The Legend of the Titanic

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    Not as Animesque as this picture makes it look.

    The Legend of the Titanic was a full-length animation based on the infamous Titanic disaster, specifically the recent hit Titanic. It was released in 1999. Not to be confused with that other Titanic cartoon called Titanic: The Legend Goes On.

    The plot is set on a voyage of the RMS Titanic, and concerns the romance between a rich man's daughter Elizabeth, and a gypsy who calls himself Don Juan. Maltravers (called Baron Vandertilt in the dub of the sequel) is the unscrupulous owner of a whale hunting company, who wishes to own whaling rights of all seas owned by Elizabeth's father. He intends to marry Elizabeth, and then make her father to sign over all whaling rights to him. Oh, and then he intends to cover his tracks by sinking the Titanic ship afterwards. You know, because it wasn't depressing enough that it was an iceberg that did it. Talking mice, dogs and undersea animals make an appearance.

    Unlike that other Titanic cartoon though, this one has actually a sequel called In Search Of The Titanic, also titled Tentacolino, which takes place three years after the first installment. In Search of the Titanic has little screen time for the actual Titanic ship and most of it takes place in Atlantis. It also features some musical numbers which compete with those in Titanic: The Legend Goes On.

    The Legend of the Titanic and Tentacolino provide examples of these tropes:

    The first The Legend of the Titanic provides examples of:

    Elizabeth: (to Rachel) If Mr. Maltravers is so important to you, then you marry him!


    In Search of the Titanic provides examples of: