Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

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Why Aye, man!

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is a comedy-drama television series from the writing team of Dick Clement and Ian LaFrenais. Season 1 (1983-1984) involved seven manual laborers from various parts of the United Kingdom. It was the mid-Eighties and there were no jobs to be found in this country, so they traveled to Germany to find work, forming themselves into a tight-knit group amid all the Culture Clash. They even used The Magnificent Seven title.

Season 2 (1986) featured the same seven re-uniting and traveling from Birmingham to the English countryside to Spain on various building projects.

British Brevity was somewhat averted by these first two seasons, which contain 13 episodes each rather than the usual six. A third season was planned but shelved after Gary Holton, one of the seven principal cast members, passed away.

It was eventually revived for a few years in 2002, Darker and Edgier. With the six remaining members, Timothy Spall (Barry), Christopher Fairbank (Moxey), Jimmy Nail (Oz), Tim Healy (Dennis), Pat Roach (Bomber) and Kevin Whately (Neville) returning and Noel Clarke filling the gap as Wayne's son, Wyman.

The strong accents (especially Geordie), including regional slang terms and the obscure British cultural references, would probably make the series almost completely unintelligible to anyone from outside the United Kingdom.

Tropes used in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet include:

Dennis: After a week they've lost their passports, they've got pissed, lost most of their money, and become ridiculously nationalistic for the country that can't even bloody employ them in the first place!