My Bloody Valentine (film)

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    "Once upon a time
    On a sad Valentine
    In a place known as Hanniger Mine
    A legend began
    Every woman and man
    Would always remember the time
    And those who remain
    Were never the same
    You could see the fear in their eyes
    Once every year
    As the 14th draws near
    There's a hush all over the town
    For the legend they say
    On a Valentine's Day
    Is a curse that'll live on and on"

    The Ballad of Harry Warden

    A 1981 holiday-themed Canadian Slasher Movie directed by George Mihalka.

    Twenty years ago, in the sleepy mining town of Valentine Bluffs, a methane gas explosion at Hanniger Coal Mine trapped five miners in a shaft when the foremen who were supposed to be supervising left to go to a Valentine's Day party (similiar to the absentee camp counsellors in Friday the 13 th). Six weeks later, the sole survivor of the accident, Harry Warden, was rescued; he survived by eating his dead coworkers and ultimately had gone mad. After a year in a mental institution, he escaped on Valentine's Day, killing and cutting out the heart of the guilty foremen, leaving a warning that the same would happen if the town ever again held a Valentine's Day celebration. With this nothing but a distant memory and Harry supposedly back in the institution, the town is now throwing another party. Murders of the same manner as before start cropping up, and the town sheriff orders the party shut down. But the requisite bunch of none-too-bright teenagers ain't happy about this and elope to host the party in secret up at the mine instead. Big mistake...

    Known for having nine minutes constituting the gorier killings lopped off of it to comply with the MPAA. In 2009, the movie had a remake in 3D, named aptly: My Bloody Valentine 3D; which was something of a So Bad It's Good Affectionate Parody. The remake coincided with a DVD release of the original movie, which had the cut footage reincluded.

    Quentin Tarantino said that this is his favorite Slasher Movie.

    Not to be confused with the somewhat more famous band, which took its name from this film.

    Tropes used in My Bloody Valentine (film) include: