The Funday Pawpet Show

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Conan's Safety Show in case that TBS thing doesn't work out.

The Funday Pawpet Show is the Internet's longest running interactive live weekly puppet show. The show started netcasting in November 1999, and hit its 500th episode on April 3, 2011. The show runs four hours live from 6pm to 10pm Eastern Time Sunday Nights originating from the Orlando, Florida area. Episodes are downloadable only for one week due to music use rights. The audience interacts with the proformers via IRC channel and artwork sent in to the show through the show's website. Being based in Orlando, the show is a favorite of many Disney Imagineers, and elements of the show have found their way into some recent productions. For those not familiar with the show, here is an article written by one of the main proformers to mark "A Decade of Silliness". Basicly the show is Monty Python meets the Muppets.

Tropes used in The Funday Pawpet Show include:

Poink: "Get up on screen or I will taser you."
Blitz: "You have a taser?" (Please note they're sitting next to each other beneath the stage and can see each other's hands.)

Ezra: (Trying to determan Tantrum's sex) Tantrum, what's between your legs?
Tantrum: All I see is an arm between my legs!

Blitz: Wait, that's a girl?!

Yappy: "Don't just plop your eight year old down in front of the show and let them watch it."