Sorting Algorithm of Face Heel Turning

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When a character is tempted to do a Face Heel Turn or a Heel Face Turn, it is often the result of much Character Development in their lives, forcing them to weigh their nature, goals, loves and even hates in balance. It is by no means a simple or trivial matter, so we here at TV Tropes have decided to make discovering the likelihood of such an event for a character simpler. But since we already have a All the Tropes Wiki Drinking Game, we decided to make it a sorting algorithm instead!

To use the Algorithm, take each column's "Score", divide it by the number of applicable rows in the column, repeat for every column, and add the results together. Post your results in the WMG page for this article, where these tables have been copied for your convenience.

Algorithm of Villains Turning Good

Likelihood of turning Face Never Highly unlikely Who knows? Quite probable "I've seen the light."
Score: 1 2 3 4 5
Species if there are multiple species Inhuman: Eldritch Abomination, Demons, The Fair Folk Humanoid: Rubber Forehead Aliens, human looking androids, some vampires Humans, Human Aliens, Animals Pretty: Green-Skinned Space Babe, elves Rare and special: Last of His Kind, Halfbreed
Gender Male Female
Age Older Children such as Creepy Child, Enfant Terrible Middle Aged Young Adult Teenagers such as Troubled but Cute, Broken Bird, Dark Magical Girl
Role Leader or the one Big Bad, Faceless Mooks Opportunists Middle Ground, members of the Quirky Miniboss Squad High ranking supporters of the Big Bad, such as The Dragon Freelancers such as Rival Turned Evil, Arrogant Kung Fu Guy
Aesthetics Monstrous, Reptile-themed One seriously creepy part: One-Winged Angel, Red Right Hand, Glamour Failure Plain-looking, Genuinely ugly Unnaturally Beautiful, Evil Is Sexy Attractive, Cute, Pretty
Motivation for doing evil Complete Monster: Plain likes being evil: For the Evulz Unscrupulous with some kind of goal: Money, For Science!, power Hubris and Worldview: Nietzsche Wannabe, Social Darwinist, The Unfettered or sheer anger and despair: Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Rival Turned Evil Means Well: Knight Templar, Well-Intentioned Extremist Love and Loyalty: My Master, Right or Wrong, My Country, Right or Wrong, "Well Done, Son" Guy or alternatively, Forced Into Evil
Characterization Flat Character, Obviously Evil, Card-Carrying Villain checking off the Seven Deadly Sins, strange and erratic, plain nuts Lawful Evil, cold blooded Possesses honor: Even Evil Has Standards, Graceful Loser, Worthy Opponent, Noble Demon Someone very lost and confused, Rounded Character
Contentness with life in general and evil in particular Enjoying every minute Doing well Neutral Life is hard Angst, angst, angst...
Morality of the story Black and Gray Morality Black and White Morality Grey and Gray Morality The Good, the Bad, and The Evil Rousseau Was Right
Idealism of the story Cynical Idealistic

Algorithm of Heroes Turning Evil

Likelihood of turning Heel Never Highly unlikely Who knows? Quite probable "Muhahaha!"
Score: 1 2 3 4 5
Species if there are others besides humans Superior Species Pleasant sapients: Green-Skinned Space Babe, Friendly Neighbourhood Vampire, Our Elves Are Better Humans, Other Animals Anything inhuman that looks creepy Sentient technology: Cyborgs, uncannily clever AI
Gender Female Male
Age Children Are Innocent Older and Wiser Middle Aged Teenager Young Adult
Role The Hero Faceless soldier True Companions Freelancer Second-in-command such as The Lancer
Aesthetics Cute, pretty or attractive Dignified Average A bit predatory such as yellow eyes or somewhat "gothic" such as Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette Attractively scarred, sexy and seductive or otherworldly such as white hair, red eyes
Motivation for doing good Good Feels Good, compassion Love and loyalty Worldview and honor such as The Fettered, Defector From Decadence Habit Actually, why? Or for the glory
Characterization Evil can't touch them: Incorruptible Pure Pureness, The Messiah, The Fool Won't sink any lower than this: Anti-Hero, Byronic Hero Surly, bitter Bordering on hubris: Hotheaded, arrogant, likes to play with dangerous stuff Loners Are Freaks
Contentness with life in general and good in particular Enjoying every minute Doing well Neutral Life is hard Angst, angst, angst...
Morality of the story Rousseau Was Right Black and White Morality The Good, the Bad, and The Evil Grey and Gray Morality Black and Gray Morality
Cynicism of the story Idealistic Cynical