Nana of Banana

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Manga cover: Nana of Banana

Nana of Banana is a 2010-2011 not-at-all-serious comedy manga starring Nana and Ringo, two girls who are treated like dirt in their village because of their supposedly useless powers. In this world, the strength of your powers defines your status in society: Ringo's strong legs, which let her jump really high, are looked down upon by people who can, say, control water while Nana... Nana can manipulate bananas.

Both had been inspired by Ringo's father's tales of the magical land of Oz (not that one), and of the adventurer that found it. They vowed to go on an adventure of their own someday.

Skip to Present Day. Ringo is being bugged by Nana to go on the adventure they promised so long ago, but Ringo has lost interest and is focusing on her job, not to mention leaving the village to go on an adventure is heavily, heavily stigmatized. The village chief then floods Nana's house because she can. Nana decides to go on her adventure and gives Ringo a chance to join her. The chief isn't having any of that, so she sends people to take care of Nana and presents Ringo with a Sadistic Choice. Cue Ringo refusing, crying out for Nana who then arrives, having dealt handily with the Mooks.

We then see the very finest water vs. banana fight ever, and Nana wins because she is able to manipulate anything about bananas, including making a shield strong enough to deflect water attacks, and a sword.

But the chief takes Ringo hostage, demanding she "Drop the banana!"

Nana asks whether Ringo wants to go with her. Ringo responds by high-kicking the chief into the air. Of course, after that they can't go back home for fear of reprisals, so they take the opportunity to begin their adventure into their strange continent.

Tropes used in Nana of Banana include: