parents' permission to get minor cosmetic surgery?" After hanging up, Tori says "what did he say?" to which Trina replies "that I have to be 18 before I can make my -" and glances down to her boobs momentarily, as she is cut off by Tori.
    • Tori, Trina and Sinjin all get excited about a vibrating hairbrush.
  • Robarazzi:
    • This scene takes place in Beck's car:

Beck: "Come on, let's just go. It'll be fun."
Jade: "Noo..."
Beck: "Why not?"
Jade: "Because I didn't shower this morning and I had tuna fish for lunch..."

    • Cat said she had been visiting her Uncle and Uncle in San Francisco. Dan Schneider confirmed it in a reply on his blog that they are indeed a couple.
  • Trapped in an RV:
    • Cat has some fun with four boys she meets. Most of it is surprisingly wholesome, but there's one scene in which she has a water gun fight with the boys in a bikini. It's quite... interesting.
    • Fat Biscuit and company come across Beck's RV, which used to be Fat Biscuit's.

Friend: "Man, we had some times in there."
Fat Biscuit: "Yeah... Don't talk about it."

    • An exchange between Cat and one of the boys:

Boy: "You spun a beautiful pot."
Cat: "You helped me spin it..."
Boy: (suggestively) "Later we'll glaze it."
Cat: "... Thank you."

  • Wi-Fi in the Sky:
    • Robbie picking a girls' name for his fake screen name (LilStephanie21) "says a lot", according to Rex.
    • Jade's screen name, ScissorLuv, is the first major hint to Jade's obsession with scissors. Self-harm or lesbian symbolism? You pick.
    • When Jade finds out Beck's dog-sitting for his cheerleader neighbor:

Jade: "Why are you doing favors for a cheerleader, and what is she doing for you?"

    • "You're on the plane? Well if I were you, I'd get in the plane" sounds like a random funny thing, until you consider the general shape of a plane, minus the wings...
      • It's more of a regional dialect joke, like how some people think saying you're 'on line' for a movie is incorrect.
      • No, the joke is because "on the plane" could be taken as "on top of the plane".
  • Beck's Big Break:
    • Tori says that she'll do anything to make it up to Beck. Jade bets she would. André starts playing porno music on his keyboard.
    • Melinda Murray's (male) stunt double starts hitting on Tori. Tori tells him she's 16, so he walks away.
    • It's not hard to interpret Andre's obsession about never having been stung representing a different kind of 'stinging'.
  • The Great Ping Pong Scam:
    • Tori kissed Sinjin on the cheek, to which Sinjin responds with: "Here comes that feeling."
      • He also admits earlier to having dreamt about Tori dragging him into a closet and needing a 'favor'.
    • Tori comments that Jade's dress feels... warm. (Pause included.)
  • Cat's New Boyfriend:
    • People with a foot fetish had to enjoy the subplot... groups of people fondling the feet of Trina, Robbie and André, and the 'million tiny kisses' analogy, which they all find rather enjoyable.
    • When Jade and Beck are feeling André's foot, Jade looks at André as if she's considering to 'involve' him.
    • When Sikowitz sees the cheese fountain going off:

Sikowitz: "What the hambones?!"

    • This whole conversation:

Jade: "(while Cat and Danny are dancing) Daniel ever spin you like that?"
Tori: "You wanna get slapped with a sausage?"
Jade: "Sure."
Tori: "No!"
Combined with the face Jade makes

    • The radar practically i'm-ploded in this episode. There is so much that could be intepretted another way in this episode.
  • Freak the Freak Out:
    • The lyrics to the song "Give It Up" are rather suggestive.

Look at me, boy
'Cause I got you where I want you
Isn't it so exciting?
Wanna shake you, wanna break you
Take the backseat, boy, 'cause now I'm driving

    • "Class is no place for swearing or vibrating."
    • Northridge girls 'should be an adventure', according to Sikowitz.
    • Jade is repeatedly called a "gank," an obvious mutation of 'skank'.
    • Jade, being Jade, is fascinated by Trina's blood.
    • Jade tells Cat that her purse is made from "monkey fur", which reminds one of something else.
    • When the girls, against whom Jade and Cat sing, take the stage one of them says "Enjoy us" to which Jade replies "Enjoy my monkey fur!"
  • Rex Dies:
    • Sinjin gives Tori his used Special Effects crew t-shirt. When she asks him what the stains on it are he gets very evasive.
    • And to those who doubted the creepiness of Sinjin, this exchange happened earlier in the episode:

Sikowitz: "Tori, I want you to work with Sinjin's team on special effects."
Tori: "Okay, but I know like, nothing about special effects."
Sinjin: "We'll teach you."
(Tori turns around; Sinjin and his team give Tori lustful stares.)


Beck: "Guess what I want?"
Tori: "Aw, you want me to tickle your tummy?"

      • The entire "tummy tickling" conversation falls pretty firmly into radar territory:

Andre "Sometimes I do it to myself."

    • Jade's "you have a lot of things in there," coupled with that little bite thing she did with her mouth really cannot be construed as anything but a sexual come-on.
    • Trina and Robbie get squirted all over their faces and hair with white lotion.
    • The janitor got Tori a little chocolate broom for Valentine's Day and it sounds like she's the only one he gave one to. Tori is only 16.
      • It was more along the lines of the janitor giving chocolate brooms to some students (Tori did say, "He gave us little brooms for Valentine's day") and not to Jade, since it's well-established that Jade is a bit of a gank. Tori's response to Jade saying she didn't get one makes it pretty obvious Jade was purposely left out.
  • A Film by Dale Squires:

Tori: "Okay, Beck, let me have you on the couch..."
Jade: "Girl..."
Tori: "For the shot!"

    • The scene with Cat passed out (for pretend) on the floor, while they were filming:

Cat: "Can you please tell her not to slap me?"
Dale: "She should do whatever feels right."

    • The last scene of the film showed Jade's character cleaning off a bloody knife before putting it back in the drawer.
    • Monica and Olivia are quite strongly implied to be lesbians.
    • Beck's "Uncle Barbara".
    • Beck telling Robbie to sit next to him and "talk to Daddy" seems like a rather odd thing to say to another male.
    • Both a flirtatious group of girls and Robbie's comment that Beck's jeans "fit really well." Beck doesn't mind when the girls say it, but when it's Robbie saying it... actually, he doesn't mind then either.
  • Sleepover at Sikowitz's:
    • Jade seems very excited to sleep over at Sikowitz's house.

Sikowitz: Who wants to have a sleepover at my house?
Jade: I DO!

    • When Jade tells Andre that his character is pregnant, his first question is "who's the daddy?", to which Jade suggestively smirks.
      • And when Andre's grandmother sees him in character her first question is "who did that to you?!"
    • When Tori lays a "Shut Up" Kiss on Rex, he turns to Robbie and says "take me home...!"
    • André implies that the dream that inspired Tori's character was...suggestive. Considering Tori's outfit, that's not surprising.

Season 2:

  • Beggin' On Your Knees: Cat getting calls from people who are severely injured in car accidents (one supposedly dies on the line). Even Rex was horrified at the idea.
    • Rex calling Ryder attractive, but maintaining that he's secure in his heterosexuality.
    • Robbie's mention of how he's been in the bushes behind Tori's house. Multiple times. Sinjin later commends him on his bush choice.
    • The whole scene where Trina is stretching out her jeans is one massive and glorious bit of Fan Service, particularly where she, in effect gives the dining room table a lap dance.
  • Beck Falls For Tori:
    • When Beck wears a dress, Cat says in a picture caption that Robbie wants a pretty dress made in his size as well.
    • Robbie seems rather interested in Beck in drag. Moreso than for Tori in the same dress.
      • Also, watch the workers on the platform as Beck goes to sit down.
    • Yeah, you know Jade likes it when her boyfriend gets smacked around.
    • Watch carefully where Jade pins her Visitor's Pass on Rex.
    • Cat has said that she has a talent for knowing people's exact measurements. She guesses a guy's arm length, who then notes that she's right. Wonder what else she can measure without thinking, be it boy or girl?
  • Ice Cream for Ke$ha:
    • Tori slowly pushing Trina's head below the surface of the water when she's in the bath. The Black Comedy Bursts are coming more and more frequently
    • "Okay, this is actually starting to cause me pain. And not the good kind."
    • Did you even SEE the length of the dress Cat sported at one point? It was barely past her butt... some of the other episodes also sport some really short dresses as well.
      • One has to wonder when the dresses cross the line from being short skirts to essentially belts with pleats (not that anyone's complaining).
    • Cat talking about how Robbie let a bunch of little kids eat her is disturbing no matter what context you put it in.
      • "It's not my fault if dream children find you delicious!"
    • The name for the flavor that they end up searching for at the end is "Funky Nut Blast."
    • Jade talks about how they spent their afternoon 'violating pints of ice cream', looking for the letters.
    • What exactly did Trina do to freak out Ke$ha, who does not have a reputation as a prude by any means, when they were alone in Trina's room?
    • Robbie gets beat up by a group of moms, because he offered their kids free ice cream, evidently coming off as a pedophile. But made even worse when you realize the kid isn't even 17 yet, and was chased into an alleyway by full grown adults and beaten up. He left in the daytime, but it was dark when he came back..
  • Tori Gets Stuck:
    • Robbie drops a bag with a pint of Tori's blood, which bursts all over them. It was definitely the bloodiest thing I've ever seen on a kids program.
    • Also Jade's line, "I'll take off her dress!" She sounds quite eager...
      • She also says that she's keeping Tori's costume warm, which is sort of a Call Back to a Radar moment in "The Great Ping Pong Scam" above.
    • When the gang arrives at the hospital:

Doctor: "Are you his girlfriend?"
Jade: "No. Are you?"

    • Sikowitz ends up playing Steamboat Suzy.
    • Just what part of the body did Cat's brother paint purple?

Cat: "One time my brother painted part of his body purple."
Robbie: "Why did your brother paint part of his body purple?"
Cat: "He had a job interview... (smiles) he didn't get it."

  • Prom Wrecker:
    • Jade asks Cat if her brother managed to get the 'stuff', which turns out to be a clown costume, a parachute and 12 gallons of blood. Cat informs Jade that he did manage to get everything on the list. Jade is amazed that he managed to get 12 gallons of fake blood. Cat's response: "You wanted fake blood?"
    • Also, the blood was going to be used for Jade's one man show 'Clowns Don't Bounce'.
    • "I sing, I dance, I pee my pants!"
      • Andre comments that Doug's diaper "doesn't fit him too well." Cut to a shot of him dancing and quite clearly trying to keep his diaper up.
    • Rex is obviously hungover early on in the episode.
      • Considering the reputation Northridge girls have, it may be more than that ...
      • In the same scene, Rex has what looks like a hickey on his neck.
    • Sikowitz kidnapping and carrying his grandmother to the hospital.
      • It's more that he kept her hidden and unconcious the whole time he was talking to Tori.
    • Just before Robbie tries to ask Cat to the Prom, her giraffe makes a noise and she giggles, saying 'he's so inappropriate'.
    • Somehow, Jade manages to stuff a shrimp in Tori's bra.
    • Jade manages to cut power to the lights and screen at the prom, then has a projector pointed at the screen showing disturbing images. Even forgetting that it's a Nick show, some of it is genuinely terrifying.
    • Later on, Doug the Diaper Guy is crowned Prom King to Jade as the Queen. He sweeps her off her feet and carries her off bridal style, presumably about to molest her someplace more private.
      • There's a brief Panty Shot (of Jade- Doug is a walking panty shot) as Doug picks her up.
  • Locked Up is filled to the brim with Black Comedy, mainly involving Libyan civil war references. Not only does the leader resemble Gaddafi, Tori states that the beach was also taken over by rebels.
    • Robbie is forced to sleep in the bathtub by Andre and Beck, and emerges under the girls' blanket during the night, scandalizing Tori and Trina; despite this, Cat greets him with an eager "hi!". He hid between/beneath Trina and Cat, both of whom are wearing very short shorts.
      • Much later, Robbie tries to tell the guards that he's a boy and should be on the male side of the prison instead of the female side. The guards ask him to "prove it", complete with a creepy leer. Robbie decides it's for the best if he just stays on the women's side.
      • Given that he was placed on the women's side in the first place, it could have been worse if he was placed on the men's side.
      • Somewhere in the middle of the episode, they speak about how the chancellor received his octopus from the prince of a foreign country, when Mr. Sikowitz says he went there when he was nineteen. The chancellor's adviser says that the place is beautiful, when Sikowitz says "is it? 'Cause I don't remember one minute of that trip." This implies that he was either drunk or high during the trip.
      • Earlier Sikowitz also said the same thing when talking about his visiting Yerba in his younger days.
    • Jade almost getting killed or seriously injured by the female prisoner she angered. It seemed like, for a moment, their confrontation was over until Trina screams and we see the inmate wielding a large board, preparing to strike.
      • Being pelted with rocks is apparently a game in prison.
    • Jade likes it on the floor.
      • In a screencap you can see Jade just barely glance up at Tori either before or after she says "I like it on the ground." Earlier in the episode Tori hugs Jade and tackles her to the floor where they sort of, "struggle" for more than a few seconds.
    • Tori's fixation on trying to get Jade to hug her continues, this time with enticing body motions. Then Jade drags her to the floor.
  • And then there's the whole blinding someone permanently thing even if, or maybe especially, because it's Played for Laughs.
  • Helen Back Again
    • Just read the episode title.
    • Sikowitz's acting exercise has Tori and Jade playing a married couple. Jade is very enthusiastic about getting to be the man. And Cat is their baby, complete with costume and pacifier. And according to Sikowitz, the object of the exercise is specifically "subtext."
      • "Nothing warms the cockles of my heart more ..."
    • Jade's extremely disturbing re-audition.
  • Who Did It To Trina?
    • Rex to Trina: "You wanna know my two favorite things about you?" She even slaps him after that line...
    • Andrè wants to 'go play with Keeko'.
    • All of Robbie's version of what happened.

"Hey Robbie, why don't you come backstage with me and help me do my makeup? Or whatever?"

    • "No one suspects the puppet", Robbie is apparently criminally insane, he/Rex tried to kill or at least severely hurt Trina.
  • Tori Tortures Teacher
    • Sikowitz checking his pants to see if he was wearing underwear. He's not.
    • "You forgot to stroke it."[2]
  • Jade Gets Crushed
    • For the episode, Cat bounces around with super-jumpy shoes. A young teenage girl bouncing around excitedly like that is radar enough on its own, if you really think about it. At one point though, she's wearing a short dress as she bounces around. We don't see much of her bouncing in that dress, for good reason.
    • "Nice fingering." "I think it needs work"
    • Robbie's 'lyrics' for Andre's music.
    • Robbie has at least three standees of Cat, one of them explicitly called "Flirty Cat". He doesn't want to discuss what he does with them. According to The Slap, he has standees for all of his pretty female friends.
    • This discussion:

Andre: Did you get my text?
Tori: Why would I be standing here at 3 AM?
Andre: I'm tripping out man, I'm tripping out.

  • Terror on Cupcake Street
    • Cat's brother did something "inappropriate" at a parade and is now no longer allowed near parades, or horses.
    • When Jade complains about being elbowed "in the lung," Robbie excitedly insists that he's going to get some ice for it.
    • The scene where Sikowitz described himself with his students (which he called "children") in a too familiar implication. It did not sound well to the police officers.
    • A lone teenage girl's presence in pajamas talking to a bunch of thugs in the middle of the night in a bad neighborhood is surely one of the creepiest scenes that should not be considered to think about in real life.
    • A thug who helped fix their tires showed interest in Jade, his eyes fixed on her and wrapping his arm around her.
  • Blooptorious
    • Ariana Grande is, according to Christopher Cane, "as sharp as a shih tzu".
    • Chris to Avan Jogia: "Well, I don't mean the bloopers from your bathtub."

Season 3:

  • A Christmas Tori
    • Tori greets Andre "Ho ho to the ho!"
    • The scene when the mechanical Santa topples over Tori, who struggles underneath to get out. Trina sees the scene but reacts like Sibling Rivalry over a boy instead.
    • About a dozen mentions of flocking around a huge tree. Then Robbie asks for a 'flock rag' after Trina accidentally sprayed the flock gun right in his face. Crosses the Line Twice doesn't even begin to cover that one.
    • Robbie thought Beck bought him a girl, who was actually Robbie's childhood bully that he wanted to 'tell off'. After they walk off, Robbie wipes his sweaty hand on the girl's back, right above her butt.
    • Cat's increased hyperactive and childlike giddiness can make one think she's over- or under-medicated.
    • The creepy man who follows Cat around with a cotton candy machine for her present. She pretends to get her hand caught in the machine, screaming. When she says she was joking, the man laughs and says "Kill me with a rock!"
      • And her initial reaction to the gift is to scream delightedly "YOU BOUGHT ME A MAN!"
    • The climax of the episode had Tori sing the lead, but is definitely overshadowed by the Sexy Santa Dress of Jade and Cat, with a huge emphasis of Ms. Fanservice on the latter.
      • Jade's no slouch either. She's got gloves and black stockings and her skirt is even shorter than Cat's so there ends up being a couple brief Pantyshots.
    • Jade has the lion's share of the episode's radar jokes.
      • When Andre knocks Robbie out of his chair, she muses "I bet that jingled his bells."
      • She is very ecstatic when Cat gifted her with new scissors. Then they talk about a movie called "The Scissoring" (Which is about a dead girl who brutally murders her best friends with scissors, "starting with the pretty one" according to Jade as she looks at Tori.)
      • When Andre laments about his grade in music class:

Andre: How do you go from an A to a D so fast?
Jade: That happened to me in 8th grade.

      • Her and Robbie laughing after she says it seals the deal.
      • When she appears on the Vega's doorstep, Jade flatly greets her "Ho ho..." and Tori dubiously responds "Ho."
      • Tori's immediate distrust from Jade's sudden visit made her ask, "Did you bring your new scissors?" Jade then assumes a "frisk me" position, eagerly adding, "Don't be shy." She allows Tori to pat her around and true enough, Tori found scissors. It was Jade's old one, which she admits in a rather seductive tone. The camera angle on this scene calls back Jade's earlier snark on Andre.
      • The way she tells Tori to beg her for her idea sounds rather seductive as well.
  • The Breakfast Bunch: A What Do You Mean It Wasn't Made on Drugs? Homage of The Breakfast Club.
    • Vice Principal Dickers matches his attitude perfectly.
    • While discussing how much they all crave tacos during detention, Jade notices that Cat is being unusually quiet, accusing her that she "never had a taco" before, thus she is "pristine". Jade asks Cat, "Are you a....vegan?", and describes the joy of tacos in a sexual tone.
    • Later, tacos are depicted as a metaphor for marijuana, from the point Trina smuggles a bag of tacos into Tori's locker until the detained teenagers act all hyper and "run-dance" after having a taco feast similar to "The Circle".
    • Jade implies that Robbie had "shared a taco" with Tori once before, as evidence that he wasn't a "vegan". She could have been aware about Tori and Robbie's infamous drive-by acting exercise on The Slap.
    • Cat and Robbie succumb to Jade's peer pressure to being a "vegan", so they share eating a taco together, implying Their First Time. Scenes of a romantic relationship between the two follow suit.
      • Robbie's status of being a "vegan" closely resembles Matt's role in his recent movie The Virginity Hit.
      • Also, if "vegan" is a metaphor for virgin what does it say that Cat and Robbie are the only vegans out of the six?
    • The taco threesome. Jade wants Beck to give Cat some hot sauce for her taco. Cat even coughs after ingesting the hot sauce, akin to cigarettes.
    • Robbie's increased Ho Yay to Beck was only saved by the fact that he asked out Cat. He even hugs Beck while the latter is straightening out his hair. Robbie even adds, "I like black curls (which sounds like 'black girls')." toward Andre.
    • Tori yelling "FORGET YOU!" to Vice Principal Dickers is a watered-down Precision F-Strike, also a nod on Cee-Lo Green's censored song title into Forget You, which was also used for Miranda Cosgrove's cover.
      • Probably also a reference to edited for television versions of The Breakfast Club, where Judd Nelson's "Fuck you!" as the vice principal slams the door is usually watered down to "Forget you!"
    • Vice Principal Dickers taunting Tori in the janitor's closet had some definitely creepy harassment connotations.

VP Dickers: "I'm gonna make it shine. I'm gonna make it shine REAL good!"

    • Andre wants his older cousin to "get off his chiz". It's been established that chiz is a German sausage. Do with that what you will.
    • Just as they're leaving the school, Jade gives Tori a once-over.
    • "When you mess with the cow, you get the udders!" Beside the obvious usage of the word "udder" and the kids' confused looks implying some sort of allusion to private parts, Dickers just called himself a female cow, as they are the only ones with udders.
  • The Gorilla Club
    • Tori "beat the Balls of Pain".
    • One of Robbie's butt cheeks hangs lower than the other.
    • The Gorilla Club will "jank you up", and Tori is "not afraid of a janking."
    • Sikowitz is talking to Tori via Video Mail while in his bedroom. Suddenly a female, offscreen, asks him to come get a sandwich. He gets off the computer mighty quickly.
    • Andre: "I think I just stepped in some blood."
    • Sikowitz and Cat discuss places to meet troubled teenage girls, like a home for troubled teenage girls or the bus station. Though they never specifically state the girls are teenage. They were just "troubled girls."
    • The fact that the whole episode was about Tori practicing for a scene where she stabs someone in the neck while admitting to pushing her uncle off a cliff and the talking about her using the bathroom in the Gorilla Club sitting down when in reality she's 'hovered' a bit.
    • Cat suddenly decides she wants to play pirates, and Robbie offers to join her, but she says she doesn't like the way Robbie plays pirates with her. Gee, I wonder why.
    • Andre walks in on Sikowitz with his pants down (after Tori pulls them down in rage, which is... radar-y enough) and says "Good luck to you", implying Sikowitz is... well, you know.
  • The Worst Couple
    • When Cat hugged Andre when he answered the right question, he told her "don't start something you can't finish."
    • Lane walks in on Luthor the janitor holding a wrench and some rope with an unconscious Cat on the floor.

Lane: "Oh Luthor...why?"

    • Sinjin's game show is called "Queries For Couples". Whenever anybody says 'queries', they tend to place emphasis on the first syllable. Sinjin skips while singing 'la la la la la la' at one point in this episode.
    • Cat talks about having a 'closet party' in the janitor's closet.
    • When Tori finds out that everyone owned an updated GX cellphone after she had bought the one she refused to get throughout the episode, she curses "DOG JAM IT!"
    • Tori shocks Robbie with her phone, under the table.
    • Robbie holding down Trina near the end. Trina is on her stomach, and Robbie is on his stomach on her back, and his 'stomach' seems awfully close to her butt... Their positions aren't parallel, but still.
    • So, what exactly happened with Jade and the "friendly" dolphin?
  • Andre's Horrible Girl
    • Jade telling Cat in an "interesting" tone:

Jade: "But you owe me baby girl."

    • Robbie's "What's up pigeons" sounds a lot like "What's up bitches".
    • Andre's rude girlfriend "Hope" sounds like she's getting called "Hoe" quite a lot.
    • Andre's "puzzay" watch and Robbie's "I've always wanted to see a puzzay."
    • Earlier, Beck didn't want to eat sushi with Hope and Andre, so he lies about him and Robbie having a "thing". Later on in the episode, when Cat calls both of them to help out with the damages caused by Jade, Robbie's pants are unzipped. What could they possibly be doing?
      • And how does Jade know that Robbie has trouble operating the zipper on his pants?
  • Car, Rain, and Fire
    • In the first two minutes alone, Cat mentions one of her favorite actresses was on a show called I Married My Mom which she watched with her brother at the "special hospital while they strapped him to his bed.
    • Tori didn't get her drivers license because she ran over an old woman in a wheelchair. It's mentioned a few times in quick succession.
    • Jade becomes excited to join the girls in visiting a recently deceased actress to "inhale her lingering spirit."
    • "Oh my god, our car is topless!"
    • Cat's brother keeps a vacuum-sealed bag of fake feet in his trunk.

Cat: I'm not gonna lie. My brother's pretty weird.

    • The creepy clown who asks Tori if he can ride with them from the gas station.
    • "Well, it's hard to enjoy doing that when my pants are soaked" is said by Jade, which is a few letters away from meaning a different type of 'pants'.
    • When Cat tries to make sure her favorite actress isn't really dead like she first thought, she reaches forward, only to be swatted away by 'Don't poke that!'.
    • The girls being soaked by Mona's water gun doesn't really need an explanation... just watch it.
    • Cat's candle burned the house of the actress down by accident. Tori switches to another channel when it came on TV.

Tori: Shhhhhhh...

  • Tori and Jade's Play Date
    • The title
    • So, so much Les Yay. Tori even gets some Marshmallow Hell from Jade twice due to her character in the play being a narcoleptic. And it gets even stronger in the deleted scene on, where Jade yells at Tori's butt.
      • The whole episode could practically be called "Les Yay: The Episode".
    • The girls, Jade grudgingly, admitting they find each other pretty.
      • And the sudden way both look rather uncomfortable when Jade admits that Tori's pretty, says that Tori could say the same about her, and Tori (quite earnestly) tells Jade that she is pretty. The expression on Jade's face as she takes a sip of soup and looks away is priceless...
      • One could even say that Jade liking when Tori's sad counts, since she never said what it was about seeing Tori sad that she liked ...
    • Sikowitz's rather blatant efforts to make Tori and Jade into a couple - perhaps for real?. There's his moving the box away from Robbie so that Tori would play Jade's 'husband', the fact that he wanted the girls to stay together and socialize for four and a half hours, and telling them that they would both get 'F's for the semester if either left the date early.
    • The lyrics of "Take a Hint" are suggestive as much as how Jade sings her lines as suggestively.
      • Get your hands off my hips, before I punch you in the lips, stop your staring at my -- hey!
      • Not to repeat the obvious, but what sort of rhymes with hips and lips that an unwanted suitor might stare at?
      • "It always seems to bite me in the . . ." "-Ask me for my number . . . "
    • Tori and Jade play a married couple, with Tori as the man for once.
    • The guys hitting on Tori and Jade don't seem to understand "No means no". Because Tori and Jade were (albeit unwillingly) on a date, they could be an example of guys who hit on lesbians. This could give "Take A Hint" the meaning of "leave me and my girlfriend alone".
      • Jade elbows one of them in a tender area when he gets too close.
  • April Fool's Blank
    • The whole episode seems like one big acid trip
    • The dance the ladies do while singing "Shut Up And Dance" for Mr. Drysdale (a married man probably in his 30's) is a bit suggestive.
      • The lyrics are also rather suggestive, especially "Dance till we drop/'Cause I'm sick/Of the space in between/You and me/Light it up/Till we're making a scene/Quit the talk/Let it rock/If you know what I mean."
    • This exchange during the Beverly Hills Volcano bit:

Robbie: I say we kiss!
Andre: Okay, c'mere.

    • Jade tickling Tori.

Tori: I'm not in the mood. suggestively slides her jacket up

    • The game show sequence features Tori being repeatedly tackled and spanked by a giant lobster.
  • Driving Tori Crazy:
    • On her way to school after Jade leaves her in the woods, Tori is chased by a beaver...
    • "Wazz off!"
    • The song that Trina and Cat sang in the car in Tori The Zombie is played all the way at the end, and we hear the "dirty" line that Cat refused to sing. And yes, it ends with "booty."
      • The song is a parody of Baby got back (I like big butts) by sir mix a lot, it even uses the same beat.
  • How Trina Got In (aka The Squid And The Coconut)
    • Cat keeps candy in her bra.
      • Which she pulls out and shares with her friends. Who actually eat it.
    • During Trina's audition into Hollywood Arts, Sikowitz drinks some bad coconut milk. From the looks of it, bad coconut milk is a hallucinogen...
  • Tori Goes Platinum
    • Cat mentions police found a stain in her brother's car, and they didn't know what it was (so we can rule out blood). Considering what cars are used for, other than driving...
    • Cat's addiction to "bibble" is metaphorical to tobacco/cigarette addiction. Robbie even suggests her to chew gum to counteract it, similar to Nicorette. Cat even has a former bibble addict handcuffed to her just to prevent her from having bibble. The episode ends with both of them enjoying bibble anyway.
    • Apparently Robbie wore a dress at one time because he wanted to experiment.
    • Andre walked in on Bruno Mars going to the bathroom and would not leave.

  • More evidence that Jade and Beck are doing more than kissing:

Jade: Beck won't let me sharpen my fingernails into points. I swore I wouldn't claw him up... too much. What's his deal?

    • And from Stuff Jade Hates #Blah:

Jade: "...and not the good kind of disgusting."

  • Cat occasionally brings cute boys up to her room for 'interviews'. It's really just her trying to seduce them.
    • One wonders why she'd ever need to use false pretenses to seduce a guy. The conversation would go something like this "Would you like to come back to my place for-" "Yes!" with most single, straight guys.
  • Tori and Robbie's drive-by acting exercise involve Robbie performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a conscious Tori repeatedly. Sikowitz gets a total knack about the exercise. Robbie seems to enjoy himself and Tori ends up giving him a sneak Groin Attack before bailing out.
  • Tori compliments Jade on her looks way more than is appropriate.
  • There's a video where Robbie sings a song for his first love . . . a monkey.
  • In the newest "Cat's Random Thoughts" video, she makes a hammock out of her bra. And then puts two tomatoes down for a nap in it. Also, she says, "Mr. Spock, you are so Vulcan weird."
  • "Tori Takes Requests" Glue Hand video. Just listen to the audio as they peel off the glue. More Foe Yay?
  • Trina, in an open letter, examines comments on one of her previous videos.

"Oh! Here's one! With the 'suggestion' for me to do a little something that's, uh... that's physically impossible. Reeeeeaaaally nice."
"Oh! Look! Another comment just came in! It says 'Just listened to your song. Now my ears are bleeding. Thanks for making my ears bleed b-' ...A-and then it says something really... really very very rude. Thanks for the vicious cruelty!"
"And to the one person who wrote the sorta nice comment about me, which had nothing to do about my singing, thank you! ...But no, I won't!

  • Trina's latest status puts her status as "Wazzed".
  • Jade likes to watch Cat sweat when she eats.
  • During the second Tweet Time with Cat, Cat is asked about important qualities in a boyfriend.

Cat: "The most important qualities when you're picking a boyfriend are..." (starts giggling) "No, I can't say that... He should be really nice, and smart, and that's all that matters–" (can't hold back laughter)

  • Cat trying to juice a potato with her hands.
  • The latest "Jade With Tots" ends with Jade interviewing Beck. They start making out, with Jade on Beck's lap. She turns off the camera, leaving the rest to our imagination ...
  • Rex on what he hates about black Friday.

"Mall Santas. I don't wanna sit on some grown man's lap? Why not a cute lady elf? I'd sit on her lap."

  • Robbie's most recent status:

Robbie: Beck just let me hug him. What a wonderful holiday moment!
Beck: I told you not to put that as your status.

  • In the newest "Tori Takes Requests" video, she is shown to be taking a study break with Robbie and she explains the concept of her request videos to him. He leans in and whispers very seductively "I have a request..." in her ear.
    • Thus followed by the request being whether one can play tennis indoors wearing a bikini. Tori wants to do a different request but Robbie is adamant that she has to do the top request. She decides to make Robbie wear the bikini instead.
      • After Trina is knocked out by a ball, Tori and Robbie crawl away. We almost got a Panty Shot from Robbie as he crawls away. One also has to wonder why he had a bikini with him anyway.
        • It's probably more likely that the bikini belongs to Trina or Tori, not Robbie.

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  1. This is the point where you realize the censors have just stopped trying.
  2. Before you jump to any conclusions, Andre's talking about a woman's hair.