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British Soldier: Taste my sword, French person!
French Soldier: No! Wait! We are allies! This is World War I!
British Soldier: I'm terribly sorry! I thought it was the Hundred Years War! Does this mean I can kill Italians?
French Soldier: (consulting manual) No, I'm afraid not. Not until World War II.

Dave Barry, "A Rash Proposal"

The fun part? You get to pick your war. Either of the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War I, Gulf War II, ... the list is pretty long. The Cold War and the Drug War are out of bounds, though.

The further back in time you go, say from the American Civil War on back to The Trojan War, the more expensive your uniform wardrobe will get. This also applies to going forward in time to the Bug War, Robot War, Forever War, or Clone War. Military surplus is not available from these wars.

While we're on the subject, please note that you may rely on the audience already knowing that War Is Hell. Hopefully, you will have something additional to say.

Of note in this topic is Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., notable for being made and presumably taking place during the Vietnam War. No mention of that conflict or country is ever made, and the Marines in Gomer's unit just ride out a dark chapter in US military history on the home front, seemingly unaware that anything war-like is happening, as they blunder through misadventure after misadventure. Of a longer scale to this is Beetle Bailey, whose title character joined the Army during the Korean War, and has blundered through over 50 years of US conflict.

The roles of the air forces and navies were rarely covered, owing to the fact that TV budgets don't cover Spitfire hire. However, during the 40's hundreds of Hollywood Movies were made about the then-ongoing Second World War. The ready availability of props and mock-ups, as well as real Stock Footage, made shows about pilots and sailors possible then. In several series, like Black Sheep Squadron and McHale's Navy, most of the action focused on antics carried out on base, to cut down on the necessary combat footage.

Note: the correct pronunciation is "JOO-rin-na WAW-ah".

Contrast War Was Beginning.

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